Visualizing numbers the Zoho Reports way

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At Zoho Reports, we often come across interesting analyses of datasets by our customers, who’ve published them for the public to see. In this blog, let’s look at some public dashboards from Zoho Reports users. These dashboards, we thought, are great examples of how you can visualize data in an efficient way using Zoho Reports.

1. Census Analysis – India (2011)

Analyzing population trends helps one gain insights into the development of a country. This dashboard shows the analysis of the census data of India. The customer doesn’t stop with analyzing the population alone. The customer also studied various factors such as literacy rate and sex ratio in this dataset.

Census of India

Census Analysis of India (2011)

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Top 7 reasons to use Zoho Reports for analyzing Google Analytics data

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Google Analytics is one of the most ubiquitous tools of web marketing because it provides a lot of web traffic data. So much so that it can leave even the most equipped and experienced marketer feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Fear not! Zoho Reports has a Google Analytics connector that automatically syncs data from Google Analytics and lets you analyze the data, providing you with valuable insights. Here are some of the ways where Zoho Reports makes things easier when it comes to using Google Analytics. Read more

7 Reasons to Implement a White-Labeled / Embedded BI Solution

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Although critical for business operation, reporting can be challenging. Especially when the software solutions provider doesn’t have the expertise or resources to build an effective reporting tool internally.

When this is the case, businesses should think about opting for a ready made, re-brandable (or white-labeled) business intelligence (BI) solution to complement their existing product or service.

So let’s go ahead and look at some of the key advantages of integrating a white-labeled BI solution.

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Dashboard design – Part 2: Strategic Dashboards

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In part one of the series, we discussed the three types of dashboards:​ – Strategic, Analytical and Operational. In this post, let us see in detail how to construct strategic dashboards.​


What are strategic dashboards?
Strategic dashboards are used by upper ​management professionals like business owners, CEOs, vice presidents, and departmental heads. Strategic dashboards tend to be simple looking and provide a quick overview of the organization’s or department’s overall health.

They highlight the key metrics (KPIs) to track and provide the required information to compare the trends over time. These dashboards are looked at once a week, monthly or quarterly, but not daily.

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