Zoho Sheet Update – New sidebar, Themes, Autofill, Duplicate sheet and more

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Zoho Sheet just had an update with some nice features. Here are the highlights:

Enhanced Sidebar and Batch Operations:

If you are a regular user, the immediate thing you will notice is that the sidebar, which lists your spreadsheets, has undergone some changes. It now displays an icon next to the name representing whether it is shared or public or private. There are different filtered views like “Shared by Me”, “My Public Documents”, “Last Created (10)” and “Last Modified (10)”. You can also sort the spreadsheets by Name / Created Time / Modified Time. It will remember the last selected view the next time you login.

There are various batch operations too which are quite useful – Batch export, Batch share, Batch delete, etc. Just select multiple sheets and perform actions on them using the Actions menu at the bottom.

Sidebar DefaultSidebar

New Theme:

Tired of the green look of Zoho Sheet? We have now added an alternative Grey Theme which can be set using the “Themes” menu at the top.

Grey Theme

Auto-fill / Auto-suggest:

AutofillWe now support Autofill in spreadsheet. Zoho Sheet will try to suggest matching words available in the same column as you type the first few characters. This is pretty useful when a column will have the same set of values repeated. It also reduces human errors during data entry. You can also right click and use the “Pick from list” menu to pick and insert values available in the current column.

Duplicate Sheet:

Duplicating a sheet in a workbook has been supported. To do so, you can right click on the sheet tab at the bottom and select “Copy This Sheet”. You can use this when you want to duplicate a sheet in a workbook keeping all the formatting and data intact. You will also notice that we have added a “Move This Sheet” option too. Previously, you can move a sheet only by dragging it.

Duplicate sheetGoto


You can now use Ctrl+G to go to a particular cell in the current sheet. Entering the cell reference such as A32 will take you to the corresponding cell.

Enhanced Color Picker:

Color pickerThe color picker for the cell foreground and background color has been enhanced. Now it will remember the last applied color, so that you can reapply the same color in one click. To apply a different color, you would need to click on the drop down next to the color icon.

And many more

Two more shortcuts, Shift+Enter to go to the previous cell in the same column and Ctrl+K to insert a hyperlink, have been added. A new date format “D MMM YYYY”, which is quite useful for Genealogists, has been added upon request from our user.

We have also improved the performance of the application – mainly in loading of spreadsheets and applying formatting (like font styles) on a cell range.

Apart from this, we have fixed few issues too. Refer our What’s New page for more info.

Let us know your feedback as always.

Ask Zoho: Why AJAX? Why not Flash?

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Before I begin, let me state upfront that we do have a good background in Flash; ToonDoo, a great place to create & share comics – think of it as our humble contribution to global unproductivity wink – uses Flash heavily. In fact, it is hard to think of doing the comic design tools in ToonDoo without Flash. So, yes, we love Flash – our fanatics are better than your fanatics!

Yet, for much of the Zoho suite, whenever we think “That feature would be hard to do in Javascript, we may need Flash”, our developers find a way to do it in Javascript. A forthcoming major release in Zoho would serve to illustrate it. We have had a team working away furiously for the past several months on this release. Let me just say that this team has made Javascript sing … and I am sure you are going to love the result!

As good as Flash is, Javascript keeps getting better. Let me outline some of the reasons we haven’t had the urgency to move.

1. Native to the Web

A real web application should natively support web standards – HTML & CSS are pretty much synonymous with “web standards”. The biggest reason we started out with Javascript is that it is native to the web – in the sense its core object model for Javascript is the HTML/CSS Document Object Model. The DOM is a gift to web applications. Even with the annoying browser differences in DOM (which sophisticated libraries increasingly hide), it is still far better to have the DOM than not have it. Flash, for all its advantages, sits in a separate space from the browser. In that sense, Flash is not that different from Java-on-the-client. In fact, Flash is Java-on-the-client-done-right.

I am sure Flash will eventually find a way to natively integrate with the browser but it is not there yet.

2. Open Source Library Support

This is a big one. The depth and variety of libraries available in Javascript just keep getting better. It is mind boggling just how much open source development is going on in Javascript. Developers keep pushing the envelope. For one example, look at the jQuery solar system demo. It shocked me the first time I saw it. Pretty impressive that Javascript could do that, right? The capabilities of Javascript exceed the client requirements of office productivity applications today, and there are tons more innovations coming.

3. Vector Graphics in Browsers

This is another big one. Vector graphics formats like SVG (Firefox, Opera), VML (IE), and HTML Canvas (Firefox, Safari, Opera), are becoming ubiquitous in browsers. Yeah, it sucks that IE doesn’t support SVG, but that can be worked around. Even cooler is the fact that SVG & VML are XML and very Javascript friendly. You can do real magic.

