Openbravo – Zoho Reports Integration

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Asier Zabaleta, a consultant at Openbravo (open source, agile ERP solution for SMBs) has developed a nice integration between Openbravo and Zoho Reports. Openbravo users can now easily have all their data imported into Zoho Reports, create charts, pivot tables, dashboards in Zoho Reports and make them as a part of their Openbravo ERP system. Read more about how to set up Zoho Reports as Openbravo’s reporting module.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) like Openbravo, you too can take all the advantages offered by Zoho Reports and make it as the integrated reporting module of your product/service. We offer a white label solution that you can use for making your own private labeled (re-branded) reporting solution for your clients. Know more.

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95% customers recommend Zoho Creator – Survey Report

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A while ago, we conducted a survey of Zoho Creator users. Customer-profiling was the prime motive of this survey. We needed to know what type of clientele we have, what category of applications were built most and how pleasant an experience app-building has been to our users. We initially aimed this survey at premium users only. This profiling enabled us to focus more on aspects which needed immediate attention. The response was warm. So were the answers, and I thought I’d share the findings with you all.


Were they tech-savvy?

ability to add complex business rules to applications is what makes
Zoho Creator stand out from the mob of mere form builders. To testify
how easy it is to add intelligence to your apps, 61% of those who
responded have had no prior experience in any programming language

Who helped them?

Some had hired an IT professional to
help in building the apps. Few others had taken the help of our Zoho
Creator developers. But close to 90% had built their apps all by themselves.

Would they recommend Zoho Creator to others?

We believe that if you are happy with a deal, you would naturally
influence your community into getting the most out of it. In that
context, we had 95% of the respondents saying they would happily recommend Zoho Creator as
a solution to others with similar needs. As for the remaining 5%, we
understand that it is highly impossible to satisfy everyone :) 

The Bottom Line:

mission of Zoho Creator is to empower end-users in building custom
applications all by themselves. We gained some valuable insights from
this survey and our findings have been in line with our efforts and
expectations. The results look very promising and suggest that we are
moving in the right direction. We thank all the participants who took
the time to respond. Do take a look at the survey form which served our purpose.

We would also love
to hear what you think about Zoho Creator and how we can do better. If
you’d like to share your thoughts with us, you can connect with us on
facebook and twitter.

New in Zoho CRM: Zoho Support Integration, Campaign Members, and more…

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Marketing Automation, Customer Support and Project Management just got better with Zoho CRM! Our latest updates will tell you how.

Add Campaign Members to a Marketing Activity

Picture this: You have a variety of Marketing campaigns lined up for your existing leads – one is an Online Ad, the other is a webinar and the third is a direct mailer. You want to track the effectiveness of these campaigns – how many of these leads converted to sales, how many need
follow ups, how many … and all this inside your Zoho CRM account. With the functionality available in the Campaigns Module you’d think that this is not possible. Associating more than one Campaign to a Lead is not supported after all.

But wait! Our Campaigns module just became a little more accountable. How? You can now associate multiple campaigns to a Lead or a Contact. After this update, every Lead or
Contact that’s part of a Campaign becomes a Campaign Member and it is also easy to update the status of Campaign Members in one go. There’s more on this update here.

This is what Tim Bigoness, VP of Sales and Marketing, D-Tools had to say about the new capabilities of the Campaigns Module:

They have made some changes that make this much more useful in terms of
tracking marketing activity and associating leads and contacts to
marketing efforts.

The improvements made to this feature set are a big step forward towards
some integrated metrics that would make Zoho CRM an even more killer
app for us.

So, go ahead with your marketing campaigns and associate members to a campaign right inside your Zoho CRM account!

Track your Customer Support Tickets inside Zoho CRM

Wondering how Customer Support got better? Well,
Zoho Support, the
Online Help Desk Software
from Zoho is now integrated with Zoho CRM.

So, what does this mean for you?

