Zoho Loves Android: Announcing our first Android App (for Zoho Invoice!)

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It’s been almost a year since we released our very first native mobile app, Zoho Docs for iPhone. We’ve continued to make progress providing easy access to the Zoho apps when using mobile devices both with native and mobile web apps. But so far we had limited ourselves to iPhone apps. Android’s rapid ascension in the market has not gone unnoticed and, in fact, an Android app has been the most request feature in Zoho Invoice for some time now. So today we’re happy to cross one big item of our list with our very first Android app for Zoho Invoice.Zoho Invoice for Android is a mobile app that allows you to easily create, send and access invoices, estimates and expenses wherever you are, right from your mobile phone.

For example, you can instantly view details about your customers, including contacts, notes and any amount they might owe you. You can as well access and edit the items (i.e. those things that you sell) as well as their price and any associated taxes. Handy when you’re on the go and a customer just asked you for a custom project.Create and send invoices and estimates with just a few taps on the screen: select terms, due date, items being invoice and voilá… your invoice has been created. A couple taps more and you can send it via email to your customer right after finishing your meeting. Not only you get a nicely formatted preview of your invoice on your phone, but it goes out as a PDF, using the professional-looking template you have configured in your account.

Zoho Invoice for Android also allows you to manage travel and other expenses. This is particularly convenient when you are working on a project for a client and the expenses are billable. Enter those expenses on the app as they happen, and they will be included in the next invoice you send to the customer.

Zoho Invoice for Android is available starting today at the Android Market. The App is free, and you can use it with any of the Zoho Invoice plans (including the free one!). Isn’t life good?

Make customers happy, look professional and get paid fast with Zoho Invoice – right from your mobile phone.


ps. Last week we announced the Zoho CRM App for iPhone, we got many comments from people requesting an Android app. We heard you loud and clear. Bear with us and stay tuned!

Won a Big Deal? Trigger a Thank You Mail to your Customer from Zoho CRM

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To keep your customers happy, you need to connect with them better. And with the latest updates that we have made to Workflow Rules, we give you better ways to strengthen your customer relationships.

Move on to the “Actions” section in the Workflow Rule creation page and check out the “Recipients” field. You can now select email fields in related modules too!

Wondering how this can be helpful? Take this case: You win a deal, and you want to send a thank you mail to your Customer, instantly. With the earlier updates that we made to Workflow Rules, this would not have been possible. But now, with the ability to select email fields in related modules, all you have to do is: Create a Workflow Rule for the Potentials module and select the email fields in the Contacts module. Simple? The rule triggers your email as soon as you win the deal.

You can also send friendly payment reminders to customers a couple of days before the payment due date.

With the new updated Workflow Rules, you have more options for automation of your business processes, better customer relationships and you also save a lot of time.

That’s not the only update. It is also possible to filter your Workflow rules based on the module and by status too! So if you want to review all the Active rules that you have for the Leads module, it’s much more simpler now. No more searching.

Wait, there’s one more. The Due Date field in Workflow Tasks now supports Date-Time fields also.

All these updates are available only in the Enterprise Edition. And there’s no extra cost!

Together with the earlier updates, we believe these additions will be useful to you. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think.

If integration costs more than software, It is a bug, not a feature

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This quote from Microsoft from PC World article caught my attention.

For every $1 Microsoft makes on its software, partners make $8.70 in additional revenue servicing and customizing these products

I actually consider this a bug, not a feature of the traditional software model. It may be good for Microsoft and its partners for generating business. But look at it from a customer’s perspective. This means, for every $1 they spent on purchasing software, they end up spending $8.70 in customizing and servicing the software.

Among other things, SaaS makes integration easy. Our own integration, with both internal and external apps, is a great example of this. We launch a new integration almost every week. Try doing this with installed apps.

There is another advantage people don’t seem to notice with SaaS application integration. Once apps are integrated, all customers benefit from it. We integrated our CRM (among other apps) with Google Apps. This was done once and we have thousands of companies benefiting from this.

How does something like this work in the on-premise world? Well, software is integrated/duplicated in every, single, business. That probably explains the $8.70 for every $1 spent on software.

New in Zoho Support: Custom Themes for your Customer Self-service Portal

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We are happy to roll out the most sought after feature request in

Zoho Support
 – custom themes for your customer self-service portal. You can now set the theme of your customer portal to mimic your company’s web site so that your customers visiting the portal have a seamless experience.

The color of the header, tabs, fonts and background can all be configured according to your needs. You can either choose from default color themes like Blue, Grey, Green and Maroon or pick your own color by selecting the Custom option.

To make the customization task easier for you, the ‘Customer Portal Theme’ settings page itself acts as a demo window. You get to see how your custom themed self-service portal will look like, as and when you do some changes. The demo window is also provided with marked up areas for easy reference when changing the colors.

To learn more about how to configure your own custom theme for your customer self-service portal,

click here

We would like to know your feedback on this feature. Do drop us a comment here or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

New in Zoho Reports: Dashboards Resizing and More Chart Sorting Options

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The latest update to Zoho Reports brought in two nifty features. Let’s look at them in detail.