4. Mobile Support

Web browsers are ubiquitous in mobiles. Even when their Javascript engines are poor, it is easy to lighten up on the Javascript to offer a serviceable HTML client; the client can degrade gracefully. Flash is a zero or one proposition. One word: iPhone.

5. Size

Try any of the Zoho services. Try equivalent Flash applications. Compare the initial loading time. As broadband adoption spreads, this would matter less and less. But it still matters a lot today. In a country like India, where “broadband” has been redefined to mean as little as 128kbps (no kidding!) it really matters. Yes, it is only one time loading. Java Web Start said the same thing too.

Bottom line: we will use Flash when appropriate, but at this point, Javascript is getting better faster!

Zoho Creator Goes Mobile!

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Few days back we had announced the availability of APIs for Zoho Creator and here is another announcement from our Creator team as part of our continuous updates.

We are glad to announce the availability of Zoho Creator Mobile version. You can access it @ http://creator.zoho.com/mobile or http://creator.zoho.com/m from your mobile. In fact, if you visit http://creator.zoho.com from your mobile phone, you’ll be directed to this page.

With this update, you’ll now be able to access all your applications created in Zoho Creator from your mobile devices. You can also access the applications shared with you. This means you can now view and enter data into your applications right from your mobile.

Zoho Creator Goes Mobile

Zoho Creator Mobile supports mobile devices with any of the following browsers :

  • IE
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • other WAP Browsers

Zoho Creator’s interface has been optimized to work well in iPhone also.

Zoho Creator now has over 60K applications created by our users and is gaining momentum at a rapid pace with over 0.5 million users using the applications created using Zoho Creator. A short promo video from our team on the release.

And this is what Erich Hugo, Business Innovation Manager at Nokia had to say, “This is great stuff guys. I have just created a form and it worked like a charm. I am sitting in a cab and have just checked it out. Well done. “

Check out Zoho Creator on your mobile phone (as well as on your laptop/desktop) now & do let us know your feedback.

Zoho Writer Major Update: Pagination, Header/Footer Support, Multi-lang Spellchecker and more…

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Following a series of updates from other Zoho apps, today, we rolled out a major upgrade to Zoho Writer. The key enhancements include…

  • Pagination Support
  • Header and Footer Support
  • Spell Check in 43 languages
  • ….and more

Now, lets take a closer look at each of these features.

You can now view your document page-wise by clicking on the ‘Page View’ link.



For printing Zoho Writer documents, we recommend using the ‘Print Using PDF’ option as shown in the image above (as against using the older ‘Print Preview’, ‘Print’ option). This option overcomes the limitations in browser based printing.

Headers & Footers Support:

Another most requested feature (and often considered missing feature in online word processors) is Headers/Footers. It is now supported in Zoho Writer. You can define your Headers and Footers from the ‘Page Setup’ link or the ‘Page Setup’ icon (pagelayout.png) which is the third icon from the top.



The Headers/Footers that are defined will show up fine when the document is printed. These will also be intact when you ‘Export’ the document to PDF/DOC.

Spell Check in 43 Languages:

The enhanced spell checker now supports 43 languages. This means, no matter which language you write your document in, you can now spell check the content in that language. Also, the spell check setting is at the document level. This means, you can choose a different language spell check for each document.


Other Enhancements:

Apart from these features mentioned above, there are several enhancements as part of this update. These include…


  • Improvements have been to made to Import/Export of .doc files.
  • The documents that you make as ‘Public’ can now be downloaded & also sent to your friends by email in different formats. Also, whenever someone comments on your public document, you’ll receive a notification mail informing the same.
  • Zoho Writer is now available in Chinese too, taking the tally of UI language options to 11.

Do give these features a try and let us know what you think. We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Box.net launches OpenBox – Integrates Zoho

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One of our API Partners Box.net announced OpenBox, a platform to integrate web apps into their online storage. They integrated Zoho into their platform for previewing and editing documents and spreadsheets online. Here are some screenshots…

openbox1.png openbox2.png

We talked about similar integration earlier. But with this announcement, they moved this one step further by integration other web applications into their app and giving the option to the user on choosing the application they prefer for previewing and manipulating online content. With this move, Box.net is leading the way and defining the direction for online storage by integrating a wide variety of online apps.

More information is available here. We are looking forward for more such integrations.

Updates, Updates, Updates….

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Over the last few weeks our teams have been busy rolling out many enhancements to existing applications. Just in the last few weeks we rolled our several updates to different applications. Here are the recent ones…

All these updates happened in the last 2 weeks. Over the next few weeks you’ll see some other great enhancements to existing Zoho Apps. Anyone willing to take a guess on what’s coming?

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