Play more Griddles on Zoho Sheet

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Users would recollect reading this recent post , where we’d first mentioned Zoho Sheet user and puzzle enthusiast David(Millar) – who’d had put up his Griddle game ‘Loop-de-Loop’ as a public sheet on our web service.

We’re happy to note that David’s been busy ever since, creating more games for all of us to enjoy testing our wits against.

A selection of some of the ‘Loop-de-Loop’ series Griddles :

Loop-de-Loop 6

Loop-de-Loop 5

Loop-de-Loop 4

Loop-de-Loop 2

If you’d like to play other such exciting puzzles created by David, do visit his website. If you want to pass on your feedback regarding the games or have any other requests for puzzles, you can get in touch with David, or just drop us a line and we’ll pass it on to him.

And do stay tuned to Zoho Sheet for more great puzzles from David!

Play the Griddle on Zoho Sheet

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David Millar, one of our users, put up this public sheet yesterday, wherein he creates a very interesting grid puzzle, aptly titled by him as ‘The Griddle’.

You can play this ‘loop-de-loop’ game right here, or visit our Public Sheets and look for ‘Griddle’ there. You can also copy such public sheets and use them for your individual needs or improve on them and create your own sheets and publish them for the benefit of all.

David’s grid puzzle hooked us up so much that after he put up this yesterday, every single one of us here in the team ended up playing it, trying to complete it faster than the other! :)

Thank you very much, David – would love to see more such puzzles from you!

So, all ye folks who love solving a good puzzle – have you tried playing Griddle today?

And all ye folks out there with ideas for other nice puzzles, what are you waiting for? :)

Yes, notify me of new features in Zoho Sheet!

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You can now sign up for our new notification service at our service’s home page!


Just fill in your e-mail ID using the simple one-line form, and we will send you a (very) short notification e-mail once in a couple of weeks – updating you of the latest features added to your Zoho Sheet web service.

This way, you can easily keep track of features / functionality added to Zoho Sheet, as and when we roll them out – without having to keep checking the What’s New section upon your every visit.

Needless to say, we will NOT sell / share your e-mail ID with any other party, and we will NEVER spam you.

Happy spreadsheets to you! :)

Undo/Redo your actions in Zoho Sheet

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Many of our users had been asking for this one – you can now undo / redo your actions in your Zoho Sheet!

For ease of use, we’ve retained the long-standing keyboard shortcuts:

- to undo recent actions one at a time, press CTRL + Z

- to redo recent actions one at a time, press CTRL + Y

These are now supported upto 10 levels – which means you can undo / redo your changes upto 10 iterations back and forth.

The ‘Preview’ option now includes charts too, so that you can also preview charts in your sheet before printing them. Changes have been done to the ‘Preview’ option such that it will show only the current sheet.

Users would recollect that we’d recently made quite a few performance-improving changes to Zoho Sheet – most notably moving our service to a new technologically superior architecture. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve made further changes this week which should henceforth make your sheets load even faster. Do let us know if you can feel the difference – we’ve noted loading times of sheets decrease considerably.

Also, you can now import a file to your account from a public URL – a feature which was earlier available in our Online Excel Viewer. You can now avail of this feature from inside your account too.

Unicode is now supported in Zoho Sheet!

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Some of you might have noticed in our update last weekend that Zoho Sheet also now supports the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF8, to be specific) – the industry standard character encoding scheme.

Spreadsheet users of different Asian languages like Chinese (see example in picture below) or European languages or users from almost any part of the world can now create spreadsheets using their native (or) preferred language characters in Zoho Sheet!


Another small but convenient feature that we’ve added is support for scrolling of sheets in a workbook. When the number of worksheets increases, the scroll buttons will automatically appear on the status bar at the bottom, near the sheets tab. (see highlighted portion in picture)

Also, selecting a range of numbers in your sheet will now display their ‘sum’ value in the status bar at the bottom near the sheets tab. (highlighted in blue)

Now that we’ve moved our service to a new grid-based architecture, your Zoho Sheets should be loading faster. And lots more coming soon in Zoho Sheet – thanks for all the requests, and do let us know what other features you’d like to see!

Publishing Cell Ranges using Zoho Sheet

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Publishing a cell range in Zoho Sheet is now supported!

You can publish a specific cell range by:

  • Selecting it and performing a right-click, which gives you an option called ‘Publish this range’ (or)
  • Selecting it and then using the ‘Publish’ menu (as shown above) for more options

Either of these options will give you a HTML code snippet that you can just paste in any HTML page – your blog, your webpage, any ZohoWriter document or even a Zoho Show slide.

Once you’ve pasted it, every time the published page is opened afresh, you get the updated, live data from Zoho Sheet – any changes done to your Sheet will automatically get reflected on your HTML page!

For example, the table below is a specific cell range published from this public sheet:

To just have an idea of how the same data looks graphically, the chart generated for the above cell range can be displayed like this using Zoho’s charting options:

Monthly Sales -

The ‘Publish’ menu option enables you to not only publish a specific range of cells, but also shows previously published ranges.

In essence, what the ‘Publish Cell Range’ option offers you is the ability to dynamically display any selected spreadsheet data range, thereby eliminating the need for sharing ‘more data than necessary’ – if all you want to do is to just show a range of values on your HTML page!

No more screen-shots of your tabular data nor images necessary – just try Zoho Sheet’s ‘Publish’ option!

PS: If you’d noticed, cell borders are also supported now!

Versioning Capability in Zoho Sheet

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If you’d noticed, we’d added an important feature in our previous update more than a week back – Versioning. You now have revision control capability in your spreadsheets!

You can find a new tab (quite modestly named) ‘More Actions’ in the main menu – on the top section – of your Zoho Sheet. Opening this tab will reveal a few options, namely :

  • Save as new document
  • Mark as new version
  • View version history
More Actions Tab on the Main Menu

Needless to say, they’re self-explanatory. One thing you need to note is that you need to specifically ‘mark’ your versions. ‘Marking’ means nothing but placing an identity to a particular version so that you can revert back to that stage of your sheet when you need to.

Typically, you can mark a version before doing some notable change to your sheet or before you share your sheet with others. The user(s) you share your sheet with can also mark his version(s) after he performs any changes (but no worry, only if he has ‘Write’ access granted).

Version History

The ‘Version History’ feature allows you to view all your sheet-specific version information (along with their date/time of creation), revert to an old version if you need to or delete your older versions.

Just an additional reminder: ‘Fill Series’ feature is now supported too!