Online Payment Gateway Usage Statistics

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Zoho’s tagline. As a corollary to this, the Zoho Invoice team is fanatical that small businesses and get When your invoicing software was released, it was integrated with PayPal and we quickly added and Google Checkout to our repertoire. With that, we completed the troika of payment gateways to provide our customers a complete online invoicing experience. It is over two years since our customers have been accepting electronic payments and it is time to introspect and to gain interesting insights into to which payment gateway most of our customers turn to. So let’s talk some real numbers.

Payment gateways – How they stack up against each other?

Unsurprisingly, PayPal leads the pack as it is well entrenched in the market  and in the last one year we saw a lot of small businesses outside the United States where it is the only option available using Zoho Invoice. Furthermore, PayPal standard (their only offering we support currently) is pretty easy to setup. Arguably, PayPal has played the role of an anchor tenant here. However, viewing this infographic in binary (one gateway wins, everyone else loses) would smack of short sightedness. We have observed a similar pattern of growth for payments via all three gateways and customers have shared similar experiences  across the spectrum. 

Let me add a caveat. The above statistics should not influence your decision to choose a payment gateway. There are factors beyond mere popularity like the location of your business, your average and median invoice amount, the number of invoices, etc. that should be considered before zeroing on a payment gateway. We will throw light on all these and more in forthcoming posts.

That is pretty much what we have for now. T
his is just a teaser and watch this space for more posts where we demystify online payments, share some interesting trends accompanied by evidential reports and of course help you choose the best way to get paid. 

Until then, Happy Invoicing :)

Invoice Template Gallery

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little marketing trick many small businesses often forget….. Invoices!
Your invoices are the most effective marketing ideas and they are
proven to actually work. Invoices are repeated point of contact with
your customers, so up selling becomes easy because your customers are
already happy with you and they may fancy the idea of buying from you
again. Your invoice ought to be enthralling in its appearance,
engaging in its content and credible in terms of  figures.

Zoho Invoice

can do all of that for you.

Free Invoice Template
to you for the very first time, a

template gallery for contemporary
templates within your Zoho Invoice account.  Now you won’t need to look
any further for some cool template designs. We have them

classified, chiseled out and ready to use.

kept the gallery simple for starters. We picked up a classic invoice
template, tossed in some chic background, splashed in some colors and
gave it a stroke of “Good Luck” with our wand and Voila! we had three
contemporary templates – each of a different style. One of them classy
, another a beautiful pastel and the other a retro silhouette.

do plan to spoil you for choices very soon with a host of interesting
additions. So take a plunge into our template gallery and come out with
a template of your choice.

Visit the gallery now!

Until we spin out something from our magic weave,

happy invoicing

Easy Ways to Kill Spam in Your Online Community

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In our earlier blog posts, we spoke about various features that help in
tailoring your online community for a better user engagement and
branding. Once you popularize your forum, the first thing that hits you
is spam. If not effectively prevented, unwanted comments and irrelevant
responses can drive users away and suck your time up. Zoho Discussions
has powerful spam detection and moderation features that we will explore
in this blog post.

Spam Engine: To stop spamming right at the door, Zoho Discussions has a built-in spam
engine, which automatically detects and stops most of the irrelevant
content. This content is labeled and pushed to a moderation queue where
designated forum and portal moderators can approve or reject these
Captcha: Another form of
spamming is repetitive posting of valid content. Zoho Discussions
provides a way to cut this down by adding captcha option for guest
posts. For those, who are new to this term, CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.
When a guest (non-registered user) is trying to post a topic, he/she
will be allowed to publish only two posts and for the third, the user
will be provided with a captcha option, which they need to fill-in
before publishing the topic.
Community Flagging: Keeping the
community area clean from spam is not only a moderator’s job. The entire
community can pitch in too! Registered members can flag a topic or
response as inappropriate and send it to the moderation queue. An
administrator or moderator can then choose to approve the flagged posts
or delete them from the discussions board with one click.
Exhaustive Moderation Panel:  To
make your online community easy to maintain, it is important to provide
your moderators with the necessary tools allowing them to moderate
quickly and efficiently. Zoho Discussions makes this easy with an
exhaustive moderation panel where topics and responses that require
moderators’ approval are displayed. Now, as a moderator you may approve
or delete the posts by checking its content.
Block Users: Other than managing
topics, it is also important to protect your discussions board from
unwanted users. With Zoho Discussions, you can block abusive users from
posting topics and responses so that they will no longer be able to
interact with you and other members of your online community. You can
then unblock them as and when required.
Post and User Moderation: Apart from these, Zoho Discussions also offers
fine grained control by allowing you to moderate individual topics and
users. When you use these techniques then all posts and responses posted
by the moderated user or on the moderated topic will require additional
approval by a moderator before getting published.

In addition to forum and user moderation, Zoho Discussions provides
you with topic management tools – like the ability to edit, delete,
lock, unlock, moderate and move posts. Thus Zoho Discussions gives you
complete control over the posts, users and forums and helping you
make your end user experience more productive. You can also read more about the moderation options here.

Subscribe to Zoho Discussions today and set up a spam-free online community for your business.

Happy Discussing!

Reporting & Task Scheduling – Now live at Zoho Creator

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Our users trust their business with us – some of their critical data is taken care of by our software and we understand the seriousness. So it’s only logical that we take good care of them, their needs and requests. It’s always two way ain’t it? Rolling out some stunning new additions to our long list of boast worthy features at regular intervals, is one way to make sure this goodwill stays around. Today, we are delighted to unveil, the latest enhancements that have been added to your favorite online database software. Some new features, some integrations, some tiny alterations that you may have missed. Here is a quick run through on what’s new at Zoho Creator. 

