Zoho Invoice V 1.7 arrives in iTunes

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There’s a gathering of all invoice apps in town and they have just one topic to discuss. The arrival of Zoho Invoice iPhone App –Version 1.7

Chieftain: All updates are same. A few bug fixes and tiny little makeover. No panic whatsoever.

All : Didn’t you hear about V 1.7??

Chieftain: Updates his memory and shakes himself and says … No

All: With a sigh, outdated as always . WAKE UP Chief!!

Zoho Invoice iPhone app version 1.7 arrives in the iTunes bringing three important updates. Our primary focus was to reduce effort when you are invoicing via mobile and to save your time.​

One touch– Add a contact you want from your iPhone address book to your Zoho Invoice customer list in just a few taps. Not just that, data like email address, phone number and other details will be moved automatically. You don’t have to enter SAME data again..EVER.

Add contact from iPhone address book

All at one go – Now add a new customer from the new invoice screen itself. No more swinging back and forth.

More power – Don’t go hunting for a desktop computer to edit your organization details. Do it right from your iPhone app. Remember.. With great power comes great flexibility… ahem and responsibility.

​Do ‘Smart Invoicing’ with your Zoho Invoice iPhone app.

Want to check the app? Tune into itunes

More Power to You ! Task duration in hours

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About a month ago, we added sub tasks functionality to the task management module to help teams better manage and complete their work much faster.

Fast forward to now, and we’re pretty excited with the uptake it has got among our customers. Along the same lines, we were bombarded with requests to have duration in hours for tasks / sub tasks. Hence we were forced to break ground on this due to the sheer volume of requests flooding our customer forums and tech support.
So we took these requests to heart and today we’re glad to launch THE much awaited duration in hours for tasks.

How to enable task duration for your portal ?

Just, go to Edit Profile under Portal Settings and select hours instead of days, save it and you’re done. Task duration in hours gets enabled for your project portal. It’s simple isn’t it?

Note: You must be the portal owner to enable this option for your. portal. And this feature is available only for Premium and Enterprise paid customers of Zoho Projects.

Let’s explore about task duration in hours in Zoho Projects

Giving you more power with duration in hours

Starting today, duration in hours is available for all tasks, sub tasks and dependency view of a project. With this, work is broken down, tasks are identified, and estimates are specified for each task in hours which helps in calculating the exact time spent to accomplish your work each day.

Furthermore, we do support the various format for time entry i,e you can enter hours as 2:30 or 2.5 which gets automatically interpreted has 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Add duration in hours

Maximize your productivity with task duration in hours

Task duration is now included in resource utilization as well as gantt charts. Typically, durations can depend on the experience of the person who performs the task. For example, In a team, a highly skilled and experienced person can complete certain tasks much more quickly than a less experienced person. The ability to deploy employees effectively against projects enables project managers to better utilize and maximize employee productivity.

In addition, task duration in hours comes with a hidden benefit i,e when you allocate a task for certain hours, how much time it actually took to complete? what challenges did you encounter? how would you do it differently if you had to do it all over again the next time but complete it in much faster pace.

But that’s not all. With this latest update, we’ve enhanced the recurrence interval to accommodate additional time span like fortnightly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly for recurring tasks.

The following user guide summarizes the steps to follow. For more details, please refer Task duration in hours.

What’s next ?

We’re busy working on Projects 4.0 in providing the next generation user experience for you. You can get a sneak peek of this at https://forums.zoho.com/topic/what-s-keeping-us-busy-in-zoho-projects

Well, It’s up to you, give it a try and let us know how useful is duration in hours as comments here. We’re all ears… :)


Announcing Zoholics: Zoho User Conference

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We are excited to announce our first Zoho user conference in US to be held on Mar 26th in San Francisco. We are calling the event Zoholics.

The event will feature two parallel tracks. First track is a generic track that focuses on all Zoho Apps in relation to industry trends. The second one is a training track with focus on our business apps, particularly CRM.

Paul Greenberg, a well known industry expert in CRM will be one of the keynote speakers along with Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho. More speakers and tracks will be added soon to the agenda. If you’d like to see any specific tracks in the agenda, this is a good time to send us your suggestions. Also, if you are using Zoho Apps in interesting ways and would like to share your experience on stage with other Zoho users, please drop us a line.

The event has limited seating. If you are interested in attending, we recommend you to register early and take advantage of our early bird pricing @ $79 (ends Feb 26th).

For additional details about the event, please check out www.zoholics.com


The New Zoho Support: Close Tickets Even Faster

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At Zoho Support, we strive to build and maintain quality helpdesk software. Our development team is relentlessly working on rolling out new features that help simplify the process of providing customer support.  In this endeavor, we have released a sleek new UI that offers improved usability and faster navigation.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements and additions in the new UI.

The Interface

The new UI is an effort towards unifying the vast range of Zoho products so that users enjoy a consistent, smooth experience while navigating between products. Our intention is not only unify the Zoho experience, but also to cut down scrolls, increase ease of access and make it more spacious.