In simple terms, Customer Service with Zoho CRM will become a lot more efficient with this contextual integration. You can view the thread of support tickets that a customer or prospect has sent to your Customer Support Center. And if you are a sales person, you’ll know the entire history of communication that the customer had with your company from a single page.

At Zoho, we are already using the Zoho CRM + Zoho Support integration. Peter Balaji, who heads our Sales and Support had this to say:

…Sales guys will now have upper hand and can see if there is a transaction going on with support/pre-sales, whether it is a right time to call the customer and pitch-in for sales, etc..and same applies for pre-sales guys…

So, you can look forward to better interactions, better customer support and manage your customers better with the Zoho CRM + Zoho Support integration!

Improved Zoho Projects Integration
It’s not just the Campaigns module; we have improved the working of Zoho Projects Integration with Zoho CRM. If your company has a separate Project Portal, you can associate that portal too. Learn more about the new functionality here.

Try all these features and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

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Zoho Meeting is Mac friendly now!

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An increasing number of Mac users seem to love Zoho Meeting. And, a growing number of Zoho Meeting customers switch between Mac and Windows systems. We’re happy to announce that Zoho Meeting, the easy-to-use yet robust tool to conduct online meetings, is now offering full support for Mac OS.

Our exclusive Mac plugin helps start or schedule meetings with just a few clicks, right from the desktop. The installation of the plugin is hassle-free and takes only a few minutes. Also, Mac users can share their screen or join meetings started in Windows and vice-versa.

The Key features of the Mac edition are:

  • Invite Participants just by entering their email address or by sending the direct link
  • Join meetings easily as the service provides Java and Flash viewers (supported by most browsers, Safari, Firefox etc.)
  • High quality Audio Conferencing as well as an instant chat
  • Switch between Presenters during a meeting
  • Works with all versions of Mac
  • Remote control

Besides the free edition of Zoho Meeting for Mac Users, we also have Professional Editions which are priced the same as the Windows Editions, starting at just $12/month.

So, if you’re a Mac user, check out our wiki for detailed notes, grab your Mac desktop plugin here, and start playing with the features. Do drop us a line about your experience and what other features you would like to see.

Zoho Recruit: Extract Resumes from Email Attachments

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At Zoho Recruit, we understand the difficulties and challenges of recruiting. Extracting resumes manually from email attachments and transferring them into the resume database can be tiresome and time consuming. Today, we are pleased to announce a new feature “Resume Inbox”, that will make resume processing easier for you. This feature is courtesy our integration with the good folks at


Rchilli’s Resume Inbox parses multiple resumes automatically from your email attachments, and transfers the candidates details directly into Zoho Recruit. This eliminates manual processing of resumes, which in turn increases productivity. All the resume attachments that come to your email can now be easily tracked into Zoho Recruit –

Applicant Tracking System

. There’s no more switching back and forth between your email client and resume database.

Now, let’s take a look at the quick and simple steps to extract resumes from email attachments:

Configure Multiple Email Accounts

By setting the POP details, you can extract the incoming resume attachments from multiple email accounts like Zoho Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. This one time setup saves you valuable time in switching between your email client and Zoho Recruit.

Mapping Fields

You can choose to extract the required candidate information from the email attachment, and map fields accordingly. With Resume Inbox, you can not only parse the attachments and candidate details, but the entire email including the content, to, from, subject, etc.

View Parsed and Failed Resume

Once the process of resume parsing is done, you can view the details of the successfully parsed and failed resumes (Parsed date, Name of Resume, Error Description and Source).


The system automatically generates a daily report and sends it via email.

Give this new feature a


and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us improve our product.

Happy Recruiting!

Three Different Businesses. Three Different Requirements. One Solution: Zoho CRM

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  • ALTUS Wealth Solutions

    , was looking out for an

    alternative to the expensive Salesforce CRM

    they were using.

  • Anderson Sales Advantage

    wanted a

    no-frill, easy to use CRM

    to train newbies.