Zoho Creator Reports:

Piling up data just doesn’t make any sense. Representing your data visually using charts and then trying to understand them is a lot easier than just staring at rows and rows of data. Generate stunning reports, charts and pivot tables from the data that you’ve so painstakingly accumulated.. and lo and behold! The fruits of your labor are surely sweet and yeah colorful and informative too. Try out Zoho Creator Reports, where we have integrated our Reporting tool – Zoho Reports and added sanity to the mayhem of the heaps of data.

Not only can you collect data using the detailed forms that you have created, you can now transform the data into meaningful charts. It’s not longer like trying to find a needle in a haystack.. Whip up reports to suit your exact need with just the data you need. You can share the reports.. embed them in your website and do a lot more with them. Give it  a try.. 

You can learn more about Zoho Creator Reports from our

Reports page

. As always, the tech specs

are here


Zoho Creator Scheduler:

Missing an appointment or a pay by date can become increasingly frustrating over a period of time. Here is a magic wand that’s going to make your life a lot easier, than it is at the moment. The Scheduler at Zoho Creator helps you schedule tasks to be executed at specific times for exactly the period of time that you want them to, with absolutely no intervention from you!  So write the logic, save it and forget it. The tasks will be executed as and when it’s time for them to fire! 

It is like programming Roger Federer to win 20 Grand Slams on the trot and then take rest and make way for younger and nosier guns to take over. Choose from 3 different types of schedules and run berserk with joy when you realize those pesky tasks that you kept forgetting are no longer a problem.

The Scheduler page

will give you more insight into the actual feature itself and then there is

our help page

to assist you with putting one in place.

Apart from announcing these shiny new features, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a heads up on a couple of other awesome additions to the Zoho Creator repertoire that were added recently.

Zoho CRM Integration: 

A first cut of the long requested and much eagerly awaited integration is now here.. Access your CRM contacts right from your custom application in Zoho Creator.. Or go ahead and create new contacts in CRM from Zoho Creator. We’ve introduced 2 new tasks in Deluge Script for this very purpose.. More details on it



Zoho Invoice Integration:

The CRM integration milestone was closely followed by the Zoho Invoice nexus, there by adding yet another novelty to our wonderful service. You can create drafts and invoices at Zoho Invoice using the Deluge tasks created for this very purpose. Read more about this step



That is quite a lot of punch to pack in a single post. Our efforts to please our loyal users will continue and will only get bigger and better from here .. Play around with these new features and let us know what you think of them..

Zoho Turns Five

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Our 5th birthday just passed by and we didn’t even notice it. It has been five short years since we started offering applications online through With over 25 Business, Productivity & Collaboration Applications, Zoho has one of the broadest product portfolios in the market targeting small and medium businesses. Thanks to the support of all 3 Million+ registered Zoho users and millions of other users using our apps through other means.

As a company, we have been around for 14 years and it still feels very young. We recognize the potential in the online applications market and we are committed to creating some of the best apps in the market. 

We will continue doing what we have been doing. We currently have most of the apps we need. We might add a new app or two this year. We will continue to focus on integration – both internal and external integrations. As we move forward, you’ll see the overall quality, consistency and integrations improve between our apps. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our users and well wishers for supporting us. We very much recognize that this is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Zoho CRM, Invoice & Projects Integration With Gmail Contextual Gadgets

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For a while now, we have been stressing the importance of ‘contextual information integration’ where the focus is on user’s data and context and not the application. To demonstrate this, we have integrated several Zoho Apps and users have reaped the benefits of such integration.

Today, we are expanding this to a third party app – Gmail. Earlier this year, along with Google Apps Marketplace, Google announced Contextual Gadgets for Gmail enabling third party applications to integrate into an email message in Gmail. This falls inline with our approach to contextual integration, so we decided to integrate our Business Apps into Gmail through Gmail Contextual Gadgets.

So, what does this mean to you as a user?

When you receive an email from your customer in Gmail, our CRM Gadget can display the customer information (pulled from Zoho CRM) along with the notes, contact info etc within the email. Similarly, the Invoice gadget can display information like overdue or unpaid Invoices from that customer, all without leaving that email message.

This is just the beginning. There are ​​​​​​​​​many other things you can do through these contextual gadgets. Here are a few …

Zoho CRM

  • With a click, you can search to see if the sender exists in your CRM system
  • From the email, you can add the sender to Zoho CRM as a Contact or a Lead
  • You can add a Potential to a Contact or update it right from the email message
  • If the sender is already present in your CRM database, you can view existing details within the email message
  • You can Add/View Tasks or Notes to the sender within the email message

Additional information about this is

available here

Zoho Invoice

Zoho​​​ Invoice integrates tightly with Google Apps through the contextual gadget and offers this functionality.

  • If the sender is present in the system, his information is pulled from Zoho Invoice and displayed within the email
  • Email History: All emails sent from Zoho Invoice to this user are listed within the gadget
  • You can see all unpaid invoices with status as ‘Unpaid’ or ‘Open’ for the sender
  • You can view the payments received from the sender within the gadget

Additional information about this is

available here

Zoho Projects

We talked about our Zoho Projects contextual gadget


As you see, the possibilities of contextual integration are endless. This is just the beginning. We will be rolling out additional functionality to these gadgets moving forward, and of course, additional Zoho Apps will make their way into Google Apps Marketplace. If you’d like to see any specific app integrated, please drop us a line.

As always, we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

PS: We’d like to thank Google team for their continuous support. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​