New: Recurring Tasks and Reminders in Zoho Projects

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We’ve just added Recurring Tasks and Reminders to Zoho Projects!

What are Recurring Tasks ?

Recurring tasks are a type of task that allow you to create a task once, and then have
it recreated automatically after a designated period of time. So they act as a convenient way of repeating a task on track without burdening your task list with a long list of upcoming tasks.

If you look at a list of repeating tasks people have, you will soon realize
that there is no single standard recurrence pattern followed.

For example, a recurring weekly task would be something like submitting your
timesheets every Monday or making backups of your data every month. In Zoho
Projects, entering a new task requires few easy steps and the same does not
equally apply to repeating tasks. Typically, repeating tasks are entered much
less frequently i.e. some are even entered once and remain there for months
(“make backups” is one such example).

So the existing UI for adding your regular tasks is left untouched and recurring tasks are now accessible by selecting the Reminder & Recurrence option from the task action menu in a single click.

Task reminders change your work for better
Hectic schedules are simply just a way of life in this day and age. Fortunately, a task reminder is an  extremely beneficial feature that constantly reminds of everything that is absolutely necessary in your work life. Task reminders in Zoho Projects help you stay on top of what’s going on through timely email reminders. So with this, you don’t miss anything important like fixing acritical issue for a customer or catch up with your team meetings.

Here‘s a quick video tutorial which we’ve put together to help you get started

Note that these features will be available in Premium ($35), Enterprise ($80) and ValuePack3 plans of Zoho’s Project Management Software

We hope you enjoy using recurring tasks and reminders in Zoho Projects to get your work done faster and deliver the best possible service for your customers.

Looking for more than invoicing? Accounting is here!

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The much awaited Zoho Invoice to Zoho Books migration is here. We are
very glad now that our Zoho Invoice users can graduate from invoicing to
accounting with ease. Ever since we launched Zoho Books, we have been
bombarded with requests for a simple migration option. We were forced to
break ground on this due to the volume of requests we were getting by
the day.

We’ve created a step by step guide to help you with the migration, which is available here.

you haven’t tried Zoho Books yet, this is a good time to try it; considering
that you can move your data over at the click of a button. We’ll
curiously wait for your feedback on this migration option. If we win your approval on this one, we’ll make way
for some more easy migration tools in times to come. 

CRM @ Zoho CRM: Customer Experiences Matter!

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The Zoho CRM support team, much like other support teams at Zoho are constantly working to address any issues that you might be facing. And at times when we do not have an immediate solution to your problem, we’ll always try to reach out and work out a temporary workaround solution. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to work on a more permanent long-term solution.

In one such instance, Delib, a Digital Democracy company, recently blogged about their experience with Zoho CRM.

On their blog, Adam C. of Delib explains how Zoho was the right choice for their CRM needs and how they’ve been impressed with the range of functionality available in Zoho CRM:  

During my time here, it’s fair to say that I’ve used Zoho extensively. The system has a very impressive arsenal of functionality, and every time I use it I end up finding some new feature. I use it for a large portion of each day and I estimate that I’m only using around 15% of its full functionality.

Adam goes on to talk about Delib’s experience when he came across a problem and tried getting support from Zoho CRM

Last week, Delib and Rubber Republic came-a-cropper with Zoho and hit a brick wall. And when you’re trying to do something and you simply can’t do it, we all know how frustrating things can be.

However, on Thursday Zoho called us at Delib and helped us round our problem. They weren’t able to fix it then and there, but they were able to understand our needs and offer a workaround for the time being.

All software goes wrong sometimes, and the measure of a solution can sometimes be how well it is supported.

Thanks to the team at Delib for sharing this support experience! We’ve also been receiving similar feedback from other Zoho CRM customers.

See for example, these recent tweets made by Matthew Butterworth. Both posted on the same day: 

Thanks Matthew, for continuing to love us! We hope to keep earning your love :)

If, like the Delib team or Matthew, you’d like to share your experience with Zoho CRM too, do give us a shout out on Twitter. You can also stay tuned to our

Facebook page
 for updates!

Add Online Forums to your Support Portal

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The best way to fully understand your customers is to go beyond their needs and identify/solve their problems. We have tried to make this easier for you in Zoho Support through the introduction of the


. This add-on is powered by

Zoho Discussions
. The add-on helps you setup a result oriented, online customer community where your community members can start general discussions, share ideas, report issues, ask questions etc, all under one roof.

With the Forums add-on, you can engage your customers in various ways:

  • Start discussion threads
  • Make product/service announcements
  • Manage your product roadmap through voting of Ideas
  • Convert forum posts as requests in Zoho Support and track them
  • and do much more

The Forums add-on supports all the features of the Zoho forum (

You can read more about the Forums Add-on at To enable the 15 day free trial of this add-on in Zoho Support, go to



Customer Portal Settings


Forums Configuration
. Subscriptions are available @ $10/forum/month.

Go ahead and setup your own forum with individual sub-forums for each of your departments. Start building your customer community today!

Enable Collaboration and Innovation in your Organization

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A recent

Harvard Business Review article
talks about the need for people across hierarchies, functions and geographies within an organization to collaborate. Your employees should be empowered to submit their ideas and suggestions across the hierarchy. And your top management should be able to provide feedback and guidance to employees across verticals. Also, companies/teams within the same parent organization should be able to bridge differences in objectives and work together towards organizational goals.

Another aspect of collaboration required within an organization, is to tap knowledge and experience for process improvement in a large, global organization. The article suggests the need for online tools that can be employed to bridge these gaps and to enhance vertical, horizontal and global collaboration within the organization.

An Online Discussion forum can help you perfectly achieve all the above objectives. Here’s how:

Process Improvement and Innovation

All your employees can participate in process improvement by suggesting ideas or reporting problems. Your Online Discussion forum can provide a variety of topics to post under. For example an employee can post a process improvement initiative or a new innovative idea under the ‘Propose an idea’ category.

Besides suggesting their own ideas or contributing by commenting on existing ideas, employees can also vote on ideas or on whether a particular comment contributes value to the idea.


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Knowledge and Expertise across various functions can be tapped for solving problems.

Discussion posts can be organized into categories, making it easier for employees to view or contribute to relevant discussions.

Employees should be able to follow, bookmark or email specific posts, so that they can easily collaborate across a geographically dispersed organization.

The look and feel of the discussion community should be customizable and brandable, making employees feel at home work irrespective of where they access the forum from.

At Zoho, we offer one such tool and have in fact, been using it extensively for encouraging collaboration within our own organization.

Zoho Discussions
lets organizations create powerful internal communities which are fully customizable and come with a host of collaborative features. Apart from the above mentioned features, Zoho Discussions comes with a few more

integrated features
that enable employees across teams to collaborate and contribute, thereby helping us constantly innovate around the products and services we create for you.

Another important community powered by Zoho Discussions, is our

Customer Support forum
where customers can discuss Zoho products with our employees and with one another.

Your organization too can benefit in more ways than one, from a hosted forum service like Zoho Discussions. Watch

this video
to learn more: