Zoho Projects : Working with Tasks

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Let’s see the possibilities that Zoho’s project management application offers when working with tasks.

  1. You define a task which forms part of a larger tasks list. And this task list can be Internal or External, can be associated with a Milestone or not
  2. You can choose to Send Mail Notification whenever a new task is created, gets assigned
  3. In the real world, most tasks are accomplished through team work. Zoho Projects allows you to associate a task to multiple team members
  4. Typical project management involves Start and End dates not just for Milestones reached but for individual tasks also. And you can do this with Zoho Projects
  5. You can set the priority of each task as High, Medium, Low or None
  6. A task’s progress can be monitored as you can edit a task and change the % Completed field status. And each task’s status is reflected in the Gantt chart view under Reports

How are you using Zoho Projects? Please do let us know in the comments.

Export/Backup Options in Zoho

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We get this question quite often –

Does Zoho offer a backup function which will let me download all my data?

We have various options depending on each Zoho service.

Zoho Writer : Offers a variety of different formats that you can export a document to – doc, docx, pdf, odf (odt), latex, sxw, html, rtf & txt. Click on Export to see the options.

Also integrates with Google Gears. Offers upto 50 documents to be downloaded to your desktop. You can access these documents from http://writer.zoho.com/offline. Click on Go Offline to download Google Gears and your Zoho Writer documents

Zoho Sheet : Click on Export. Again offers a wide variety of options from xls to pdf to ods to xml. There is also a batch export option available from the sidebar.

Zoho Show : Open a presentation. Click on Export and you will see the options available (ppt, pdf, pps and odp)

Zoho Projects : Export all your tasks as an xls or csv file. Under Tasks and Milestones, click on Export button

Zoho Creator : Export all your data as xls, pdf. Also as RSS, JSON feeds etc.

Zoho Wiki : You can download all the pages of your Wiki as a zip file. Available under Settings -> Click to download the backup

Zoho CRM : Choose the module (Leads, Contacts etc) and click on Export. You can also export all your CRM data in one go also. We charge a nominal fee of $10.

Zoho DB & Reports : Export your reports as csv, pdf or an image file

Zoho Invoice : Export each invoice, estimate as pdf. Export customer’s info as VCard (vcf).

Zoho Notebook : Has an Export as mht option. The exported page can be viewed in Internet Explorer.

We will be coming up with more export options in upcoming updates.

Syncplicity Integrates Zoho

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Syncplicity, a document synchronization tool integrated Zoho into their application recently. This Sync tool lets you synchronize your documents from your desktop (PC-only currently) to their web application.

If you have Syncplicity installed on your computer, you can right-click on a document on your desktop and choose  the ‘Edit in Zoho’ option for editing your document. This opens up a window with the Zoho document editor. When the ‘Save’ button is hit in Zoho editor, it saves the file to your local folder and also your Syncplicity account, thus keeping your document in sync. This works with Zoho Writer & Zoho Sheet Apps now with Zoho Show to follow.

Similar editing option is also available in their online application to edit documents online. After you save the changes, the documents are saved on their servers.

And here’s a nice screencast done by the Syncplicity team, demonstrating the integration.

We’d like to thank Syncplicity for integrating Zoho. Our other API Partners are here. If you have integrated Zoho into your application, do let us know so that we can profile you here and list you as a partner in our partners page.

Zoho Business : Scheduled Maintenance on Jun 29, 2008

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We’ve scheduled a maintenance for Zoho Business on Sunday, June 29, 2008 between 9:30 PM PDT and 11:30 PM PDT(2 hours). During this period, access to Zoho Business will not be available.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause and appreciate your patience.

[Update] Maintenance has been completed successfully. Access to Zoho Business is available now.

Zoho Show Update : Export as PPT/PDF/ODF, UI in 9 New Languages, Undo/Redo & more

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As you may know, there were recent updates to Zoho Sheet and Zoho Writer. Continuing on the series of updates, the below new functionalities in Zoho Show are now available.

