Zoho Projects gets a fresh new look, plus many other goodies

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Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on making our

Zoho Projects
 interface flexible and easy-to-use, based on the suggestions sent by our customers. We had announced these changes on our homepage and you might have noticed the preview at http://preprojects.zoho.com. Today we’re delighted to announce the redesigned user interface of Zoho Projects along with some exciting features.

We know that you use Zoho Projects for building your business by connecting with your project teams and clients. Now we want to make your work life easier with a more appealing user interface so that you can plan, communicate and collaborate more efficiently than ever before.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in this release:

Tasks & Milestones
Easy-to-use interface for task management and enhanced task details page with more information – task notes, log hours, dependency, recent updates. In addition, you can have a detailed visual view of your open and closed tasks, task lists and milestones as task reports.

Import your Contacts

Import your contacts and users from your Zoho CRM and Zoho Business
account in few easy steps. From Zoho CRM, you can now import your project as well as client users for your project portal. This way you can quickly add bulk users with ease.

Contextual Reports
We’ve removed the Reports tab. No Worries! Instead, you can instantly view reports contextually in the respective tabs. Like the Gantt View and Task Reports under Tasks and Milestones. And Bug, Timesheet & File upload statistics in the respective tabs.

Custom Filters for Bugs

Start creating your own custom filters based on users, severity, status, priority and create your views based on these filters in the Bugs module of Zoho Projects.

Project Dashboard & Group Chat
Project Dashboard got spiced up with task progress and bug status reports along with the project overview. When you visit the chat tab, you can find chat rooms to select and start your discussions right away.

We’d already received a couple of encouraging tweets on this new release

Annie Tsaisays:“New Zoho UI update looks much better – great job!

John Hondroulissays:WOW! @‘s Projects V3 is amazing. SOOooo much better UX!! Thanks!”

Play around with the new user interface available at http://www.zoho.com/projects and we’d love to hear your views and ideas on the new Zoho Projects. Please let us know what you think either in the comments section or mail us at support@zohoprojects.com.

Zoho Recruit: Applicant Tracking System with Google Apps Integration

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We’ve had, quite a lot of requests from our users for integration between Zoho Recruit and Google Apps. Taking up the feedback and continually improving our service is the key to fulfilling our customer needs 
Today, we are pleased to announce the integration of Zoho Recruit with Google Apps. As a Google Apps user, you can now easily connect Zoho Recruit and Google Apps. Accessing all your Google Apps Users and Contacts from within Zoho Recruit, and viewing your scheduled interview events in your Google Calendar is made easier.  
Set of Capabilities with Zoho Recruit for Google Apps integration 
Single Sign-on with Google Apps
The Single sign-on capability allows you to access Google Apps and Zoho Recruit with your Google Apps credentials. It streamlines the access workflow for 
both Google Apps and Zoho Recruit application.
The integration with Google Apps helps you to quickly add your Google Apps users to Zoho Recruit individually or in bulk, and make them a part of your recruitment.
Import Contacts (Candidates) from Google Apps
Zoho Recruit for Google Apps gives an easy access to your Google contacts from Zoho Recruit. You can easily import your Google Apps contacts into Zoho Recruit as Candidates.
Import Contacts (Client Contacts) from Google Apps
Importing Google Apps Contacts into Zoho Recruit as Client Contacts is also possible with Google Apps integration.
Add and View Interview Events in Google Calendar
The Add Interview Events to Google Calendar feature helps you to add your Zoho Recruit interview events to Google Calendar automatically. 
Existing Zoho Recruit Users can also integrate Zoho Recruit from Google Apps Marketplace. 
This is just the beginning, more deeper integration with Google Apps is on the way. So, stay tuned!
Try Zoho Recruit from Google Apps Marketplace and let us know your feedback.

Checkout our other Zoho services for Google Apps integration.

Introducing Zoho Invoice for iPhone

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If you are a Zoho Invoice user, we have some good news. Zoho Invoice application is now available on AppStore (iTunes link) for free.

The applications is rich in functionality. It includes 5 modules – Invoices, Estimates, Customers, Expenses & Items. In all these modules, you can create, edit or view your existing data within the iPhone app. Additional contextual actions are also available for each module.

If you are accessing Zoho Invoice from devices other than iPhone, a
mobile optimized version of Zoho Invoice is available @ mobile.zoho.com.

Please do give this app a try and let us know your comments.

Zoho@Zoho: Managing Security Issues with a Zoho Creator Application

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series kicked off last year. We have been portraying Zoho Creator applications which we use for our very unique needs. With the series nearing completion, there are only a few more applications left, and we’d like to know how  this series has influenced you. And just in case you have missed out any, here is an archive of the situational applications

showcased till now
The first app for this year is here because of its significance. It helps us ensure the reliability of all our services by keeping track of possible security threats. Here is

Hall of Shame.
You read it right. Hall of Shame. More than anything else, we crave for reliability of our services. We realize that you trust us with your precious data. We also understand that we cannot compromise on the security of any of our services and live to talk our way out of the mess. It is why we chose to be on the front-foot. Every single entry on this application is a disgrace to the team, so the teams do whatever it takes to avoid it. Rightly named, don’t you think? Whenever a team comes out with a major update, every other team gets to test it intensively. They test not to find faults, but to improve the quality and reliability of the service. Should they stumble upon a backdoor that might be damaging, it is immediately brought to the attention of everyone. Don’t panic, because we don’t do all these after you start using the feature. This hunting-down happens on a local set-up. Only after every flag has been brought down, do we let it go live for you to use. Here is how it is streamlined.
Flags is the hot keyword here that attracts all the attention it deserves. All flagged vulnerabilities are tracked by security coordinators who are at the heart of every team. Whenever a set of features or fixes is ready, it is updated on a mirror set-up which is very much similar to the one you use, except that this is for testing privately. Security coordinators of every team are then notified of the update through automated email notifications.
Just like our customers, we too use our services extensively and rely on them. While testing the mirror set-up, if any security coordinator comes across any issue that is seemingly dangerous, he makes a note of it on this application and the team behind the service is notified. A developer of that team is then assigned to rectify the reported issue within a deadline. Once done, testing is iterated.
By ensuring that all service updates pass through this critical phase before going live, we have security in it’s rightful place.

