Zoho Sheet in Catalan and Turkish

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We did a small update in Zoho Sheet today. Zoho Sheet is now available in Catalan and Turkish, thanks to our users Joaquim Virgili and Alpay, who translated these languages in translate.sheet.zoho.com. You can select these languages from the Language link at the top after signing in. We have also updated the rest of the languages with the latest messages from our translation site. Zoho Sheet is now available in 16 languages. And our users are translating it to 23 other languages. We have now added Slovak, Urdu, Hindi and Filipino in our translation service so that users can translate Zoho Sheet to these languages as well.

One more addition is that we now support inserting images from an URL too. You can choose to load it each time from the given URL or to load it from a copy downloaded to your collected images in Zoho Sheet.

Apart from the above, we have also fixed some issues in our Remote API editor on IE.

Zoho Notebook Update: More Shapes, Show Integration, Enhanced plug-in & more…

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We rolled out another update for Zoho Notebook. Some of the highlights include…

  • Support for more shapes in the drawing toolbar
  • Integration with Zoho Show
  • Enhanced Firefox plug-in to capture screenshots
  • Previous & Next buttons for published notebooks

Apart from these features, lot of effort went into the back-end optimization and collaboration in Notebook. Let us look at each of these new features.

More Shapes:

At the bottom of the drawing toolbar you’ll now see a new icon (p2.png) clicking on which shows all the new shapes that are new added.


Once a shape is added, you can then choose to change the dimensions, fill color, border color etc from the options available in the toolbar (picture-3.png).

Zoho Show Integration:
We now have Zoho Show integrated into Zoho Notebook at the object level. You’ll see picture-4.png option on the left where you can select the presentation you have in Zoho Show and embed that directly in Notebook.

Firefox plug-in:

Two new options are added to Notebook’s Firefox plugin.

  1. Snap Page to Zoho Notebook
  2. Snap Region to Zoho Notebook


These two options will let you take snapshots of web page or part of a web page to your notebook. The snapshot will be available as an image and will automatically be uploaded and inserted in the open page in notebook. For these features to work, you’ll have to be logged into Notebook.

When you click on ‘Snap Region to Zoho Notebook’, you’ll see a small rectangle appear on the page. Move and resize this rectangle to the area you want to take a snapshot of and click the camera icon (picture-5-copy.png) and give it a name for the snapshot to appear on your notebook page.

Next & Prev Buttons:
For better page navigation, we also added a small navigation strip (picture-7.png) to move between pages. You can check this out in this public book.

Do give these new features and try and let us know your feedback. Also, if there is any other feature you’d like to see in notebook, please do let us know.

Zoho Wiki : Attach Files to your Wiki Pages

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The most asked for feature in Zoho Wiki is here, you can now attach files to your Wiki! Salient points about this new feature :

  • The attachment is at the Wiki level and you can associate the same file to multiple pages in a Wiki
  • If the attached file is of an office file format (.doc, .odt, .csv, .ppt etc), it can be opened directly by the respective Zoho app
  • Each file attachment can have multiple versions and any (older) version can be downloaded
  • Any file type can be attached

To know more about this new Wiki function, please refer this page. Try Zoho Wiki now and your valuable feedback is welcome as always.

Changes to zohocrm.com website

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Hope you liked the new changes to the website.

It was too bland earlier and now we have added some ‘spice’ to it.

New Zoho CRM Website

For every detail that you click, towards of the bottom of the page, you will find the navigation links now (With this, I hope you will not get ‘lost’ in the site as I used to 😉 )

We have given the ability to sign up to Zoho CRM on all the pages so that one need not go back and forth to sign in to Zoho CRM.

The Wiki too is being worked upon and we hope to have it steady by the end of this week.

One of the key ideas was to focus more on user-friendliness.

We would love to get your feedbacks on the changes.

  • Does it make life any better for you?
  • What other information would you like to see on the site?

PS: The traffic to the site has reached the highest levels last month and we hope to better them this time too. This can happen with your support only. So do give your feedback please.

Zoho Integrated into G.ho.st

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Online O/S vendor G.ho.st has integrated Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show into its virtual desktop application giving users the ability to open, edit and save their documents using Zoho while providing 3Gb of free online storage. The partnership is another great example of the use of Zoho’s API’s and the openness of our Zoho Alliance Partner Program (ZAPP). We are extremely pleased with the integration and welcome G.ho.st to our family of Alliance partners. G.ho.st plans on expanding its offerings in the near future making its virtual desktop a browser-based alternative to MS Windows – and Zoho’s collaboration and sharing functionality makes it a great fit.

Thank you G.ho.st team for choosing Zoho and for joining ZAPP! Good luck with the launch and we look forward to lots of positive feedback from our users.

Below is a view of a Zoho Writer document in G.ho.st.


Zoho Sheet now in Romanian

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We announced the community driven translation of Zoho Sheet last week on Sep 13th. We immediately got a request from an user to support the Romanian language in translate.sheet.zoho.com. We added it on 14th and within 3 hours of adding, 42% of the messages were translated to Romanian. Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil) which were at around 96% were brought to completion. Within a day, the Romanian language stood at 84% completion. It soon became 99% complete yesterday, and today we are adding it to our main site. Now users can choose the Romanian language by clicking on the Language link after signing in at sheet.zoho.com. A total of 4 users worked on the Romanian Language and brought it to completion just within a couple of days.

8 other languages (Greek, Catalan, Spanish – Argentina, Tamil, Serbian, Kannada, Telugu and Polish) were requested and we have added all of them to translate.sheet.zoho.com. They are in different phases of completion.

Would you like to help translate Zoho Sheet into your language? Then head to #.

Update: Radu Capan, the user who requested the Romanian language and who has been actively contributing to it, has been blogging about this here and here.

Zoho Turns Two

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On Sep 15 2005, we released our first application Zoho Writer. We cant believe it’s already two years. These have been two exciting and busy years for Zoho with several enhancements and new products. While we continue this journey, we certainly are having fun. That’s the important part right?


We are very happy about where we are today and confident on the direction we are moving. We are really looking forward to more exciting times ahead. Thank you for all your support during these two years and we look forward to serving you longer.