To be honest, our old UI was probably not that great in terms of ease of use.  We received feedback that one needed to scramble across the UI for updating a ticket property, creating a view and searching for it in the drop-down was tedious, recently visited views were located on to your right etc.

Now, with the new UI:

  • You can edit the properties of a ticket from the right panel without even clicking on edit.
  • Properties which are frequently edited are placed at the top followed by those less visited. So closing a request; changing request owner, status, priority etc., is now much easier.
  • You can find the views placed more prominently on the left panel. They are arranged one below the other grouped as recently visited, pre-defined and custom.
  • Also, we now carry the actions tab while you scroll down a page across all modules.

Brand New Additions

There are some new additions in the latest UI. You are provided with a filter-by option for requests, which can be used to quickly filter and view requests assigned to a specific agent. You can even filter requests by status, priority, channel, and due date.


You can also view requests based on the time frame they were received in Zoho Support. This would help you quickly locate a request or to assess request load during a specific period. You can view requests received for the last 15 days, 30 days and 3 months.

We hope that our new UI helps you provide that awesome customer support much faster than before. As always we encourage your feedback and suggestions. So help us by sparing a few minutes in providing feedback about how the new UI panned out for you.

We are also working on integrating with Facebook & Twitter so that your posts and tweets would be created as requests in Zoho Support. Expect to see it released soon.



Zoho Recruit Invites you to the Recruitment Agency Expo, London

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Zoho Recruit is very happy inviting you for the Recruitment Agency Expo, running February 14-15 at the Olympia Conference Center in London.

On that note, we’ve got a bunch of new features that launched today – to enhance recruiters’ productivity and to give them more ways to engage candidates from within the application.

LinkedIn integration lets you to link candidate and client contacts with their LinkedIn profiles. In turn, you can see candidate and client information such as position, company, city, and business and professional activity. You can also send notes and invitations to candidate and client contacts, via LinkedIn, from the Zoho Recruit UI.

Custom Reports gives you 20 standard reports – and tools for customizing or creating new reports – to help visually analyze recruiting and applicant tracking information.

Mail merge lets you send personalized messages to thousands of candidates and clients at the click of a button.

Integration with Glassdoor.com, your free inside look at jobs and companies, helps you post jobs directly from Zoho Recruit. Once the candidate applies to the job opening, the candidate details are captured inside Zoho Recruit.

Candidate and client contact linking helps you easily copy a candidate to contact and vice versa.

We hope you like the new features. Come and meet us at stand 80 to discover a lot more.

Click here to Register for Free entry.

Overlapping schedules? Check availability first

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Picture this:

Ben, a business contact calls, and he’s upset. He’s upset because of an issue that he’s facing with the product. As it would typically happen, you schedule a web meeting at a time that Ben’s free.

What’s next? You would open up your CRM, schedule an event, and assign it to the best Customer Support Executive (let’s call him Peter) that you have in your team. You’re relieved. You’re confident that Ben’s problem would be solved, right? Wrong! The web meeting never happened. And why so? Simply because Peter wasn’t free at the time that you had scheduled the event.

Now what if it had happened like this?

Ben calls, and you promise a web meeting. He tells you a time that is convenient for him. While scheduling the event, you check Peter’s calendar to see if he’s free. You find that he isn’t and then assign the event to another person. Simpler?

The ability to check the availability becomes very important when it comes to Customer Service. After all, executives cannot attend to more than one customer at a particular time, can they?

Take a look at the Add Event section in Zoho CRM‘s new design. You can now check the calendar right before scheduling an event and you do not have to navigate away from the page either. We call this feature Check Availability.

Zoho CRM Check Availability

“A localized Sales calendar” – this is what it means for your Sales Team. Data is available in a single place and there’s no overlapping of meetings or schedules.

Working as a team is a lot easier! Do you agree with me? Add your comments below.

Zoho CRM Read-Only Mode Available From Our Secondary Data Center

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One of the priorities we set ourselves after our outage is to get a read-only instance up quickly in our secondary data center in the New York metro region. We have always had the data backed up in that data center and our software team has been busy making it run in read-only mode. Today, we are happy to announce that Zoho CRM is running in read-only mode from our secondary data center.

The URL is https://crm-ro.zoho.com

We will keep this read-only mode accessible to customers all the time, so that in the event of an outage in our primary data center, your access to data will be preserved. We still have some limitations we are working through – for example, database information is synchronized immediately between our silicon valley and New York data centers, while document attachments have a one hour lag, which we will be addressing soon. There are some other limitations: search does not work and most of the integrations, particularly Mail integration do not work. All of these limitations will be removed in a few weeks. Our goal in getting this out quickly is to give you access to your core CRM data from our secondary data center.

Other Zoho services are working on read-only versions right now and we will open them up as soon as they are ready and post announcements regarding them.

This read-only version is just a start. We are working to provision our New York data center fully so that all Zoho services can run in hot standby mode, so when the next disaster strikes, we could switch over the service quickly.