Get to know your customers better: Survey to survive competition

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“This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”: Can your brand say this with full conviction to a competitor?

Picture this: You’re the town biggie. Everyone loves you, at least you think they do – enter the new guy. How do you know you stand a chance?

Zoho survey-listenThe same goes for your business and your customers. Do you just think they love you, or do they really?

To stay visible and known to new consumers, you have to depend on marketing to ‘mark your territory’. Your competitor has one thing going for it – its novelty. Combine that with competitive pricing, and you could be in trouble. Can you guarantee that your customers will remain loyal to your brand for long?

There’s only one way to find out: Ask them.  Read more

More possibilities with New Features in Zoho Survey

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Zoho Survey is updated with new features to make sharing surveys easy. You can now share entire surveys and export or print individual responses. Also, easily recover previously created surveys from Trash.

Save time and leave aside the worry of losing surveys or data.

Share Surveys
If you periodically publish a number of surveys and need inputs from experts, the share survey feature simplifies the long-winded process of inviting reviewers to peruse and give inputs on the survey and sharing reports with them.
share-surveysThe Share Survey feature enables you to add users who become co-owners of your survey. Co-owners can edit the survey and publish them on your behalf and, they can also access the survey report. As the survey author, you decide whether to allow or deny access to the survey by adding persons or removing them from the Share list. And, only you can delete the survey.

Restore Surveys from Trash
Everyone makes mistakes. Some surveys  are deleted unintentionally (yes, even when there’s a double prompt before deletion) so, we have now made it simpler to archive your surveys by just moving them to Trash. Zoho Survey has now replaced Delete Survey with the Trash Survey option so that, surveys can be trashed and later restored or deleted within a single click. If there’s a survey you create a couple of months ago and want to create a similar one, visit the list of trashed surveys and restore it from there. Now, there’s no worry about losing your surveys or the data with this feature. You not only save time but you can also organize your surveys. Trash the ones you do not need, restore them if needed later and delete surveys if you find no use for them. Do note that if deleted, surveys cannot be recovered.

Share and export individual reports
As the survey author you can view individual reports for each respondent.  Zoho Survey has an update for individual responses; they can be shared and exported to PDF. You can view the full answer set of each individual response in PDF which includes data like survey completion time, IP address and if you use Zoho Campaigns to distribute your surveys, you also have the option to view each individual respondent’s email address in a quick click.

Do these features help you save time? Let us know.

Language no bar : Multilingual surveys now available in Zoho Survey

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A common concern for survey researchers is the response rates for their surveys. To bring in high response rates surveys have to reach the right audiences to accomplish this. The convenience of web based surveys and social networking sites can help you reach out to more participants and with the right audiences accessing your surveys, it brings in higher response rates. Zoho Survey’s new features are intelligently incorporated to enable survey creators to reach out to prospective participants easily.

Multilingual surveys


With Zoho Survey’s auto-translate feature there is no need to worry about non-English speakers not participating in your surveys. Your surveys can now be translated in to more than 30 languages! The auto-translate feature converts the survey in the language you select with the help of Google Translate. Save time by creating a survey, use the translate feature and send out your surveys to non-English speaking populations too. With this feature all that your respondents have to do is choose the language in which they want to answer your survey. View Help.

Embed surveys on Facebook
It is always important to promote your online surveys to increase participation and with Zoho Survey you can now embed your surveys right on your Facebook page. Select a page to embed the survey on, making it visible to all the followers of the page. This makes your surveys easily accessible increasing the chances of your followers completing the surveys from Facebook. Reach out to more  people with this feature to get the valuable data that your are looking for.

Print and Export to PDF
If you want to go the traditional way and get your surveys on paper, it’s easy to export your surveys to PDF and print them out. You can hand printouts of the survey either for feedback, to review or answer your surveys if they do not have access to the internet.

Try out the new features in Zoho Survey and tell us what you think.


Less Noise; More Signal – Get Focused Responses Using Zoho Survey

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Since Zoho Survey’s launch, we have been working on bringing out features based on the many suggestions and comments from users to give them more control for collecting responses. Now, a month later, we happily announce three new features that will help you get focused responses to your surveys.