  • JetHub

    was scouting for a

    secure online CRM

    for its distributed workforce.

And, all of them chose Zoho CRM.

We are quite happy to share their success stories with you.

ALTUS Wealth Solutions
 is a Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in financial planning. Zoho CRM is used to manage the countless relationships it has established with prospective clients, financial services peers, and other individuals and organizations. John Buerger, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ , operates ALTUS as a solo entrepreneur, making him responsible for all aspects of Zoho CRM, from paying bills to maintaining the system.

ALTUS switched from Salesforce to Zoho CRM when Buerger determined that the Zoho solution had matured to the point of being a competitive and, ultimately, the preferred CRM option. The tipping point for making the switch to Zoho CRM was email integration with GMail, which ALTUS uses as its email server.

Read more
 on how Buerger customizes Zoho CRM for client specific plans and also for generating invoices and custom reports.

“I was with Salesforce before I moved to Zoho CRM, and I found Salesforce to be outrageously expensive for what it was providing. For me, nothing in Salesforce was any more powerful than what I can do with Zoho CRM.

But Zoho CRM costs just a fraction of Salesforce – $15 per month vs. $100 per month – so I’m saving over $1,000 per year.”

John Buerger,

ALTUS Wealth Solutions

Anderson Sales Advantage 
is a sales coaching and training company that helps it’s clients set up and use Zoho CRM. Most Anderson Sales Advantage clients have no CRM experience, no sales pipeline, and no lead management whatsoever. They are completely new to CRM software and to CRM as a business process to support pre- and post-sales activities.

The companies and individuals that turn to Anderson Sales Consulting all have different terminologies and ways to track their customers and prospects. As both a user and promoter, Anderson appreciates the flexibility of Zoho CRM.

Know more

 on how the ability to work with his clients in real time within Zoho CRM, ensures that Anderson gives them the best possible training and coaching.​

“I needed a CRM system that would be easy to set up and easy to train my clients to use, so it had to be easy for them to understand. Zoho CRM hits all those points, and the price is great for an independent / solo entrepreneur.

I had been using Salesforce previously, and I found that Zoho CRM is very comparable. And the price is a lot better.”

Teddy Anderson,


Anderson Sales Advantage ​

 is a worldwide, on-demand charter service that offers private flights to more than 7,000 airports in the United States and abroad. With employees spread across the country, JetHub uses Zoho CRM to securely manage its customer information.

JetHub integrated the industry based online quoting function into its Zoho CRM installation, customizing Zoho CRM to mimic the same industry-specific form layout presented by the quoting system. As a result, JetHub was able to cancel the online quoting service and pocket the savings.

Read more
 on how they reaped the benefits of integration between Zoho CRM and Google Apps.

“JetHub is a completely virtual company. Zoho CRM provides a cloud-based system that supports our distributed workforce and helps me protect my employees’ information by restricting access to authorized users. 

Being able to secure access to that information could easily save us thousands in business that could otherwise walk out the door in the event of a data breach.”

Kevin Lippert,

President, JetHub

If you would like to share your story too, write to us at support[a], or join us in conversation on



– Susan

Salesforce discount code: ZOHO?

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Naturally, we believe our products are superior to our competitors’ offerings, but we understand there are some organizations who choose to try Salesforce as their CRM solution.

So for those of you who happen to be using Salesforce for whatever reason, we’d still like to help you. It turns out Salesforce has been doing more than just sending the same questionable form letter about Zoho to customers for the last couple of years — we’ve been hearing from some of our friends that Salesforce has been willing to match our great low prices.

That would mean the Enterprise Edition, for example, would cost just $25/user/month — a whopping 80% off the regular $125/user/month price. If you’re paying Salesforce more than you’d pay for Zoho CRM, we suggest you call your friendly Salesforce representative and ask for this offer.

And of course, we do hope you’ll try our services in the future, whether it’s just Zoho CRM or the integrated Zoho suite of apps. No discount code necessary.