Dashboards Resizing

A dashboard in Zoho Reports is created by dragging and dropping multiple reports on a single page. Till now, we had one/two column layout options with fixed width & height. We have brought in greater flexibility to the layout now. You can now resize each of the embedded reports within a dashboard. This makes your dashboard look prettier, allotting more space for longer/wider reports, avoiding unnecessary blank spaces where you need to have shorter/smaller reports etc.

Resizing the reports is easy. Go to the Edit Design mode, hover your mouse over the report’s borders that need to be resized and drag as needed.

Charts – More Sorting Options

We have added two more sorting options in Charts, important ones at that. When your chart contains a String or Date column in one axis and Numeric column in the other, you can order the values in String/Date column based on the numeric data in either ascending or descending order.

New options that have been added are:

Options when Y-axis has numeric column and X-axis has String/Date column:

By Y-value – Ascending: Sorts values in X-axis based on Y-values, ordered from smallest to largest

By Y-value – Descending: Sorts values in X-axis based on Y-values, ordered from largest to smallest

Options when X-axis has numeric column and Y-axis has String/Date column:

By X-value – Ascending: Sorts values in Y-axis based on X-values, ordered from smallest to largest

By X-value – Descending
: Sorts values in Y-axis based on X-values, ordered from largest to smallest

Try these new features in Zoho Reports and let us know how it goes.

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Sync App for Zoho CRM and ExactTarget

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This is a guest post by
Clint Wilson, founder of Cazoomi.

ExactTarget is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) leader that powers all types of interactive marketing messages through a single, integrated platform.

Zoho CRM is used by many of our Cazoomi members to grow their
business and email marketing is a key initiative for the majority of
them to keep their customers up-to-date with what is happening in their

At Cazoomi, we have created an integration service for those businesses which are using
ExactTarget & Zoho CRM. We partnered with a key ExactTarget powerhouse in the Bay Area, Pierry Interactive, to enable some of our largest Zoho CRM & ExactTarget subscribers to easily get these systems to talk to one another.

This integration between Zoho CRM & ExactTarget allows our members to keep prospects from slipping through the cracks, resulting in faster customer acquisition and keeping our happy customers’ email marketing efforts in sync.

Zoho CRM to ExactTarget Sync gives executives, salespeople, customer service reps and marketing folks the edge they always wanted – the ability to always be in sync with the prospects they are calling upon, customers’ case contact information and the email
marketing lists they are interacting with on a daily basis.

Zoho CRM to ExactTarget Sync enables our key Zoho CRM clients like, MergerTech, to manage their key accounts, prospects and contacts while their email marketing campaigns managed in ExactTarget always have the right account, prospect and customer information in sync.

What does this mean for the users of both applications?  Simply the ability to seamlessly sync accounts, contacts, leads and prospects as well as see all your marketing metrics for these key growth drivers of your business in both SaaS applications.

Zoho CRM to ExactTarget Sync key features:

  • Sync contacts and leads
  • Sync marketing lists
  • Field Mapping to ExactTarget


Users can also expand their reach with Social Media marketing with:

– Automation | Email, Facebook, and Twitter lists synced
– Segmentation | SUBSCRIBER from FAN from FOLLOWER
– Synchronization | See how easy keeping ALL your marketing channels in sync can be!

Overall Benefits:

Access accurate, mission critical ExactTarget marketing information inside of Zoho CRM
Keep tabs on unlimited customer relationships with up-to-date & correct data in both systems Eliminate redundant manual data entry between Sales and Marketing teams
Manage email campaigns to your customers with correct Marketing information

*Find out more from Cazoomi’s key ExactTarget partner, Pierry Interactive, today.

Zoho Creator – Zoho CRM Integration – What’s new and what to look forward to..

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A while ago, we came up with the first step towards integrating two of our most loved and discussed services – Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM. Today we are taking the next step towards an even more tighter integration between the two.

While the first cut, with dedicated Deluge tasks, was more for the tech-savvy users, this time around it’s for all of us .. Yes drag and drop lovers, this time you are in for the party too.

We have introduced a new field, Zoho CRM. As the name suggests, this field looks up CRM modules and adds them as fields in the forms that you create. Sounds familiar? Well it had to. This field is a clone of our Look up field. But then, it differs in one main aspect – the basic functionality. Simply add this field to your forms/situated apps and pull out CRM data instantly. A few tiny deluge tricks later.. You would have pulled out all relevant info that you need about the module.

And that’s not all. In the view, the value for this field is displayed as a hyperlink. Clicking on that link, presents you a summary page of the Module from Zoho CRM. Also the value of this field, just like any other field, can also be used as input for Deluge tasks.

Here’s the video that takes you through the tech specs of this integration. Go on and get started on your next business app situated around CRM Modules. Zoho CRM folks.. Welcome to Zoho Creator.. :)

Psssttt: Keep watching this space! A bigger and better announcement in the same vein is on its way.