Zoho in ‘End-2007′ and ‘Begin-2008′ Lists

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We blogged about Zoho being part of PC World’s “Most Innovative Products of 2007” and Lifehacker’s “Top 10 New & Improved Apps of 2007” lists recently. Here’s more appreciation for Zoho from bloggers & analysts.

TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington puts Zoho in his “2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without” list.

Zoho, particularly the spreadsheet application, has become an important productivity tool for us here at TechCrunch. We used it extensively to organize and discuss the hundreds of startups that applied to launch at TechCrunch40 last Fall. Whenever I open Office on my desktop to edit a spreadsheet, I feel the lack of collaborative features keenly. Frankly, Google Docs is just as useful, although Zoho was quicker to launch offline functionality, which gave them the edge on my list. Either product suite is a huge improvement on basic desktop office software.

It is nice to recall that last year we were on his ‘right on the edge‘ list and have moved up this year :-) Barry Dahl chose Zoho Notebook as Number 3 in his Top Web Tools of 2007.

A notebook can have as many pages as you choose (unlimited? I’m not sure), and those pages can be single stand-alone items such as a webpage, word processing (Zoho Writer) page, spreadsheet (Zoho Sheet) page, or a mashup of any of the items shown on the left-side panel below. For audio and video you can either upload completed files, link to files stored elsewhere (YouTube, etc.), or record on the fly.

Basically, I think that the value of this service is limited only by your own imagination. No bull.

Barry also has included Zoho to his ‘Hall of Fame’ list. Rick Broida at BNET picked Zoho Writer as one of the Top Web Services of 2007.

Zoho Writer  Sure, Google Docs gets all the glory, but if you want the Web’s most robust browser-based word processor, look to Zoho Writer. This year brought a wealth of new features, including a Word plug-in for easily importing and exporting Zoho Writer documents.

Ryan and Ashley Wagner at CyberNetNews have chosen Zoho Show among their ‘Most Powerful Websites‘ of 2007.

Zoho has developed an incredible suite of online office applications. In all they offer 18 different products and services, many of which are completely free for users. You can write documents, manage spreadsheets, create presentations, organize notes, and more with a single login.

Personally I do enjoy Google Docs because the interface is a little nicer, but when it comes to sheer power Zoho wins hands down. It’s the most complete online office suite available.

TIME’s featured Zoho as one of the ‘50 Best Websites 2007‘. We are at Number 22 (thanks to our users for voting!) and joined by sites like Netvibes, StumbleUpon, Twitter etc. Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb lists Zoho as one of his favorites of ’07 as well.

Marc Perton makes Zoho a part of his Best of ’07 list.

Zoho Writer
Google Docs may get all the glory, but Zoho feels a lot more like a real word processor, and includes such niceties as a tabbed interface, ad-free interface and, most impressive of all, a seamless offline mode—powered by Google Gears, which has yet to make an appearance in its parent’s online editor.

Craig Owens says, he “will definitely be using Zoho in 2008

I recently started playing with Zoho Suite and I’m convinced that it is head and shoulders above Google Docs in terms of features and usability. Zoho (still all web based and free) has the spreadsheet, document and presentation tools, but further includes a whole bunch of other stuff.

Thanks to all our users and admirers for making Zoho a part of your life! Wishing You All A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!!

Zoho Notebook Among PC World’s Most Innovative Products of 2007

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pcworld.pngPC World announced a list of 25 most innovative products for 2007 and we are honored to see Zoho Notebook included. The list includes both software and hardware products.

PC World Says…

Innovation: Web-only app stores just about any kind of content and allows you to share it with anyone.

Benefit: More full-featured than competing online tools.

AdventNet‘s Zoho tools include everything from wiki software to customer relations management and project management applications, many of them free. Zoho Notebook (free, in public beta) continues the winning streak. You can enter text, graphics, audio, video, and embedded content from other sites onto your notebook’s pages–or use the page as a single word processing document or spreadsheet. Put together everything on a certain subject, and you’re ready to share your work with online compatriots.

As some of you may recall, Zoho Notebook was announced in Jan at DEMO conference and was open to public in May. Over the last seven months the application has been maturing rapidly with several updates and lots of regular users. Over the next few months you’ll see several updates enhancing the functionality of the application further.

We will be talking about Zoho Notebook and other Zoho applications at the Show Stoppers event in Vegas.

Blogger-speak on Zoho

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Brad Geddes at eWhisper.net says,

Zoho is on a rampage launching new web-based apps. I’m excited to see what their new mail system churns out (I don’t have an invite yet – and I’m open to testing); but their feature set is starting to blow past incumbents that have focused on niches such basecamp, or Google docs.

We will get you an invite to Zoho Mail soon, Brad.

This post written by Tom Britt in October turned up just now in our RSS feed reader. Tom says Zoho.com is ‘Online Apps on Steroids‘. And yes, we agree with him 😉

I can’t say enough about the ease of use, functionality, and scalability of this great online service. Every week, they are adding more instructional videos, testing new things, and rolling out new services.