Zoho Creator

is not the reason why our services are reliable, but it sure can take all the credit for a timely and custom application with which we implement security. Try this application.

Tracking Interview Schedules Now Made Easier With Zoho Recruit – Zoho Calendar Integration

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A Very Happy New Year 2011 to all of you! 
With the New Year comes a new feature from Zoho Recruit – Zoho Calendar Integration.
Zoho Recruit – Applicant Tracking System with Zoho Calendar integration makes your personal and organization scheduling a lot more easier. You can now easily access and manage your personal and organization calendar from within Zoho Recruit. Scheduled interview events will be automatically reflected in both the organization calendar and the interviewers’ calendar. 

Zoho Recruit’s dashboard gives you a quick calendar view of your personal and scheduled interview events for each day.

With this feature, scheduling interviews and keeping them organized is no more a difficult task. You can also set email reminders to avoid missing interview events. 
We hope you like this. Please try this feature and share your suggestions/comments with us.

Stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming weeks.

New in Zoho Viewer: Online Document Converter, New PDF Viewer

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There are two important highlights in the recent update of Zoho Viewer

  1. Online Document Converter
  2. New PDF Viewer
1. Online Document Converter
You can now use Zoho Viewer to convert office documents to different formats. For example, you can convert a DOC file to PDF or an XLS file to CSV and so on. Upload your file, select the desired output format, convert it and save it back to your computer. No sign up needed. No installation required. Try the online document converter now at viewer.zoho.com/converter and let us know your feedback.
2. New PDF Viewer
We have a new, improved viewer for your PDF files. This new viewer will retain the original formatting of your PDF files as much as possible. Here is the list of functionality available with our new PDF viewer:
  • Retain the format of the original document
  • Page navigation controls
  • Find text within a PDF document
  • Copy selected text to your system clipboard
Check out our new PDF viewer and share your thoughts with us. Here is a screenshot. Click on the image to view the PDF online.
Barely a week after we released our new PDF viewer, a free ebook was launched on Zoho Viewer by an author. Here is the free ebook: viewer.zoho.com/docs/r1bbdh.

The new PDF viewer is not yet available in the following scenarios. 

  • Viewing a PDF file available on a public URL
  • Using the Viewer APIs to view PDF files
This will be made available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

How the UK Govt and a Wildlife Reserve are using Zoho Sheet

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With this post, we’d like to showcase two completely distinct but interesting ways in which Zoho Sheet is being used.

1. Data.gov.uk

Uses Zoho Sheet’s

Online Viewer API
to open public spreadsheet files on the browser.
The UK government had opened up its data for other people to re-use. This is only about non-personal, non-sensitive data – information like the list of schools, crime rates or the performance of your council.

is the first step in creating a network of re-useable government data. It is a key part of the UK Government’s work on Transparency which is being lead by the Transparency Board.
You will find over 5,400 public datasets about how governments spends money. Most of these are in the form of CSV and XLS files. This website uses Zoho Sheet’s 

Online Viewer API
to allow viewing these public spreadsheet files on your browser. Here is an example. Click on the image to go to that website.
When you view these public spreadsheets using Zoho’s editor, you can optionally save the spreadsheet to your Zoho account and do further analysis on the data such as creating Pivot Tables, drawing Charts, using the 350+ formulas available with us, etc. 

2. Darley & Nutwood Local Nature Reserve
Uses Zoho Sheet to create spreadsheets of wildlife registers and publish these spreadsheets online for everyone to see.

maintains wildlife registers on Zoho Sheet. This includes sighting of rare and uncommon species of birds, mammals, insects and plants. They are a small group of people from all walks of life having one thing in common: To study and protect wildlife.
Nutwood is a small area north of the city of Derby in central England and it has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve by Natural England. It is owned by Derby City Council who have commissioned the Wildlife Trust to produce a Management Plan recommending actions between 2007 and 2011. A Management Group has been formed several years ago to administer this plan and much has been achieved.
From their website:

If you are a Wildlife Enthusiast, if you are interested in birds, mammals, insects or plants, whether you are a beginner or know quite a lot about it, this may interest you. We have a very small group of dedicated enthusiasts constantly watching and monitoring aspects of the wildlife in our Nature Reserve. I hope you’ve been able to look at our wildlife registers on this site which will give you an idea of what we are trying to do.

We are looking towards expanding the group by getting dedicated local people involved, particularly dealing with insects and plant life on the Reserve. You would not be committed to a particular work program and we would encourage people to develop their own approach with advice and support from the Management Group. You could devote as much or as little time as you wish. Be a wildlife enthusiast!
Zoho Sheet is used to maintain the online wildlife registers. These spreadsheets are then published so that they are available on a public URL and accessible to everyone on the internet. Here is a screenshot of part of the spreadsheet. Click on the image to view the Birds Register spreadsheet on Zoho.

How are you using Zoho Sheet? Do share your story with us by posting a topic at 

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