Zoho@Zoho: Tracking revenue with a Zoho Creator application

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We’ve been showcasing an application every week, that talks about the unique use-cases

Zoho Creator

is capable of catering to. Today, we are on the verge of completion of a hopefully successful series,

Zoho@Zoho. If this series has kindled the creator in you to create apps for unique uses, then we have succeeded.Revenue Tracker is this week’s application, and our CEO, Sridhar, intends to use it. We have not deployed it yet, which is why I say, “intends to use it”.
It all started when we happened to overhear Sridhar grumbling about
unclear data while reviewing numbers one day. His main concern was the
fact that data was accurate, but not clear enough to make future
projections from. Reports too, were not so satisfactory. It was all maintained on a spreadsheet. Well, several of them, to be precise. Each seller would create a spreadsheet with the statistics for his / her region. At the end of the month, all these spreadsheets would be consolidated. This bringing-together of  multiple spreadsheets had to be done manually, and it was a very monotonous job. The total revenue brought in by each product in all regions would be calculated, and the final report would be emailed to Sridhar. This was how they had been doing it. No wonder he grumbled.

This use-case was meant to be handled by Zoho Creator. There was a complexity, however. The data we were to handle was too valuable to play around with. So, before deploying the application, we decided that it would be better to import all the existing data first. We can always modify the application to suit real-time scenarios, and customization is child’s play with Zoho Creator.
The approval module and the business intelligence are yet to be incorporated into this application. This would enable the administrator to grant access to every reseller and sales representative, thus allowing them to enter the details directly into this application. As integration between Zoho Creator and

Zoho Invoice

strengthens, we can employ other means too, like a schedule that would automatically fetch all invoices created for the day from Zoho Invoice, into this application.

Try the application

. Never mind the data, because it is not what it looks like ;)With that, we wind up this series of Zoho Creator applications categorized under Zoho@Zoho. Thank you for all the suggestions and comments throughout the series.

Apps showcased till now:
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Zoho Recruit: Applicant Tracking System with E-Mail

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Lot of customers felt that managing Candidates, Clients and Client Contacts details in an Applicant Tracking System, and their emails in a separate email system is not productively efficient.
This week, we are happy to announce a deep integration between Zoho Recruit and Zoho Mail, which helps you to manage both – candidates, clients and client contact details, and their emails all-in-one interface.
Email inside Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit with Zoho Mail integration now allows you to maintain seamless communication with your Candidates, Clients and Client Contacts. You can track all your email communication from within Zoho Recruit, without switching to your e-mail client or Zoho Mail. You can have multiple email accounts set-up, to send emails from within Zoho Recruit.
Send/Receive Mails
With Zoho Recruit – Zoho Mail integration you don’t need to open your Zoho Mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc., as  you can send and receive mails in Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System itself. You can view the entire email thread inside the respective candidates, clients and client contacts records. This helps you to quickly view the entire conversation and take decisions faster.
Email Sharing
Zoho Recruit provides Email Sharing options to share your email accounts among the members in the organization. This helps you to confidentially share emails with whoever you want. 
Four levels of Email Sharing
Keep Emails Private
Zoho Recruit lets you to keep all your email communications private. This helps you avoid from other users viewing the emails recieved from candidates, clients and client contacts
Sharing Emails with only Admin
You can share your candidates, clients and client contacts emails to Admin users only. 
Record level Sharing
You can share the emails received from specific candidates, clients and client contacts to the users. This allows the users to view only the emails for selected records.
Complete Sharing
You can also share all emails from candidates, clients and client contacts to the users in the organization. This lets all the users to view the emails.
Connect to other e-mail clients
Zoho Recruit doesn’t restrict you from emailing your candidates, clients and clients contacts from other e-mail systems. You can send/receive emails not only with Zoho Mail client, but also from other email Clients like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. All you have to do is just enable the POP in your email service, so that Zoho Mail can fetch emails from those email clients.   
Hope this integration makes your recruiting job a lot more easier and efficient. Please try it and share your feedback with us.

Zoho CRM Sync for Constant Contact

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This is a guest post by Clint Wilson, Founder of Cazoomi.

