Introducing 15 Chart Types in Zoho Creator

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Since Zoho Creator 2.0 launch we had one big update – FaceBook Integration and now we have another big announcement – Charting.

Charts in Zoho Creator helps you to organize and analyze your data. We have rolled out 15 types of charts in the first phase:

  • Column, Stacked Column, Column 3d, Stacked Column 3d
  • Bar, Stacked Bar, Bar 3d, Stacked Bar 3d
  • Line, Step
  • Pie, Pie 3D
  • Area, Stacked Area
  • Web Chart

As always with Zoho Creator, it’s best to see it in action. We have created a new screencast to highlight charting. Check it out!

We know that no two needs are the same when you want to see the data. So we have provided a wide range of charts to help you to visualize the same data in different formats.

Go ahead, dress up your application data as charts and let us know your suggestions.

Chat with your shared users in Zoho Planner

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With the latest Zoho Planner update, you can now chat to each of your shared users. On clicking a page you can see the list of shared users with status (either online/offline). Now you can chat with the person who is available for chat.

Zoho Planner chat for shared users

We have also added RSS feeds for your shared pages. You can find this feature in your planner settings page. Subscribe to the RSS feeds and get notified on the changes done by the shared users in your page.

Do give a try and send your feedbacks to feedback at zohoplanner dot com.

On the July Update

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Things were pretty hectic over here for the update. The update happened after almost 40 days or 1.5 months.  We were working on Saturdays and Sundays too. Everyone was keen to get the update out at the earliest but without compromising on the quality.
We fixed close to 40 bugs and added close to 20 features. There are some usability issues in the product that we plan to address as well.

We have not yet decided on the next update dates as there are too many variables that we need to consider. In case there is something pressing on your mind, do let us know.

Zoho CRM – July ‘07 Update

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We have yet another successful update yesterday. In this update, we have mainly focused on :

  • Customization of quotes, orders & invoices templates
  • Home page customization
  • Show/Hide tabs (CRM modules) based on users’ role in an organization
  • Loosely coupled Zoho Sheet (Online spreadsheet) integration
  • Scheduling of mass mails
  • Recurring events
  • Reminders for events

In addition to the above new features, we have also made some minor enhancements and bug fixes based on our customers’ feedback.

Please give Zoho CRM a try at and let us know your suggestions and comments.

The above presentation talks about these concepts briefly.

Zoho Projects : With More Paid Plans

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Earlier we used to have Enterprise plan with unlimited projects @ $80 per month & Express plan with 20 projects @ $20 per month. We received requests asking for plans in between 20 projects & unlimited projects. In order to meet these requirements, we have introduced more paid plans in Zoho Projects. Two new plans ‘Elite’ (100 projects – $55 per month) & ‘Premium’ (50 projects – $35 per month) been added to the list. Disk space for Enterprise plan (unlimited projects) has also been increased from 5 GB to 25 GB at the same cost of $80 per month. Check out the latest pricing plans.


In addition to that, some UI & feature enhancements have been done too. The ‘Meetings’ tab now has sub-tabs – ‘Upcoming Meetings’ & ‘Elapsed Meetings’. From now on, ‘Location’ and ‘Duration’ can be specified for each meeting (click ‘Advanced Options’ in ‘Add/Edit Meeting’ form).

Try the latest Zoho Projects and your feedback will be much appreciated as always!

Zoho CRM – Scheduled Update..

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Zoho CRM is gearing up for a major update this weekend (07/21) from 9.30 PM to 6.30 AM PDT tomorrow. After this update our CRM users will gain access to much awaited features & enhancements. Some of the key features/enhancements planned in this update are:

  • Customize Quotes, Orders, and Invoices formats
  • Customize Home Page layout
  • Organize CRM modules as per users’ role in the organization
  • Activity Management (Recurring tasks/events and Reminders)
  • Auto-increment number type custom field (for tracking Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Cases)
  • Outlook Plug-in (Add multiple mails to CRM – leads & contacts in a single step)

PS: Complete list of the features & enhancements will be announced in our Public Forums once the update is completed.

Please stay tuned with us!

Download Deluge Script Help Document

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A user sent us this

” Hi, I want to learn Deluge to be better at scripting, is there anywhere i can download the file from so i can read it offline and learn it?”

I think that’s a great way of learning. Though we had thought about this while releasing Zoho Creator2.0. We were unable to take this up owing to other small, big and large tweaking works which creeped up at the last minute. But when users started asking for it, we made it ready.

So here is the link to download the Help Document . Hope this helps you to get to know about Deluge Script at your convenience.


Coming back to users, we are really excited to see some of the excellent apps created in Zoho Creator using the power of Deluge Script. But the app which Pete Thomas of Share Tactics has created is something extraordinary. He rightly calls this system as “Collecting data without human intervention”. He has an extensive blog about the app in Share Tactics.

Thanks Pete for exploring Zoho Creator to such an extent.