Today I checked the site as I’m writing this post and notice they have zoho on Facebook, zoho documents on your iPhone, a zoho widget you can place on your desktop, a Microsoft Outlook plugin, a website monitoring service, and a D&B reporting service in beta. If you have a small business or a home office business like mine where you are sharing data, sales leads, or employees outside of your four walls, zoho.com can solve a lot of problems.

Rodney Rumford at FaceReviews.com, a site that reviews Facebook applications identifies Zoho as one of the ‘Business Disrupters on Facebook‘ :

Microsoft has a challenger in the ZOHO application. There is a huge marketplace for web based document creation and management and Zoho hits that.

Thanks for your kind words, folks! Your encouragement is what keeps us going. Happy Holidays & New Year!

Zoho in Lifehacker’s Awards List

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Zoho’s made it to the “Top 10 New and Improved Apps of 2007” list by Lifehacker. From the post :

Google Docs is good, but another online office suite has been rolling out upgrade afterupgrade this year, slowly, steadily, and consistently trouncing GDocs in the features department. Zoho Suite makes collaborating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations (and way more) better and easier straight from your browser. Most of you said you hadn’t tried Zoho because you already had a Google Account, but if collaborating and editing office documents from your browser is in your future in ’08, bite the bullet for a Zoho account and you won’t be sorry. Here’s more on how Zoho stacks up against Google Docs.

Thanks to Gina & team for making  Zoho part of their top list of web applications!

Enhanced plug-in, Skins Support, Shortcuts and more in Zoho Notebook

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We rolled out another update to Zoho Notebook with more goodies. Here is the list.

  • Enhanced Firefox Plug-in with Citations
  • Skins Support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Linking support
  • and more…

Lets looks at each of these enhancements.

Citation Support in Firefox Plug-in

This is one of the most requested feature. Our new Firefox plug-in lets you easily aggregate content from the internet and it also links back to the original site with the title on the top. Here is how the aggregated content looks with the new plug-in.

You’ll notice the title on the top with a link back to the original site. You can change the title or the link using the ‘Edit Title’ icon (znic.png).

Skins Support

If you don’t prefer the default color for the notebook, we now have two more options – Blue and Brown. You can change the Skin from the ‘Preferences’ section.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are used to keyboard shortcuts, some of them are supported now inside Zoho Notebook. Supported ones are – Save (CTRL + S), Copy (CTRL + C), Paste (CTRL + V), Undo (CTRL + Z) and Redo (CTRL + Y).

Linking Support

You’ll now see two new icons in the text object – znlink.png. You can now link your content to any URL. Of course, linking between notebook pages is coming.

Other Enhancements…

Remove Sharing

If you have a shared notebook which you no longer need, you can use our new ‘Remove Sharing’ option now (znremovesharing.png) on the menu. Now you have the control on what notebooks you want to view in your shared section.

Rename/Delete Notebook

There is a new way to rename or delete a notebook. Simply right click on the book name, you’ll see the new context menu appear.


Do give these new features a try and let us know your feedback.

Zoho Show 2.0 Launched

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As promised earlier, Zoho Show launched during the weekend. Log on to your Zoho Show account and you would be in for a surprise seeing the all new UI and the host of new features available at your finger tips now.

A demo video is available here. A sample presentation created using the new version of Zoho Show below.

As the last slide in the above slideshow says, coming soon are transitions, charts, export to ppt etc. Zoho Show was well-received by the press & the blogosphere and here are some quotes about the release. Thanks everyone for test driving Zoho Show 2.0 and the reviews! Our advisor Zoli lists a set of cute slideshows created by you, our users.

Try Zoho Show 2.0 and we will glad hearing your feedback.

ps : This release was given as preview a week back to those who opted-in to receive news about Zoho. If you too are interested in knowing about upcoming Zoho updates, please head here.

Announcing Zoho Show 2.0

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Zoho Show, our online presentation application will undergo a major update this weekend. This major update (dubbed Zoho Show 2.0) has many goodies and several enhancements over our current version. Let’s take a closer look at the key enhancements.

(For those of you who are impatient, here is the video that talks about the enhancements)

1) Elegant new User Interface : We have completely redesigned our user interface from scratch. Here is how the new UI looks.

2) Themes Support : We now have over 50 default themes available in this version. Eventually you’ll see this evolve where you can create your own themes and contribute it to the library.

3) Shapes & ClipArt Support : Lots of pre-built shapes (for use in flowcharts etc) and clipart have been added (lots of them)

4) Extensive Editing Capabilities (Text, Image, Bullets etc) : Images can be rotated/flipped and there are lots of bullet types to choose from.

5) Enhanced Import : The import functionality has been drastically enhanced. If you are importing your presentations (ppt, pps, odp, sxi) into Show 2.0, you’ll notice that the import quality of the presentations will be much better than what you might have previously experienced.

6) Meeting & Chat Integration : As you might know, Zoho Meeting is our desktop sharing tool and it is now well-integrated with Zoho Show. This allows you to have a seamless switch to share your desktop with the participants viewing your presentation. And Zoho Chat allows you to chat with your audience while doing remote presentations.

7) Lots more

Our team has put in quite some work on this update. We can’t wait to roll it out to hear your feedback. We are planning to update the service this weekend as there might be some downtime. We’ll definitely keep you posted about it. Watch this space for more …