Dabble DB Customers: Migrate to Zoho Creator Seamlessly!

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Dabble DB has announced it’s end-of-life. And we happen to have a migration tool ready! We also offer free migration and app-building assistance to all migrants from Dabble DB. With our migration tool, you can reconstruct your Dabble DB application on Zoho Creator, in three simple steps. It is a do-it-yourself tool, give it a try. Or, if you want us to help, we will be glad to build your applications for free.

If you are new to Zoho Creator, watch this video for an overview.

You are not the only ones who are stranded. We’ve already helped a bunch of other customers from Dabble DB, and they are happy with what they got. Meet the others who have already made the move (Indiana Military Organization being one of them), and what they have got to say about us.

We’ll be happy to address any concerns you might have. Tweet out to us @zohocreator.

Welcome Aboard!

Enhancements in Zoho Recruit – ‘Publish in Website’, Custom Activity Types and more

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Based on our customers’ requests, we have made a few improvements to our Applicant Tracking System, Zoho Recruit. Particularly, the Publish in Website section of the Job Openings module got a lot more enhanced. Let’s see the improvements made in detail.

a. New User Interface:
Earlier, when you click on the Publish in website link, all the customization options appeared in a single screen. But now, to make your experience better, we have split these options into different segments like Look & FeelJob opening fieldsCandidate fieldsEmail alerts and Published job openings.

b. Customization Options:
In the Look & Feel tab, you can now customize the Apply Now button with your own label. And if you do not want the candidates to click on this button, you can disable it from showing in the websiteIn addition to this, there’s another new option, where you can customize the display message when there is no job openings published in your website.


c. Candidate form fields for each job opening:
You can now choose to show/hide specific candidate fields for each published job opening. For example, the candidate form fields required for an Analyst position may differ from those for a Manager position. In such cases, you can choose the fields to be displayed for each job opening.

Apart from this, there are a few other enhancements too.

Custom Activity Types:
In the Log an Activity section, you can now define and add your own activity types. For example, say Candidate InterviewsClient Meetings, etc.


Date format in Import:
There are no more restrictions in the way Zoho Recruit expected dates of certain formats. You can now import records into Zoho Recruit not only with MM/dd/yyyy date format but also with other date formats like dd/MM/yyyy, dd MMM yy, etc.

We hope you find these enhancements useful. Try them all and do post your feature requests that you think will help improve Zoho Recruit in our user forum

Zoho Creator Walkthrough Videos – 6 and counting

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At Zoho creator support, we’re always happy to cater to our ever inquisitive user community, newbie users and the demo requests. So, in addition to our existing support channels for Zoho Creator (the support team, the help center and the forums) we’re now adding a third channel: Videos 

To start with, here’s the first set of Zoho Creator tutorial and walkthrough videos. There are 6 videos that you can watch here. From a basic video Overview of Zoho Creator to a Video about creating Schedulers, we have tried to explain some of the features that we thought would be important for the first set of videos.

Do take a look at each one of them and tell us what you think. You can also tell us what other videos you would like to see. Leave us a comment here or connect with us on twitter and facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

We also have plans to expand this video gallery so, you can expect periodic additions to this set of videos. Watch this space!

New in Zoho CRM: Navigation in Reports, Russian Language Support and More

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again, I bring you news on the latest enhancements in Zoho CRM. In our latest
update, we have addressed some of the following customer requirements:

Navigation in Reports - Now there is no limitation on the number of records that are fetched in a report. A report will list all the records with the matching criteria which are accessible to you. Please note that a maximum of 2000 records will be listed per page and while exporting, you will be able to export the report one page at a time.

Enhanced Workflow Rules Limit – If you are using the Enterprise Edition, you now have the advantage of creating 30 workflow rules/module compared to the earlier limit of 20 rules. 

Russian Language Support – Russian users can now use Zoho CRM in their own language. Russian Language is yet another addition to the long list of languages that we support.

Record Owner in Mail Merge - Your mail merge documents can now include the record owner’s information too.

We would like to know your feedback on these Updates. Please drop us a comment here or connect with us on twitter and facebook.

Introducing ‘Zoho Reports for Google Apps’

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Google Apps marketplace celebrated its

first anniversary
last week. And at Zoho, we have had much fun putting our services out there for the past one year. It all started with Zoho CRM and we now have 5 Zoho apps in Google Apps Marketplace. In keeping with the

promise we made last week
, we’re kick starting the unveiling of 5 more Zoho apps for Google Apps marketplace today! The star of today’s announcement is Zoho Reports.

Zoho Reports
is now available for users in Google Apps marketplace.

Zoho Reports is a powerful online reporting and business intelligence service that helps users get new insights on their business information. One can easily create and share powerful reports and dashboards in minutes with no professional help.