Constant Contact & Zoho CRM are used by many businesses to keep their customers up-to-date with what is happening in their businesses as well as manage their entire business processes.

At Cazoomi, we are not only Constant Contact & Zoho partners, we’re also Constant Contact & Zoho users. Zoho CRM keeps our world-wide teams from letting prospects slip through the cracks, resulting in faster customer acquisition and keeping our business units in sync.

With our recent Sync App for Zoho CRM to Constant Contact, we give salespeople, customer service reps and marketing executives the edge they always wanted – the ability to always be in sync with the prospects they are calling upon, customers’ case contact information and the email lists they are interacting with daily.

Zoho CRM Sync enables Zoho users to manage their leads and contacts while email marketing campaigns managed in Constant Contact always have the right lead, prospect and customer information in sync.  What does this mean for the users of both applications? Simply the ability to seamlessly sync contacts, leads and prospects with no exporting from your CRM and re-importing into Constant Contact or worrying about incorrect customer data.

Zoho CRM Sync users can also expand their reach with Social Media marketing with:

  • Automation | Email, Facebook, and Twitter lists synced
  • Segmentation | SUBSCRIBER from FAN from FOLLOWER
  • Synchronization | See how easy keeping ALL your marketing channels in sync can be!

Overall Benefits of Zoho CRM Sync

  • Access accurate, mission critical Zoho CRM marketing information
  • Keep tabs on unlimited customer relationships with up-to-date & correct date
  • Eliminate manual data entry for Contact Marketing lists
  • Manage emails to your customers with correct Contact Marketing information
  • Stay in Zoho CRM Sync on iPhone, Android, PC, Linux or Mac

The below slide show gives you the steps in installing Zoho CRM Sync for Constant Contact.

Do try the app. Feedback comments welcome as always :)

Zoho… one of Google’s 7 “worst enemies”?

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Channel Insider just released an article detailing Google’s Worst Enemies - a list of the top 7 enemies Google has.

The article lists the 6 usual suspects you’d expect: Amazon in the e-books category; Apple and RIM (Blackberry) for phones; Microsoft (search, apps, phone); Mozilla, the makers of Firefox (a browser that competes with Google’s Chrome); And finally (and probably the biggest one) Facebook, who competes with Google in the social space, but most importantly, for online ad dollars.

Now… guess who rounds up the 7 “worst enemies”?

First, we’re flattered to have been put with in such illustrious company. So, thanks for that, Channel Insider team!

That aside, we do want to clarify how we compete and collaborate with Google.

We do compete with Google to an extent. They offer Gmail for businesses – we offer a great business-focused hosted e-mail solution. We started offering an online office suite, and Google followed suit with their Writely acquisition. Needless to say, we like our offerings better!

But that’s about it. Other than those two products, we collaborate with Google in multiple ways and whenever possible. We collaborate with Google far and wide – with their Enterprise division, with the Chrome OS folks and in some other areas.

For example:
When all is said and done, we view ourselves more as a Google partner than a competitor. We love when a customer wants to sign-up for Zoho Mail, our Zoho productivity suite and use Zoho CRM. But if a customers wants to use Google Apps, and sign up for for Zoho CRM for Google Apps, that is perfectly fine with us as well. We’re adding more and more of our products to the Google Apps Marketplace. Right now we have a total of 6 Zoho products in the Google Apps Marketplace (including Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects and Zoho Invoice) and that is only going to increase going forward. 

That’s the nature of the evolving technology industry these days… even Microsoft and Google are, ahem, “collaborating” on search results!
Now, seriously – it’s not so black-and-white and it might sometimes seem from a distance. Sure, if a customer asks us whether they should sign-up with Z Mail or Gmail, well, we’re going to give them our own, biased, point of view. And I’m sure Google does exactly the same. But when you put that in context of all the things we do, you start seeing the big picture.