1. Export to PPT, PPS, PDF, ODP : Zoho Show has long had the ‘Export as HTML’ option. Now we have added the much needed ppt, pps, pdf & odp file export options as well. After opening a presentation, click on the Export button. You will find the new options

2. Languages support : 9 new languages. In addition to English, the Zoho Show UI can now be set to one of these languages too : Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Spanish & Swedish

3. Personal Groups and Contacts support : Click on Share. You will see the Add Contacts, Add Groups option.

Group the email addresses of your contacts (work, family etc). Useful when repeatedly sharing presentations (need not type all the email addresses again). Also, all your Zoho contacts – the ones who you have shared documents with, from your Zoho Mail account etc – get listed while you share a presentation (auto-suggest feature which will help you in easily picking up who to share a presentation with.

4. Undo/Redo : You can now undo/redo upto 50 actions. You can see the new undo & redo buttons in the toolbar

5. Picasa Integration : Click on the Insert Image icon. You can see Picasa listed along with Flickr (which was already there). You can insert public pictures from your Picasa account

6. Remote Presentation – UI enhancements : Click on Remote -> Make Remote. Try making a remote presentation. You will see a chat tab to the right. The Notes tab is open (for the presenter alone) below the slide area. And the slide area size can be adjusted (to accomodate notes)

7. Embed Enhancements (Advanced Options) : Click on Publish -> Embed in Website/Blog. You will see the ‘Advanced Options’ link. Clicking on it opens a new window. There are options like how big you want the embedded preso to be, if you want the toolbar included etc. You can see that the embed HTML code snippet changes according to the options being chosen

8. Copy/Paste slides from one presentation to another : Open two presentations in separate browser tabs. You can copy-paste from one to another.

Do test the new features in Zoho Show and we would be glad hearing your feedback.

Zoho DB & Reports : Print your Reports

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Printing the reports created in Zoho DB & Reports has been one of the most requested features by our users. And this is now available. You can export any of your reports created (be it chart, pivots, table … ) into a printer friendly PDF file for printing. We offer a good set of options to customize your print outs too. Settings include Page Size, Headers, Footers, etc.

How to Take a Print?

  1. Select the report to be printed from within Zoho DB & Reports
  2. Select the “Export” -> “Export as PDF” menu
  3. You will see a PDF Export settings dialog as below
  4. Provide the necessary settings like file name, page size, margins, footer and header
  5. Click OK to generate the PDF
  6. Save the PDF file generated into your local folder or Open it from within your browser
  7. You can print the PDF generated anytime

Hope you find this useful. Take a Print out and let us know how you like it.

Zoho Sheet Update

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After our Macros and Pivot Tables update in April, we did couple of updates in Zoho Sheet and here are the highlights.

New Theme – Mint Blue

The first thing you are likely to notice is that Zoho Sheet now sports a light blue theme as in the screenshot below (click on image to enlarge). This blue theme has been made as the default theme. You can select the various themes from the Themes menu at the top.

Public Spreadsheet URLs

We have made the URL of your public spreadsheets much shorter and much more readable. For example: http://sheet.zoho.com/public/sripathyramesh/crm-calculator. Your existing public URLs and embedded spreadsheets will continue to work as well.

We have also provided a page for an user’s public spreadsheets. For example http://sheet.zoho.com/public/dreamisle/ lists the public spreadsheets of dreamisle and you can find some nice spreadsheet puzzles there. There is also an RSS feed provided for an user’s public spreadsheets.

You can now export a public spreadsheet by appending .filetype at the end of the URL. For example: http://sheet.zoho.com/public/username/documentname.xls will export the spreadsheet to XLS format. Supported extensions include xls, sxc, csv, html and pdf.

We also show the number of views of a public spreadsheet. They are available at the top of a public spreadsheet. We have been tracking views since the last 3 months.

Charting Enhancements:

We have done some enhancements to our charting engine.

– You can draw charts on a different sheet in the same workbook.
– Charts on discontiguous data ranges are supported as well.
– The Y-Axis scale of charts will automatically be adjusted depending on the values.
– We have also changed the default chart colors as seen in the above screenshot.

More enhancements in Charting on the way.

Other Enhancements:

  • Zoho Sheet is now available in Norwegian language thanks to our users who translated them. Zoho Sheet is now available in 20 languages.
  • Auto Sum functionality has been enhanced. It will now automatically select the range at the top or left, when you press the Auto Sum (Sigma) button or use the shortcut Alt+=.
  • Some performance improvements have been done in Formula Recalculation and Range selections.
  • Some fixes have gone in too.

Read our What’s New page for more detailed information.

Keep using Zoho Sheet and let us know your feedback.