Your on-the-go Zoho apps are now FREE!

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No matter what kind of business you run, most of the work is done from your mobile devices. Accessing customer information, creating follow-up tasks, accessing custom apps and submitting reports, all while on the go, has become critical to stay connected with your business.

No, we’re not exaggerating.

Recently, we hit 1,000,000 downloads for our Zoho apps (iOS and Android), and we’re glad to see that the number is rapidly increasing. With so many people embracing mobile apps for their businesses, we’ve decided to make the Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator mobile apps free for all customers, on any edition. Which means, you now have complete functionality (read and write access) to the mobile apps, irrespective of the edition. So, go ahead and start CRMing. Run your entire business with full access to custom apps from your smart phones.

free mobile app downloads for all users

That’s not all, some of our other products such as Zoho Vault, Zoho Mail and Zoho Campaigns have their mobile apps free as well.

Listen to what some of our customers have to say…

Wow great app and so easy to install – fab!! Four stars because would mean you got the business for me and I sat at home getting fat and rich – Nick Bird, Zoho CRM

Works great. Intuitive. Staying connected to our ZOHO CRM while we’re away from the office has really supercharged our sales process.  – Andy Coats, Zoho CRM

Excellent Online Database app!!! – Justin Chang, Zoho Creator

Of course, we have a long way to go. We’re listening to your feedback and constantly improving our mobile apps to make ​them better so that you can run your entire business on ​them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your mobile app store and install Zoho apps now!

Zoho Pulse iOS App on App StoreZoho Pulse Android app on GPlay


Extended Social Capabilities With Zoho Sites

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The best websites are the ones that enable visitors to spread the good word easily and social networks usually do this the best. For businesses, social media has become one of the most powerful and cost effective instrument to instantly share information, and engage ever increasing online audience. The latest business tools must have such capabilities to network and interact with customers to bring them closer to your brand. Any modern website has this unavoidable need of being integrated with social networks for increased traffic, improved search ranking and better reach with reduced marketing expenses.


That’s why with our recent updates in Zoho Sites, we have automated the social sharing, to help you, our users, have extended and seamless interaction with social media audience.

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5 Ways to Better Organize Your Files

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docs__blogorganizeLooking for that one file you can’t locate, when your boss is hovering over your shoulders? Or the embarrassing situation you find yourself in, when you are frantically searching for a report in between a presentation.

These are the few situations that might arise if you keep your files cluttered and  haphazard. The solution is pretty simple – organize your files. With a dash of commitment, pinch of dedication and a bit of your time, planning and keeping your important documents in order becomes an easy job. With Zoho Docsuploading and storing files is now easier than ever.

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Introducing Advanced Analytics for Zoho BugTracker

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butracker-reportsWe are happy to announce the integration of Zoho BugTracker with Zoho Reports. This integration has opened the doors to endless reporting capabilities on your Zoho BugTracker data. Issues management, with the help of insightful analytics powered by Zoho Reports, has now become more simple and efficient.

Set up
Setting up this add-on is plain sailing. Check the presentation below for a step-by-step demo.

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Zoho Assist: Getting rid of that invisible man!

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Have you ever encountered an invisible man who stands like a wall between you and your remote computer? He stops you from controlling the remote computer, and you wouldn’t know why. And, your customer will be equally clueless after handing over her computer to you for troubleshooting. Now, this is a moment of frustration only IT pros can relate to.

If you are one such IT pro, you would’ve by now deciphered who this invisible man is. Yes, it is the User Access Control (UAC) window that appears only on the secure desktop and not the normal desktop of the Windows PC. UAC is a security setting enabled in Windows operating systems, starting from Vista. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a remote solution that is UAC-compatible?

Zoho Assist is one remote support software that is UAC-compatible; it intuitively detects the UAC window on the remote computer and displays the Run As Service notification. After you click Run As Service, you can continue your session with administrator privileges, which enables you to access the UAC window. And, all this you get without spending a cent, because UAC compatibility is available in the free version.

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7 Tips to Get Bigger and Better Survey Results

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Want better response rates? Here are some quick tips for you.

Tip #1 – Use Zoho Survey
All masters are masters of the fundamentals. Start with the basics. Use a survey tool.

Tip #2 – Create multilingual surveys
While English may be the lingua franca of business, it’s always nice to be able to localize your content.
create multilingual surveysSelect your languages of choice, tweak the translation if you’d like and click to publish! Let your audience pick their language of choice!
translated survey

Tip #3 – Embed Surveys on Facebook
You have fans on Facebook. They have important thoughts and opinions on how you’re doing. Get your surveys to this crowd. Use our built in embedded survey instead of just a bland URL link. Read more

Introducing Inventory in Zoho Books: Stock Management made easy.

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Yes, it is finally here. We’re excited to announce that inventory management will now be available in Zoho Books. Are you wondering why we’ve brought in inventory management in an accounting software?



For traders and product based companies who have stock constantly moving in and out, stock control can be just as crucial as managing finance. Often, they use two separate systems to manage these functions. Something like inventory control cannot be an app glued to your accounting software or an add-on. It should be a part of your books in real-time and stock movements should update instantly.


Coming to the inventory function itself, today, most businesses feel the heat trying to get a proper control over their stock. If managing inbound goods and billing for them is hard, tracking the outgoing goods and invoicing for them can be much harder. Apart from these, there is also the difficult task of inventory valuation and adjustment.


Zoho Books has addressed all these pain points with the new inventory feature. Here are some of the major issues that we’ve solved:


Tracking Inventory


We have linked up inventory to all the major modules so that you can manage it end-to-end. Right from purchase orders & bills to sales orders & invoices, we’ve got it all covered. Simply enable inventory tracking and everything else is automated.


Inventory Adjustments


The biggest pain for retailers would be making inventory adjustments. Always keep an eye out for damaged goods, difference in stock levels on recount, and a lot of other such situations that demand changing the inventory count in your books. Zoho Books lets you make positive and negative inventory adjustments, anytime. Capture it with all necessary details.


Efficient Reordering


The last thing you would want is stock unavailability when there is so much demand for your products. Set reorder levels and preferred vendors for your products in Zoho Books. If the items touch the reorder point, the system automatically triggers a notification asking you to refill the stock.


Accurate Inventory Valuation


Businesses struggle during tax payment as a result of improper accounting of their stock. Every product in your inventory has an asset value that can make a difference in your books. With Zoho Books, each and every product in your inventory is automatically accounted for as they come in and are being sold.

Zoho Books uses FIFO method of stock evaluation. It is the most accurate and the most recommended method for businesses. It covers all the costs associated with the sale of the goods and improves the accuracy of your profit reporting.


Knowing Your Inventory


At the end of the day, you are not doing good business if you do not know the status and value of your inventory. Zoho Books generates reports based on stock movement, availability and asset value of individual items. A comprehensive report called ‘FIFO cost lot tracking’ is also available, that accurately traces the incoming and outgoing path of goods ordered and sold in the business.


So there you have it, your ideal inventory and accounting combo. From now on, you don’t have to spend on 2 separate software for inventory and accounting. Enable inventory, use it and let us know what you think.