Update submitted responses at any time

Every online user has a limited attention time span. So if your survey is lengthy with a few essay questions thrown in, it needs to be given much time and thought. Then it might just call for some breathing time in between the survey for your participants.

prevent multiple responsesThe good news is that your participants can not only pause and come back later to complete the survey, but also update their responses at any time even after submitting the survey.

Blank fields are not of much help to you. So by allowing respondents to alter their conclusions later, they are more likely to give you focused answers rather than vague responses. For instance, if you had asked for the warranty period of the product that the participants are currently using and if they were not sure about it at the time of submission, they can always go back to the question and update the field.

Address selective audience using passwords
Want only invitees to take part in your survey? The publish tab will enlist the restrictions you can set for your survey before it is set to be published.

password protectYou now have the option to password-protect your surveys which participants can access only by authorizing themselves with a password.

Read more

Announcing Zoho Survey: Easily Create Professional Surveys, Collect Data and Make Smarter Decisions

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Zoho Survey for iPad

We are excited to announce Zoho Survey, the newest addition to the Zoho family. It will now become easier for you to create professional surveys, distribute them to the right people wherever they are and analyze their responses.


Create Surveys with Ease, even while on the goZoho Survey for iPad
Our smart survey tool is filled with features that help you quickly and easily create great-looking surveys. Multiple question types are available and hence you can ask your audience exactly what you want. Add logic to your surveys by skipping or adding questions. Depending on the survey taker’s previous responses, you can always make the surveys shorter and more relevant.


Zoho Survey also comes with ready-made templates that you can use, with just a couple of clicks, for a variety of purposes. With elegant themes, your surveys look more professional.

We know that most times you are working in a larger team and you can now work in collaboration with your colleagues to receive feedback even before you deploy a survey. Plus, with Zoho Survey’s app for the iPad, you can create surveys while on the go.

Collect Feedback from Your Audience
Zoho Survey is integrated with MailChimp and also with our own Zoho Campaigns. Now, you can connect your surveys with your e-mail marketing lists and distribute personalized invites to your contacts.

Share survey links across social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus and watch the responses roll in. Zoho Survey automatically generates links and HTML/embed codes, so you can display your surveys on your website or blog.

All surveys are automatically optimized for mobile devices (phones and tablets) and hence your participants have a better survey experience and can complete surveys faster on their mobiles.

Analyze Results and Make Smarter Decisions
Analyze your survey results through reports that include a detailed summary of responses and visual representations with numerous charts. You can also create custom reports, crosstabs and filters, so you drill down and uncover patterns in your data.

Results can be shared with colleagues, viewed in Zoho Sheet and exported in various format like XLS, CSV and PDF.  Google Apps users can also export reports to Google Drive.

Plans and Pricing
Zoho Survey offers a free plan and two pocket-friendly plans – A standard plan for $19 per month and a Professional plan that costs $180 per year. You can create unlimited surveys with any plan!

Register for a Webinar
We are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. PDT. Register here for the Zoho Survey webinar.

And, there’s more…
As part of our inaugural offer, get a three-month free subscription when you refer three friends. If you’ve got more friends, make hay while the sun shines, and get up to twelve months free. Create surveys; make smarter decisions.

An update on Zoho Sites

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We have made enhancements in three different areas on Zoho Sites. These minor updates have been made for better functionality before we bring out some really major changes that we’ve been working on.

  • Thumbnails in File Manager
  • One-click protection of all pages
  • Generation of sitemap

File Manager gets a Facelift

The collection of images you uploaded will be listed on the file manager, as thumbnails. This makes it easy to pick the one you want to include on a page. Other files will be grouped based on file type.

Password Protection

Password Protection has had a change of philosophy. You already could protect all pages on your site using one password. Now, you can do it in one click.

SEO gets better with Sitemap

Another area of change is SEO. We’ve added sitemap generation. Sitemaps are to inform search engine bots about the hierarchy of your website and how each page is connected to the others. Bots crawl webpages based on priority and the frequency of updates. By this, bots know which pages on your website should be crawled frequently in order to present the latest information to searchers.

As for the big ones, we are eager to announce a couple of integrations with Zoho Sites and usability enhancements, coming up soon. Stay tuned.