Zoho Creator Goes Mobile!

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Few days back we had announced the availability of APIs for Zoho Creator and here is another announcement from our Creator team as part of our continuous updates.

We are glad to announce the availability of Zoho Creator Mobile version. You can access it @ http://creator.zoho.com/mobile or http://creator.zoho.com/m from your mobile. In fact, if you visit http://creator.zoho.com from your mobile phone, you’ll be directed to this page.

With this update, you’ll now be able to access all your applications created in Zoho Creator from your mobile devices. You can also access the applications shared with you. This means you can now view and enter data into your applications right from your mobile.

Zoho Creator Goes Mobile

Zoho Creator Mobile supports mobile devices with any of the following browsers :

  • IE
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • other WAP Browsers

Zoho Creator’s interface has been optimized to work well in iPhone also.

Zoho Creator now has over 60K applications created by our users and is gaining momentum at a rapid pace with over 0.5 million users using the applications created using Zoho Creator. A short promo video from our team on the release.

And this is what Erich Hugo, Business Innovation Manager at Nokia had to say, “This is great stuff guys. I have just created a form and it worked like a charm. I am sitting in a cab and have just checked it out. Well done. “

Check out Zoho Creator on your mobile phone (as well as on your laptop/desktop) now & do let us know your feedback.

Zoho Writer Major Update: Pagination, Header/Footer Support, Multi-lang Spellchecker and more…

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Following a series of updates from other Zoho apps, today, we rolled out a major upgrade to Zoho Writer. The key enhancements include…

  • Pagination Support
  • Header and Footer Support
  • Spell Check in 43 languages
  • ….and more

Now, lets take a closer look at each of these features.

You can now view your document page-wise by clicking on the ‘Page View’ link.



For printing Zoho Writer documents, we recommend using the ‘Print Using PDF’ option as shown in the image above (as against using the older ‘Print Preview’, ‘Print’ option). This option overcomes the limitations in browser based printing.

Headers & Footers Support:

Another most requested feature (and often considered missing feature in online word processors) is Headers/Footers. It is now supported in Zoho Writer. You can define your Headers and Footers from the ‘Page Setup’ link or the ‘Page Setup’ icon (pagelayout.png) which is the third icon from the top.



The Headers/Footers that are defined will show up fine when the document is printed. These will also be intact when you ‘Export’ the document to PDF/DOC.

Spell Check in 43 Languages:

The enhanced spell checker now supports 43 languages. This means, no matter which language you write your document in, you can now spell check the content in that language. Also, the spell check setting is at the document level. This means, you can choose a different language spell check for each document.


Other Enhancements:

Apart from these features mentioned above, there are several enhancements as part of this update. These include…


  • Improvements have been to made to Import/Export of .doc files.
  • The documents that you make as ‘Public’ can now be downloaded & also sent to your friends by email in different formats. Also, whenever someone comments on your public document, you’ll receive a notification mail informing the same.
  • Zoho Writer is now available in Chinese too, taking the tally of UI language options to 11.

Do give these features a try and let us know what you think. We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Box.net launches OpenBox – Integrates Zoho

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One of our API Partners Box.net announced OpenBox, a platform to integrate web apps into their online storage. They integrated Zoho into their platform for previewing and editing documents and spreadsheets online. Here are some screenshots…

openbox1.png openbox2.png

We talked about similar integration earlier. But with this announcement, they moved this one step further by integration other web applications into their app and giving the option to the user on choosing the application they prefer for previewing and manipulating online content. With this move, Box.net is leading the way and defining the direction for online storage by integrating a wide variety of online apps.

More information is available here. We are looking forward for more such integrations.

Updates, Updates, Updates….

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Over the last few weeks our teams have been busy rolling out many enhancements to existing applications. Just in the last few weeks we rolled our several updates to different applications. Here are the recent ones…

All these updates happened in the last 2 weeks. Over the next few weeks you’ll see some other great enhancements to existing Zoho Apps. Anyone willing to take a guess on what’s coming?

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Zoho Wiki Update : Embed Writer/Sheet/Show Files & Name Your Wiki Pages in Any Language

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With the latest Zoho Wiki update, you can now easily embed the public documents of Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet or Zoho Show in a Zoho Wiki page easily. Clicking on the ‘Z’ icon will bring you the list of public files in Zoho Writer/Sheet/Show and you can choose which file to embed.


You can now have your Wiki page names in any language. Before, you could name pages only in English. Try these latest features in Zoho Wiki.

Enhancements to Zoho Notebook

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We made several enhancements to Zoho Notebook in a recent update. Here are the highlights of the update…

New Hand Toolhandtool.png
You’ll notice a new Hand Tool (ht.png) in the drawing toolbar on the right. This tool helps you easily scroll through the content inside a page without selecting any content or using scrollbars. If you used hand tools in desktop image editing apps, you’ll feel right at home.

You might have seen the addition of more shapes in our previous update as well to this drawing toolbar.

Books Navigation
In our previous version, when you had many books created, a scrollbar appeared for books list. In the current version, we added a ‘More’ option at the bottom which brings up a simple way to view your existing books without a scrollbar. Here is the new look. Looking at the book icons, you can now easily differentiate between personal books and shared books.



Increased Page Tab Size
Many of you suggested that we increase the size of the page tab. We did that with this update. You’ll notice that the horizontal size of the page tab is almost doubled. We plan to enhance this section further by proving more alternatives for page viewing. More on that later.

Recently Used Colors:
We enhanced our color palette to remember the recent colors used in your notebook. This enhanced palette can now remember up to 24 recently used colors in your notebook.


Cover Page
When a notebook is published, a cover page will now be added by default along with the name of the book, owner name and other information.

Apart from these changes, you’ll notice an enhanced look to our tool bar along with some bug fixes. If you’d like to see some enhancements in Notebook, do let us know.