VanaHRM: A HRM Solution built over Zoho People

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Vana Consulting Group, a Toronto based Human Resources consultancy has recently announced VanaHRM, a customized Human Resources Management solution powered by Zoho People. It’s an on-demand, completely integrated, feature-rich, turn-key solution for small to mid size businesses for managing their entire workforce.

VanaHRM offers an extensive set of features that includes total workforce management, leave management,
compensation planning, employee surveys, company property tracking, pre-packaged reports (from Zoho Reports) etc. Pricing for VanaHRM
is the same as Zoho People. Plans start at $19 / month for upto 10 employees. Since it is the same as Zoho People’s
subscription, we recommend businesses to take advantage of Vana’s vast consulting expertise in the HRM space and get a custom-made solution from them.

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Zoho People : Integration with Resume Parsing Tool, ResumeGrabber

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One of the biggest pain points recruiters face is populating their resume database with resumes from different sources like mail attachments, desktop folders, job portals etc. And with the web 2.0 wave, these sources have extended to social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc too. Recruiters typically spend anywhere between 60-90% of their time manually updating the resume database. Where as this time can be spent more usefully to connect with prospective candidates or improving their placement ratio.

Enter resume parsing tools and they play an important role in increasing the productivity of recruiters. Zoho People is now integrated with eGrabber’s flagship product, resume parser tool –ResumeGrabber Pro. Entering resumes manually are a thing of the past now and Zoho People users can extract resumes directly from email attachments, folders, job portals, social sites, Google search results etc into their Zoho People account using this tool.

The salient features of this tool :

Powerful Search
Scans for resumes from search engine results, resume websites, e-mails and PC folders.

Smart Filter
Resume Identification Technology accurately recognizes and displays only resumes from a bunch of documents.

Intelligent Analyzer
Identifies candidate contact details in the resume and transfers it to your database.

Save Resumes
Save search results and labels ‘hot’ candidates for future reference.

Duplicate Check
Checks for duplicates against your Zoho People account before adding the resume. Saves time that you would otherwise spend on processing multiple records of the same candidate.

How to set up Zoho People and ResumeGrabber integration :

  1. Download and install ResumeGrabber (10 days trial available).
  2. Click ‘Menu’ on the ResumeGrabber toolbar and choose ‘Options ‘.
  3. From the left panel navigation, choose ‘Destination setup’ under ‘Options’ menu.
  4. Choose Zoho People from the ‘Set destination application as’ and click ‘Transfer Options’.
  5. Provide your Zoho People account details, and click ‘Login’.
  6. Duplicate check can be configured from ‘Transfer Options’.
  7. Map/Enter the default value related to Zoho People’s resume form fields, click OK to close ‘Destination setup’ window
  8. Now, choose your resume source (Selected folder, MS-Outlook, Google Search, Yahoo Search, …) on the ‘From’ drop down on the ResumeGrabber tool bar.
  9. If the source is ‘Selected folder‘, select the desired resumes or all resumes from your PC folders and click ‘Grab’ from ResumeGrabber Pro tool.
  10. ResumeGrabber would capture all/selected resumes and display in its evaluation grid.
  11. You can screen the resumes and select the desired ones (by choosing checkboxes) and click ‘Transfer’.
  12. Login to your Zoho People account in the browser to see the transferred resumes in the resume pool.

This demo video shows how to grab resumes from Microsoft Outlook using ResumeGrabber and make them available in Zoho People.

Zoho People Update : Leave Reports, SSL Support, Zoho Chat/Sheet Integration

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After our “Dummy Employee” update, we have done few updates and here are the highlights.

Leave Report

  • You can enforce leave policy specifying the limit for different types of leave
  • You can configure the time period for leave calculation in either days or hours and can exclude holidays from leave calculation
  • You can manage accruals.
  • Employees can now view their consolidated leave report and Managers can view their team members leave report
  • You can enable approval process for leave requests wherein the manager can either allow or disallow team member’s leave request. Hence improve employee productivity with automated workflows.

Filter based on approval status

Filter your view of requests for approval based on approval status, e.g., view the Leave application requests based on their approval status

Enhanced search
Search employees based on different criterion like on Last Name, First Name, Department ID etc

Integration with Zoho Sheet
You can now export your data as spreadsheet to Zoho Sheet. It has opened up a wide range of possibilities for you to process the data for reports, calculations etc

Added support for more doc types in upload
You can now upload docs of different formats like doc, rtf, html, pdf etc using the “upload doc” field.

SSL Support:
Zoho People is now more secure for paid users. SSL support is enabled for paid users. Paid users who have already embedded their forms in website need to re-embed the form to enable SSL support.

Online Subscription

You can subscribe to different user packs from your Zoho People account itself

Other Enhancements
You can now disable system fields too. From now on all the fields can be disabled.

Export view – You can now export only the data pertaining to the criteria set in customized view created by you instead of the whole data of the form.

Chat Integration
Zoho Chat is integrated right into Zoho People. You can now chat with all your Zoho Contacts without leaving the Zoho People application. This would tremendously increase your employee productivity with instant communication. Chat with your teammates using the chat bar on the bottom.

Test drive the latest features in Zoho People and let us know your feedback.

A Better Way to Manage Temporary/Contract Employees’ data

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More often, a HR professional meets a situation where he/she wants to manage a temporary/contract employee’s data in their HR system. But with most of the HR software pricing plans being based on number of employees, this becomes a delicate issue. Issue where the HR professional feels, “Why should I increase my cost by paying for a temporary employee? But it’s necessary to maintain their data too, what should I do?”. And they turn to a spreadsheet for help again. With Zoho People, you can overcome this problem using the “Dummy User” profile.

Employees who need not login to the system (Zoho People pricing is based on Employees who require login) can be added as dummy employees in Zoho People. Click on Organization -> Employee -> Add dummy employee or Settings -> Dummy employee -> Add dummy employee. These employees will not be considered for licensing fees and will be available for any business process like a normal employee inside the system and will appear in “Org chart”, “Employee List”, “Available as an interviewer”,”can be of any role” etc. But will not be able to login to the system and do not receive any mails from the system.

You can migrate Dummy Employees to Employees

Your temporary/contract employees can be migrated to regular employees, from Settings -> Dummy employee -> Migrate. Once migrated, they will receive invitation mails to join into the organization and they can login into the system.

Non-admin user can add Dummy Employees

Adding dummy employee is permission based and can be given to any role. To configure, Go to Settings -> Security -> Role of the person to whom you want to allow adding dummy employees -> Global permission -> Check Dummy Employee. Once configured, then the user can login and go to Self service -> All Forms -> Employee -> View (my/team/all) data -> Form Actions -> Add dummy user.

Hope you find this Zoho People feature useful. We will be happy to hear your comments.