About That 37Signals 100% Price Increase… Time To BUMP!

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Yesterday, 37Signals decided to increase their entry-level Basecamp plan from $24 to $49 dollars. ReadWriteWeb quoted:

Basecamp quietly increased its cheapest subscription option from $24 to $49 per month, a move that was criticized by some as as being unfair to small business customers.

I personally like and respect the good work that the 37Signals team does, like their design taste.. and they certainly have contributed a lot to the entire web community. But going from $24 to $49 in this economy is just not cool. We’re in the middle of mid-term elections in the US, and no politician in his/her right mind would suggest raising taxes at this time, would they? Well, with businesses, and particularly with SMBs, we’re always in election mode. We’re puzzled by the price increase. Even Steve Jobs lowers prices over time! They are profitable, why raise prices by so much? From $24 to $49… for the entry level plan
In any case, it is no secret that we at Zoho are philosophically opposed to overpriced software. And of course, you also know that we have our own project management & collaboration product, Zoho Projects, that offers a lot more functionality, like reports, task dependency, integration with Google Apps, import your Microsoft Project files, and integrated real-time chat. And that’s not all… our monthly subscription plans start at just $12 per month. Many of our customers are small and medium sized businesses, so we cater to them and offer affordable options that they will find attractive.


In the last few months we have gotten an increasing number of requests from people to migrate from Basecamp and into Zoho Projects. So we created a tool that provides and easy interface for importing your project data from Basecamp into Zoho. Zoho Projects BUMP includes import of projects, tasks, milestones, users and forum posts. This is not something we created just in the spur of the moment yesterday. We had it for a while for those people who asked. Now, since 37Signals decided to increase to increase their prices by so much, we thought this would be a good time to more broadly publicize this. So head over to Zoho Project’s BUMP and get started! 

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: support@zohoprojects.com.

UPDATE: Jason Fried from 37Signals contacted us (see below) to dispute the fact that they increased their plans. I think the way you look at it is very technical and splitting hairs. Yes, their Plus plan is still $49/month as it was before. My memory is not that good, but Jason says it has always been $49, we’ll take his word for that. I think we can all agree on the fact that before, their lowest paid plan was $24, now, their lowest paid plan is $49. Here’s a screenshot of that: http://yfrog.com/c8246p. I think that’s as clear as a price increase will be. It’s like an airline saying: we didn’t increase our prices, but now you have to fly business if you want to fly… but hey, business class prices have been always the same!

ps. …and if this results in 37Signals going back to their older price structure… well, you’re welcome! 

Zoho Recruit integrates with Corp-Corp.com: Posting Jobs on Online IT Job Board

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The Client’s need should be fulfilled at the right time by the right talent. This is the key for a successful organization. The recruiters expose the available jobs on online job boards, which is very popular in the last few years. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to post jobs online and get applicants. Posting all your jobs on common job boards is not a smart way to source candidates. At times some of them will not suit your demand. Target your job posting to relevant sites to get more essential candidates. 
Zoho Recruit is pleased to announce its integration with Corp-Corp.com.
What is Corp-Corp.com?
Corp-Corp.com is an Online market place to find IT Consultants and post IT Contract Requirements. It helps IT Staffing Companies to find and share the resources quickly & efficiently. Corp-Corp matches IT consulting job and Consultants in less than 30 seconds online using its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm “FETCH”.
Zoho Recruit’s integration with Corp-Corp helps you to source talent specific towards the IT industry. You can now post jobs automatically from Zoho Recruit – Applicant Tracking System into Corp-Corp, which inturn locates and gives you the best talent instantly. This saves time and hassle of searching for the right talent.
Once you receive the resumes, you can add it into Zoho Recruit to automate your recruitment process.
Please try it and share your feedback with us.
We’ve got lots of exciting features coming soon, so stay tuned!

Improved community membership management with Zoho Discussions: Introducing Subscriptions

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One of the challenges of running an online community is who you invite or let in to participate.


While some communities are “open”, some other communities, as a result of their nature, tend to be a bit more vigilant about who can come in and read/post. 

Zoho Discussions has for long supported membership and provides fine-grained control over who can access and participate in a conversation, but today we are building on that and making it a bit easier.

We built a nifty feature that simplifies life for community admins:

membership requests



Membership requests allow visitors to apply for memberships that the community admin would then evaluate and grant. If adopted for your community, this subscription feature in Zoho Discussions will help you know your users better and also help reduce spam. This is also ideal for open communities where you would like to know your users better before you allow them in to participate. This feature also integrates well with the existing moderation options, by 

enabling you to provide subscribers a higher level of access to specific areas of your community. For example: you could allow everyone to come and read the posts, but then only allow posting to people who have been screened. Or you could allow read/post grants in certain forums, but access to other forums to only the users you choose.

So how do you go about setting one up? All you need to do is toggle a switch in your Portal settings. (you can read this in detail



Once you do that, users visiting your community will see a prompt in the portal specific login page (which you can


too). If your portal is open for guest access, a guest will see a prominent widget prompting for subscription.

You can view all subscription requests in the moderation panel and approve them one by one or in a single shot. 

Now you can make your user community spam free and more engaging! We invite you to try 

Zoho Discussions

today and let us know how we can help at support@zohodiscussions.com.

Announcing the Do-It-Yourself Dabble Db Migration Tool

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Any service that your business depends upon has got to be reliable.. Be it your

email service

, your

CRM tool

or even your

database software

. There cannot be any compromise.. But what would you do, when you find yourself in a situation, where out of the blue one of your service provider puts you in the doldrums. There is no activity nor there is an announcement which tells you that they are ceasing operations. You run.. Run like never before to find a suitable replacement and put it in place before the plug is pulled…

Dabble DB

customers panicked in exactly the same way, when

this announcement

 came out on June 10th. They needed to find a new service to manage their database applications. A huge clamor amongst a few database application platforms/services ensued – what with nothing short of a windfall coming their way and everyone wanted to cash in on the opportunity. We at Zoho Creator offered


migration, support and application building to anyone who came to us with their data.

A few months on, going by the number of happy migrant customers, we can proudly say, we did a good job. But the migration process itself was slightly convoluted. The probable customers got in touch with us.. Let us take a look at their application .. Then we helped them with setting up of their application and so on.. Altogether this whole process used to take at least a couple of days. Well, 2 days may be a looong  time in certain businesses.

it required a person to take the customer through the entire process..
Too much time and resource consuming this was becoming.

That set us thinking.. This process had to be made a lot more simple and straightforward.

We are glad to announce that, we have now come up with a Do-It-Yourself Migration Tool, so that users can come aboard Zoho Creator effortlessly.Sounds good?? 3 simple steps is all it takes to port your application to Zoho Creator and you are done! Head over to

this page

to read more on the exact steps. And yes, as always, should you face any trouble at all, moving into Zoho Creator, do drop an email to us at support@zohocreator.com .

Welcome to Zoho Creator folks!! 

PS: Remember

Indiana Military Organization

? – Our famous DabbleDB Migrant customer.

@Zoho Invoice: Only 50 cents for receiving online payments

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our earlier post we told you we were going to be participating in
PayPal’s innovate 2010. At the conference PayPal, in addition to some
sumptuous techie talks will be launching “Business Payments”,their 50 cents pricing. With the introduction of Business Payments you can cut down your transaction fee to just 50 cents.
Us at Zoho Invoice are very happy to be a part of something which seems
like the future of all online transactions. Yes, you can use PayPal’s
Business Payments for receiving online payments from your Zoho Invoice account starting TODAY!

So what is PayPal’s Business Payments all about?

It is a simple and economical way to receive online payments against your invoices. The only prerequisite for business payments is that the payor-the person who pays you, should have a PayPal account. Lets say you invoice your customer who already has a PayPal account for
$100. Earlier you may have to pay a percentage of that $100 as a
transaction fee. If you choose Business Payments as your mode of
Payment receipt, you can receive the payment of $100 from your customer
at a transaction fee of just 50 cents. 

Besides the 50 cent pricing, what’s more interesting is that this being a PayPal account to PayPal account transfer, the payment will be credited to your account immediately.

How does this change things for Zoho Invoice?

this month we introduced a little change in the way you receive online
payments. We started providing an option to select a payment gateway at
the time of creating an invoice. So now you’ll see an additional option
PayPal Business Payments, when you select your online payment receipt

Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales just around the corner. PayPal is
making a statement loud and clear. “Shop more, pay less”. Agree with
you PayPal!

Zoho @ Zoho: Courier Management, the Zoho Creator way

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Distribution of couriers among
employees might seem like a simple everyday task and may even raise a
few eyebrows when we say, “We at Zoho have a dedicated application to
manage and track it”. The front office personnel have plenty to attend
to, ranging from managing cars being parked on premises to routing
incoming calls. Amidst all this, the mail and packages too had to be
delivered, which was painstaking. We thought how we could make life a
little bit easier for them. Certainly, nothing could be done about


service entrance or guiding visitors around the campus. So we stuck to
what we were good at; Automating processes. Here is why this application
came about and is saving us time and effort ever since.

receive mail and packages everyday. Both official and personal stuff.
Sometimes the number of packages is high, making the job of identifying
the recipient and delivering it by hand, a very tough one. The mail-man
visits our office, same time everyday, to deliver the mail and take with
him, the ones awaiting dispatch. These packages would usually be at
with the front-office. The security personnel had to individually inform
each person of the package (or letter), which they would pick later.
First, the employee had to be tracked using Zoho People, our online people
management tool, and then informed over phone. This was very


Raman Kumar

of Webmaster team thoughtfully did was to come up with an
application in

Zoho Creator

, the

online database application builder

. This application

two forms

and feeds on data from

Zoho People

. The first one is to look up the employee to whom the package
is meant for, and a second one to generate an automated email
notification. When a search for an employee is done, all the matches are
returned. The personnel then selects the exact recipient. On selection,
the application proceeds to the second form. Here, employee information
such as name, identification number and email address are populated
automatically. Other details such as sender information, number of
packages waiting to be collected and which of the three security desks
it is available at, need to be filled up manually. On submission of this
form, an email containing the above information is  sent to the
concerned employee.

booking a courier too, we couldn’t expect the sender to be present when
the mail-man stopped by. So we provided an option of leaving the
package, fully addressed, at the front-office. When the pick-up truck
pulled over, the packages would be handed over to them by the security
personnel, and the waybill tracking details would be entered in this
form along with the employee details. To distinguish between sent and
received parcels, we included a radio button as one of the fields. This
eliminated the need for a separate form.

putting this application together was quite simple a task,

just of
about six hours

, the time and effort it has saved for us is notable.
That is why it found its way here. On days when mail and packages add up
to more than 200, delivering them becomes more of just an activity than
productivity. This simple yet highly capable application is all we did
to overcome the futility, and it has been serving us well for quite some
time now.


Courier Manager Application

is available
at the Marketplace

for you to try

. Do check it out!

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that was first of the series, Zoho@Zoho.