Zoho ContactManager: A Better Way to Organize and Share Business Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Emails and More.

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We’re excited to introduce Zoho ContactManager, a complete contact management tool for your team to organize and share business contacts, tasks, notes, emails and more. We know small businesses and teams struggle to keep everyone and everything in the same place – and ContactManager is our answer to that.

From sales, to purchasing, to business development, to legal and beyond – in every corner of the organization there’s always a team that works closely with shared contacts and needs to keep track of all interactions, deadlines and to-dos. We built ContactManager for those people.

All there is to know, do and share – all in a single place
With Zoho ContactManager, you and your team can share contacts and everything that might be associated with them – tasks, comments, notes, history – all in one place. Team members can also choose to share the email communications they have with other people, thus giving everyone access to information without clogging their inbox. This unique email sharing works regardless of what email software or provider you are using – and works even if you are sending emails from your mobile phone. Sharing permissions keep sensitive conversations private.
Follow-Up and Get Things Done
Following up with a particular contact or completing a task becomes easier as not only you get automatic reminders, but you also have all you need to complete the task in a single place. In addition, many business tasks are repetitive – a real estate contract always follows certain steps, a purchasing process follows a standard procedure and a sale always follows the same stages. Task templates allow you to capture the steps you need to follow in different cases, so you never forget to follow-up and you don’t waste time setting each step manually.

zoho-contactmanager-iphone-appEven while on the go
Our apps for iPhone and Android phones let you do everything from adding contact information to managing your tasks and keeping track of recent activity with feeds, Stay updated anywhere, anytime! In addition, our Card scanner App, which allows you to quickly scan and extract contact info from business cards, now allows you to save the information directly to ContactManager.
We have also integrated Zoho ContactManager with Google Apps (will be ready in the Marketplace soon).


So – how much is it? Well, here’s the deal: You can sign-up for it and try it out for 30 days for free, no-credit-card required. We’re sure you’re going to like it. At the end of the 30 days you decide how much you want to pay for it. That’s right, you name your own price. But, hurry up, this is just an introductory promotion.

Join our webinar to learn more about Zoho ContactManager 

Sign up today and try it out for yourself, or come take a peek at the new Zoho ContactManager on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00am PST.We will be available to answer all your questions on how Zoho ContactManager can serve your team.


View Customer Info from 3rd Party Apps with Custom Related Lists & Gallery Scripts

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Recently, we introduced Custom Related Lists that gives you a holistic view of your customer’s information from Custom Apps and third-party applications right within your CRM system. Today, we’ll explain it more in detail.

Imagine this situation – Charles Stone heads the sales team for Zillum Corporation. Apart from assigning sales targets and forecasting he reviews sales expenses, travel plans and meetings with prospects. Since his sales reps travel extensively and the expenses can’t be reported on a daily basis, they enter the travel details and expenses using Zoho Creator’s Mobile App.


This data is in turn linked to each prospect and displayed contextually in the Contact details page in Zoho CRM. So, Charles no longer has to toggle between tabs or sign in to different applications. With all the information in one single place, Charles can analyze the return on investment for the deals won. Needless to say, there is also an overall increase in the entire team’s productivity and time is made use for more sales follow-ups. But, there’s more to this!

Contextual Integration with 3rd party Apps
To kick-start, we’ve integrated with third-party applications, like Contactology and Saasu Invoices. Just select the service from our Gallery of pre-defined functions, and instantly get the customer information from the app within your CRM.  And, of course, we’ve more integrations in line. We’ve also contextually integrated with Zoho Recruit.

Developer Tools For Programmers
If you have a flair for programming, we encourage you to write your own Deluge function. You can use it for your own purpose or we will work through the function and help you share it with the user community.

Sounds interesting? Then try out this feature and leave us your comments below.

– Vaishnav

Unbounce and Zoho CRM: Convert More Leads into Customers with Optimized Landing Pages

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This is a guest post by Georgiana Laudi, Director of Marketing, Unbounce, a self-serve hosted service to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.

As a marketer, maximizing the value of your budget is second nature. As a smart marketer, you know that increasing your conversion rates is the way to do this. Building and optimizing targeted lead gen landing pages will give you better ROI and more leads from less traffic. But this usually means relying on IT which can be a slow (and painstaking) process.

Good news!

Unbounce is the easiest way for you to build, publish and test targeted landing pages without the bottleneck of IT.

