Zoho Projects 5 is Here and Five Fabulous Reasons to Love It!

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2015 will be the year for Zoho Projects. That’s no idle boast, for it’s still January and we’re
already announcing Zoho Projects 5!
1. An Intuitive New User Interface: The new UI is faster, more appealing and with a full-screen design that makes the best use of your display. But we didn’t stop there. We improved convenience and organization at the same time.
  • Most recently accessed projects are displayed on the top bar, letting you switch easily.

  • New project customization tab shows up on the right panel, providing context as you make changes.

  • Gantt charts and other reports are now grouped together.

There’s more here for you to explore and discover!

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Password reuse and vanishing flyer miles

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By the time you read this post, there are chances that someone might be flying to their favorite destination or upgrading to first class at your cost. During the past couple of weeks, a handful of frequent flyers in the United States have faced this mystery – flyer miles disappearing from their accounts. password-reuse

Cyber-criminals have apparently succeeded in accessing the frequent flyer program accounts of some of the customers of American Airlines ( AAdvantage) and United Airlines (MileagePlus) and steal the miles. They have exploited the stolen miles for free trips and upgrades.

Media reports, quoting research firms claim that nearly three dozen user accounts have been compromised in United Airlines. In the case of American Airlines, about 10,000 accounts were ‘affected’. The airlines have started announcing compensatory measures such as restoring lost miles and one year credit-watch service.

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Twitter feeds in Zoho Show: Save your audience from boring monologues!

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By the time you read this line, thousands of presentations would have been created or delivered across the globe. Over 30 million presentations are created and delivered every day—in schools, colleges, sales meetings, and board room discussions. One, perhaps by your colleague just this very second, right behind you!

Although they share the common objective of presenting ideas to their audience, only a handful of presentations create any desired impact. Here’s one big reason: The attention span of your audience has come down drastically. According to one study, this has come down from 12 minutes to 5 minutes over the last ten years!

Twitter feeds

Integrating Twitter into Zoho Show is an innovative feature designed to bridge the divide between audience and presenter. You can now insert and broadcast Tweets right into your slides to improve audience engagement and participation. It’s simple but very effective. Let’s look at a few examples.

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Add powerful visuals to your email campaigns. Zoho Campaigns integrates with Bigstock

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Email campaigns have become very visual. Images don’t just add beauty to your email templates. They communicate your message better and even make your emails memorable for your audience. There’s science behind this concept too. Research has suggested that ​our brains process visuals faster than text and that visuals also affect our emotions. This greatly affects our decision making as well.

While all this is true, creating the right image for email campaigns can be a challenge for many. Take the case of small businesses who do not have the budget to hire a professional photographer or illustrator. Or the case of an email marketer without the necessary HTML or design skills. Finding the right image to support your message can be tough, or even stressful at times. Read more

Zoho Creator: Visualize your data better with Conditional Formatting

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Zoho Creator has helped you grasp information quickly with reports in the form of graphs and charts. Achieving this with data in tabular format is more challenging. Our new feature Conditional Formatting makes it possible.

With conditional formatting you can now color code your data in both list and spreadsheet view based on any criteria. The ability to automatically have certain data highlighted allows you to quickly and easily spot trends, outliers, or bring information to your attention. Read more

The Essential Sales Analytics Reports – Sales team Analytics

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In the previous post we spoke about Sales Pipeline Optimization through Stage History Analysis. In this post, we speak about sales team analytics. A natural question arises. Why is it so important?

The contribution of the sales team to a company’s development is invaluable. If there are inadequate efforts from the sales team, it will naturally mirror in the performance of the company. By continuously tracking the performance of the sales team, we can orient its efforts towards more productive ventures. Here are some of those possible analyses you can do on your sales data in Zoho CRM, with the help of Zoho Reports.

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