Zoho Reports – Google Apps integration points

Zoho Reports has several integration points with Google products. Here are some highlights:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)


    If you’re a domain admin for Google Apps, you’ll now have an option to add Zoho Reports to your domain through

    Shop the marketplace
    link in Google Apps. Once the app gets added to the domain, all the users within the domain will have access to Zoho Reports through Google’s Universal Navigation bar.

    Clicking on the app from the universal navigation bar opens Zoho Reports in a new browser tab. The single sign on lets the users to directly login into Zoho Reports, thereby streamlining the workflow for both Google Apps and Zoho Reports.

  • Import Google Spreadsheets into Zoho Reports for analysis and reporting


    Zoho Reports integrates with Google Docs too. Google Apps users will now be able to analyze the data in their Google spreadsheets using the powerful reporting and analysis features in Zoho Reports.

  • Share the reports to your Google Contacts/Org users


    The users can then go on to share the reports & dashboards created in Zoho Reports to their Google Apps domain users or Google Contacts.

  • Publish Zoho Reports gadget


    And what’s more, it is possible to publish the reports & dashboard you create into iGoogle too.

While the points above summarize the integration in a nutshell, do take a look at the video and the Zoho Show slideshow below that explain this integration in detail between Zoho Reports and Google Apps.

Try Zoho Reports for Google Apps now from Google Apps Marketplace. We love your feedback, keep it coming!
Our special thanks to the Google Apps team for staying with us right through this integration!

To learn more about Zoho Reports for Google Apps, check out http://www.zoho.com/reports/zoho-reports-for-google-apps.html and for our existing Zoho – Google Apps integrations, check out

. And don’t forget to mark your calendars – there are four more Zoho apps on their way to Google Apps marketplace. Stay tuned till next Tuesday :)

New in Zoho Projects: Task List Chart, Import Google Apps Users, Client Access for Bugs and more

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We’d like to take you through some of the new features which were rolled out in our recent update so that you can start using them as part of your existing Zoho Projects. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in this update.

1. Visual view of Task List

Our existing task list has a list view showing all details of a task. We’ve now added the option to show the task list in chart view, so that a user can quickly and visually grasp the details of a task list.

Where can you find this new chart view?
Click on Task List action menu, select the Chart View and it will display a graphical view of your task list. In addition, you can also take a print out of the task list chart for your reference.

2. Import Users from Google Apps

In one of our previous updates, we had provided an option to import your contacts and users from Zoho CRM and Zoho Business. This option has now been extended to our Google Apps Users too. So, you can now import all your Google Apps users with ease in few quick steps into Zoho Projects.

User Access:

Portal Owner, Administrators and Managers have the privilege to import users from their Google Apps domain.

3. Client Permissions for Bugs Module

We’ve provided an option called Client Permissions in the Bugs
module that allows you to control the external bugs viewed by client users / client company.

4. View projects based on clients

In My Home tab, you can now view the projects based on clients for whom the project is being done. You can mark Primary Client for a project, under which the project will be listed. There are a set of options added a) to mark the Primary Client using Associate Primary Client b) Edit Project and c) delete a project using Delete Project - all in just few clicks.

5. Create a Project Overview

Create an overview of your project to help your team members and clients quickly understand the purpose and scope of this project. You can specify your project goals too.

6. Tab customization for Clients

Finally, the ‘tab customization’ within  portals is extended to client users too. The Portal Administrator can customize tabs for client users as well as for a client company.

Here’s a quick tutorial which we’ve put together to help you get started.

We hope you find these new features useful and that they help you connect better with your project team!

Give them a try and tell us what you think at support@zohoprojects.com. You can also share your comments here, on Facebook or tweet @zoho.

March to Time Tracking!

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We wanted to let you in on some fresh news coming off our development
team. Your go-to invoicing software,

Zoho Invoice
, and your new
favorite accounting software,

Zoho Books
, now both include Time Tracking functionality.
With the addition of time tracking, we hope to help our users steer
clear off those project
billing bottlenecks and invoicing-time questions.

For starters, the time tracking interface in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books is tremendously easy to use. Y
ou obviously don’t want your staff spending  their precious billable hours making time sheet entries (thoughtful, isn’t it?). You can even let your contractors sign in and log their billable hours.

Log time for a project

Project details

Project billing details

What would this feature let me do?

projects, assign tasks to staff, set permission to staff members, staff
users can enter time-sheets and of course, bill for the

Will I be able to bill based on various criteria?

Absolutely, you can bill by the project’s rate, the hourly rate for staff or the hourly rate for tasks.

We’ll have more for you soon. Meanwhile please check out this new functionality, which is already live in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. ‘Til next time!