Announcing the iPad app for Zoho ​Reports

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zoho-reports-for-the-ipadMobile apps are becoming more critical for businesses. This is evident from the fact that Zoho’s apps recently clocked 1,000,000+ downloads. Launching today, is the iPad app for Zoho Reports.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, there are often situations where business data needs to be accessed and analyzed instantly. It’s ​easily done with a mobile device like an ​iPad.

Our new mobile business intelligence app complements the web/browser view offered by Zoho Reports. It helps you track key business metrics on the go, spot trends quickly, collaborate with colleagues and arrive at informed business decisions. It lets you easily interact with the reports, as well as share and analyze data from a wide range of sources, all from your iPad.

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​Presenter View: The Presenter’s Secret Weapon!

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Presentations are canvases that narrate rich stories. The presenter now resembles a story teller with a script or a broader idea from which a captivating story is told. Unlike a narrator holding a book though, presenters have traditionally relied on slides projected on the screen to guide the audience. Unfortunately, there is very little access to content beyond the brief script on the slide - a major headache for presenters who deliver long presentations.

Presenter View

This is where the Presenter View benefits speakers. Presenter view enables you to see what the audience is viewing on the screen, while also having an extended version of the presentation open on your laptop. This means, as a presenter you no longer have to depend on the same slides duplicated on two screens. You also have access to elaborate slide content and a set of other tools that makes presentations effortless.

All that needs to be done is to configure  the laptop to run two screen simultaneously – the laptop screen for you (the presenter) and the projector screen for your audience.

Here is a quick guide on how you can deliver better presentations using the Presenter View:

1. View notes privately

The Presenter View gives you access to the slide notes you had made while preparing the presentation. You can have detailed reference notes for each slide and use the same during the presentation. This can only be viewed on your monitor, while the audience gets to see a ‘notes-free’ view of the slide

Slide notes completely eliminates the need to carry hand held notes or the embarrassment of running out of words or relevant ideas while delivering a lecture.

2. Keep track of presentation time

Every presenter is notified of the time available to deliver a talk before the begin their presentation session. However, we frequently end up spending more time on each slide or wind up sessions faster than we are required to. This can be avoided if the presenter has a detailed view of the elapsed time in minutes/hours since the start of the presentation.

The Presenter View lets you do just that. It helps keep a detailed track of the time consumed per slide so that you know when to speed up or slow down the presentation delivery.

3. Use slide pen to highlight content 

Presenters can now use a slide pen to highlight content on their laptop during the presentation. The slide pen can be used by the speaker to mark or highlight content on any relevant slide.The highlighted content is reflected in real time on the screen displayed to the audience.

This makes life easy for presenters who often struggle with pocket lasers to point out peaks or troughs in graphs or any content that had key takeaways.

4. Zoom in to convey ideas better

With the zoom in feature, a presenter can now provide a bird’s eye view of any topic and then zoom into a particular point in the slide to elaborate the idea. Such a presentation would follow a non linear format where each relevant point on the slide is clickable and lets you zoom in further, unraveling a story step by step.

If your text rich presentations with bullet points get monotonous, ‘Zoom’ is the perfect feature to bring back your audience attention.

5. Blacken screen during presentation

The black out button in the Presenter View helps you darken the audience screen and the slide being displayed, while maintaining your view of the presentation on your monitor. With the slide blackened,the focus is completely on the presenter and the talk given than on the content or visuals displayed on the slide. This typically works best when you wish to refocus the audience attention on you or address audience questions.

The Presenter View is any presenter’s best friend. If the art of presentation is story telling at its core, then the Presenter View is the perspective that helps you craft engaging stories beyond what’s seen on a slide.

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Customer service centered around customers, not software. Now that’s zen.

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We all know that guy.

When he first burst on your social circle’s scene, he was a refreshing change of pace. He was cool. He shared great stories. He whisked you to awesome, hidden spots for the best tacos. It felt like he unlocked an unmatched freedom to do, to be, to explore.

But it didn’t stop there.

He kept pushing, insisting on himself, inserting himself into the center…of everything. He inflated his own ego to a point where he artificially increased his own gravity.

Then he starts hijacking every conversation, ensuring everyone within earshot knows he has actually been to [insert exotic location you dream about visiting] and it wasn’t as awesome as [insert obscure location]. When your friends will get together, it must be on his terms. Everything is required to revolve around him.