This means that you and your team can focus on getting the job done: creating, measuring and optimizing your campaigns for higher ROI. You will still charm your leads into long-term, faithful relationships like, let’s-pick-out-curtains, long term which with Zoho CRM is a snap.

That’s why Unbounce now integrates with Zoho CRM.

Zoho is an industry leading CRM and incredibly popular among the Unbounce faithful. And we’re thrilled that you can now enjoy the two together.

How Zoho CRM & Unbounce Work Together:

How to Integrate Unbounce with Zoho CRM in 90 Seconds:

It’s so easy to integrate that you probably won’t need it, but for the full support article click here.

Better way to Track Notes: Introducing CloudWork’s Connector for Zoho CRM and Evernote

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This is a guest post by Christophe Primault, CEO of CloudWork that supports lean businesses to stay focused on core activities, rather than spending more resources on managing office tasks as more clients come on board.

Zoho CRM, listed by readers of GetApp as one of the top cloud business apps of 2013 – really does what it says on the box: it is a fully-functional client and a sales automation tool. But we find that too many of our small business users are not taking full advantage of all that Zoho CRM has to offer, as individual staffers don’t maintain the contact notes with updates on the latest client interactions. As a result, Zoho CRM is used as a sales management tool, but may not be taken advantage of in helping manage relationships or to exemplify customer service once clients come on board.

Through our user feedback, for example, we know that design teams may all contribute to the same client project, but predominantly work individually. We have seen this with graphic and website designer businesses, where each member contributes to a shared project, but works pretty much in a silo for the most part.

This creates the risk of miscommunication between a designer and the client, whose level of fear and anxiety is raised when they feel they are not being listened to because one designer is unaware of a recent discussion that’s being held with someone else on the team.

With CloudWork’s connector for Zoho CRM and Evernote, anyone who has client contact in this design business can write a quick note in Evernote – from their mobile device, smartphone or laptop – to describe the latest meeting outcomes or client discussion. By using the client’s email address as the subject of the Evernote note, CloudWork automatically matches and adds the contact note to Zoho CRM to keep client records up to date.

Now our design business can use Zoho CRM throughout project management activities:

  • To double-check the latest client requests,
  • To understand future customer needs better, and
  • To help raise the bar on the business’ overall customer service culture.

Do try the integration and let us know how it works for you.

Only Happy Subscribers with Zoho’s Feedback Loop Service!

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would like to share relevant useful content over email to keep their
subscribers engaged and happy. However, no one likes being branded as a
spammer when they only intended to send genuine emails to their
subscribers. Yet, a lot of people opt to receive their emails and later
mark them as spam. Not good. Now, to tak
care of this, Zoho Mail provides a feedback loop service to ESPs and
senders sending emails to Zoho users that helps them stay clean,
maintains IP reputation and improves email deliverability. This can
indeed be a seamless, effortless and simple task.

If you are an ESP or a sender sending emails from your own IP, register
yourself with Zoho’s feedback loop service, and we will show you how to
stay away from unhappy subscribers and how not to bother them, once they have
indicated disinterest in your emails.

You must be thinking, now, how does this work with Zoho?

  • You send an email to a Zoho user on behalf of your customer/user
  • Recipient marks your email as spam
  • You receive a notification with a report in ARF (Abuse Reporting Format)

Below is the typical work flow of the Zoho feedback loop service.

Benefits using Zoho’s feedback loop service:

  1. Maintains IP reputation
  2. Improves email deliverability
  3. Improves overall quality of user subscription

Zoho’s feedback loop service helps
ESPs and other senders stay clean by reporting whenever their emails
to Zoho users are marked spam. We report complaints to users (email
senders) with a “copy of the message” to help senders identify &
relieve unhappy subscribers.

subscribers can be a major cause for high spam complaint rates.
Often, users are mistaken during a sign up process and end up marking
your email as spam. We here at Zoho can help you avoid these hiccups.

makes utmost sense to keep you and your organization registered and
safe, in order to avoid being blocked by an ISP. What’s more, Zoho’s feedback loop service is free! I definitely want to safeguard my
organization’s IP reputation, wouldn’t you?

Refer here to find answers to some basic questions.

Get started by clicking https://fbl.zoho.com.

(NOTE: Due to some issues, the link above may not function for some users. We are working on fixing this! UPDATE: It’s fixed now.)