And that’s not unique to Google, that’s just part of who we are as a company. We recognize customers have choices, and that it is just impossible that 100% of them will chose to go 100% Zoho, for each and every one of their apps. Likewise, we also integrate some of our products with other leading players in the industry. For example, we released a Quickbooks add-on for our Zoho CRM product, right before we launched our own online accounting solution, Zoho Books.

So… no, I don’t think we’re one of Google’s “worst 7 enemies”. Rather than defining ourselves as enemies, we like to think of ourselves as a business’ best online friend!


Go from selling to project delivery -and back- with the NEW Zoho CRM + Zoho Projects integration

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We’ve made it a priority to tightly integrate our vast array of business apps. Today we’re announcing a special update: Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects integration. Zoho CRM allows companies to manage a lead through all the stages until it finally becomes a customer. But.., what happens next? Well, if you’re in the services industry – or any other industry where people live and die by the project, when a customer signs on the dotted line is exactly when the real work begins. And what a better way to manage that than with Zoho Projects?

So today we’re making it easier to go from a closed deal to a happy customer with a finished project. How?

Sell with Zoho CRM, execute in Zoho Projects

You and the sales team can continue working on deals and prospects just like you have until now. When the customer has decided to sign and start a new project, you can then:

  • Create a new project portal and a new project for this particular customer
  • Add CRM contacts as users of the new project, and create accounts for them to access. You can of course specify if those users are internal or customer.
  • If you already have a project portal or a project for this customer, you can of course just associate that directly with your CRM record (account/contact/potential)

A single view of your customer. Really.

CRM systems are put in place for many good reasons. One of them is to get a single view of your customer.

Zoho CRM + Zoho Projects integration takes that to the next level. Now your sales executive can know how your customer projects are doing. Are you behind schedule? You might think twice about making that sales call today… maybe wait until Tuesday when the team will have had enough time to catch up on deliverables.

Of course, what works for an existing customer also works for a prospective customer. Some sales cycles are so complex and long that the sales engagement IS a project by itself. You can also use Zoho CRM + Zoho Projects in this case to collaborate with all your co-workers involved in the prospecting, including Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

Zoho CRM + Zoho Projects is available for all of our Zoho CRM Professional and Enterprise edition customers – and it works with any level of Zoho Projects subscription, including the Free one.

Google Apps customers also benefit from this integration when they get Zoho CRM for Google Apps (and of course, Zoho Projects is also available int the Google Apps Marketplace).

We trust you’ll find this useful. Please let us know your feedback!


Zoho CRM – Feature Enhancements

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Last week, we made some minor yet important enhancements to Zoho CRM. Here’s the list -

  • Along with the Related To and Contact Name details, you can also view the Owner of the event in the Calendar when you hover the mouse on the event.
  • The Modified Time of an activity will be available in a record’s Open Activities and Closed Activities related lists.
  • Choose the Category in the Support form within Zoho CRM, which will help us automatically assign your question to the support executive, who can give you quick assistance with complete solution.
  • Switch from the default English Language to your preferred language (Chinese, French, Portuguese, Turkish, etc.) while signing up for Zoho CRM.
  • Save a few clicks by selecting the required criteria to search duplicate records using the Find and Merge Duplicates function

Please try and let us know your suggestions and comments. For more information, please refer our What’s New section.

Watch this space for some interesting announcements that are coming up!

Pavitra J.

Import Google Docs into Zoho’s Productivity Suite

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Last year we’d integrated Google Docs with our popular business apps Zoho CRM, Projects etc., Our users loved this new initiative and came up with some excellent suggestions on further enhancements. The most popular requests was to provide an option to import their documents from Google docs into our productivity apps.

We’re happy to announce that you can now import your documents, excel sheets, presentations from Google Docs into Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show.

Zoho Sheet has been supporting spreadsheets with 1 million cells for quite sometime now. So if your spreadsheet at Google docs is that big you can import it into Zoho Sheet and get on with editing it.

Here is the comparison view of a sample 2 MB spreadsheet in Google Docs and Zoho Sheet:

If you’re a Google user and would like to try out Zoho, you can sign in with your Google Credentials and import your existing Google documents.

As always we value your feedback and if you’ve any questions please post it here. We’re all ears!