Where once your social circle was built around relationships, over time it will all become about him.

Thankfully, as quickly as he appeared he will be gone. Having outgrown your social scene, he will find a new, bigger, better, more connected, wealthier group to commandeer.truezen Read more

Introducing Template Support for Formatted Resumes

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Innovation doesn’t end with a product roll out. At Zoho, we believe it to be a continual strive to keep our customers happy by pushing boundaries to improve ourselves.

Formatted/Branded resume was one of our success stories in the recent past. It enabled staffing agencies to brand resumes and remove candidate contact information before forwarding it to clients. Now, after evaluating the feedback from our customers, we have decided to add a new feature to Formatted/Branded resume - Formatted/Branded resume template.

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Customer Spotlight: A Little Piece Of Marketing goes a long way!

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Most small businesses today do not have the huge budget for promoting their businesses. They cannot afford a dedicated team for marketing or branding when they have to be focused on supporting their current business. That’s when a firm like Alpom Designs comes to the rescue.


Marjorie Yarrow is the CEO and founder of Alpom Designs, a marketing and graphics designs firm dedicated to helping small businesses get noticed. Alpom Designs helps small businesses with their branding, marketing, graphics design and web development.


 Throughout her professional career, Marjorie has always preferred having a unique identity for her work. She believes that working with small businesses provides invaluable experience and makes a difference in the clients’ growth.


When she started Alpom Designs, Marjorie needed a complete accounting software for her business. As a freelancer, Marjorie had used Zoho Invoice to invoice her clients. When she started Alpom Designs, it was only natural for her to switch to Zoho’s online accounting software, Zoho Books, to manage her business finance.


“Zoho Invoice is a wonderful software application and it was so easy for me to switch to

Zoho Books which had the same interface. A few of my friends were like – Choose QuickBooks, Try QuickBooks, but I felt like I needed more options and I really didn’t want to follow the herd. So that’s when I decided to go with Zoho Books.” she exclaimed.


While Alpom Designs helps businesses with marketing and branding, Zoho Books helps manage Alpom Design’s business finance.


Read more about Marjorie’s story for useful lessons for budding entrepreneurs.

5 New Features in Zoho Sites You Can’t Miss

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Well, these are in continuation with the new features that we have been adding in Zoho Sites for past few months. We’ve made those little touches, reworked on the existing and added new features to make your website building experience a breeze. The pursuit continues with these major features that we have introduced in Zoho Sites this time.


Online Store with Commerce
Online retail has grown massive in recent times. People have started buying online more than ever. Your website must have this capability if you are in the business of selling. With Commerce, Zoho Sites helps you create your online store, enlist products, get easy payments and keep business on, 24×7. Now your customers can buy from you on-the-go anytime, from anywhere!

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Your on-the-go Zoho apps are now FREE!

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No matter what kind of business you run, most of the work is done from your mobile devices. Accessing customer information, creating follow-up tasks, accessing custom apps and submitting reports, all while on the go, has become critical to stay connected with your business.

No, we’re not exaggerating.

Recently, we hit 1,000,000 downloads for our Zoho apps (iOS and Android), and we’re glad to see that the number is rapidly increasing. With so many people embracing mobile apps for their businesses, we’ve decided to make the Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator mobile apps free for all customers, on any edition. Which means, you now have complete functionality (read and write access) to the mobile apps, irrespective of the edition. So, go ahead and start CRMing. Run your entire business with full access to custom apps from your smart phones.

free mobile app downloads for all users

That’s not all, some of our other products such as Zoho Vault, Zoho Mail and Zoho Campaigns have their mobile apps free as well.

Listen to what some of our customers have to say…

Wow great app and so easy to install – fab!! Four stars because would mean you got the business for me and I sat at home getting fat and rich – Nick Bird, Zoho CRM

Works great. Intuitive. Staying connected to our ZOHO CRM while we’re away from the office has really supercharged our sales process.  – Andy Coats, Zoho CRM

Excellent Online Database app!!! – Justin Chang, Zoho Creator

Of course, we have a long way to go. We’re listening to your feedback and constantly improving our mobile apps to make ​them better so that you can run your entire business on ​them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your mobile app store and install Zoho apps now!

Zoho Pulse iOS App on App StoreZoho Pulse Android app on GPlay