Zoho Apps in 2007?

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SaaS-a-fras asks a question in his recent post about new products from Zoho in 07.

How many new products will Zoho launch in 07?

Frankly, we dont know the answer for this. While we surely will release some apps, no one (including Zoho) can answer this question.

A decision to do a product could take few months in some cases to couple of hours in other cases. The source of ideas can be from anywhere. They come from internal teams in some cases or it could even come from you…..oh yea…you guys force us to do some products. Let me give you an example. Earlier this year when we released Zoho Writer and Sheet we didnt have fixed plans on doing a presentation app. But then users started asking us about release dates of our presentation app when we didnt even decide to do a presentation app at that point. More users kept asking us about the presentation app and that fuelled the development effort. We quickly setup a team for Zoho Show (during Jan) and then released Zoho Show in June. Now thats all history. The point is, we dont know how the market will turn out to be in 2007….and we also dont know in what direction you’ll take us by forcing us to do some new apps :). Things change at a great pace and its really tough to say how many new apps we will do in 2007.

That being said, we will release some apps that we think are essential for Zoho suite. If you do have ideas on some products you think will add value to zoho suite, please do drop is a line (info at zoho dot com) and we can talk.

Zoho Wiki Update

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We had an excellent response to the Zoho Wiki release. Thanks to all who have created their Wikis and sent us your valuable feedback comments! We have collected some blog posts and news articles across the net mentioning the release. This Zoho Wiki page has all the details.

We had an update yesterday which fixed a couple of bugs. Many Zoho users have underscore as part of their user names. And when this underscore got transferred to the Zoho Wiki sub-domain, it caused a few issues. We addressed this by automatically converting the underscore in the user’s name to an hyphen. So a Zoho Wiki domain like http://arvind_natarajan.wiki.zoho.com will now automatically redirect to http://arvind-natarajan.wiki.zoho.com.

We received a few feedback mails from our users saying that an error page got displayed and the Wiki they created could not be accessed. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Analyzing this, we found that such accounts weren’t formed fully due to a bug. For correcting this, we would like only those users who created an account but couldn’t access it and got the error page with the message “Server Error Occurred. Please try again later or please write to us at support@zohowiki.com” to delete and re-add their Zoho Wiki by following the below procedure :

  1. Login to https://accounts.zoho.com.
  2. You will find Zoho Wiki listed under ‘My Zoho Services’
  3. Click on the ‘Remove’ link for the Zoho Wiki entry.
  4. You will be asked for your password and confirmation. Once you confirm, the ‘Zoho Wiki’ entry will get moved to the ‘Try other Zoho Services’ table below.
  5. Now click on the ‘Add New’ link of the Zoho Wiki entry
  6. Zoho Wiki will get re-added to the ‘My Zoho Services’ table again
  7. Clicking on the Zoho Wiki link will open your Wiki in a new browser tab/window and you should be able to access your Wiki now

Please do mail your feedback suggestions and queries about Zoho Wiki to feedback at zohowiki dot com.

Introducing the Zoho Wiki!

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It’s time for yet another new product announcement from Zoho. Presenting to you the Zoho Wiki. Mike Arrington at TechCrunch has a great post about the release. Important features of the product include :

  • All standard Wiki features
  • A powerful WYSIWYG editor (Zoho Writer’s) that includes features like spell check, revision history, difference between any two versions and reverting to any older version
  • Another big plus is the grouping functionality. In addition to having your Wiki as public (by default) and private, you can make your Wiki be viewed and/or edited by a selected group of members
  • The Zoho Wiki uses the Zoho Single Sign-on, meaning you can use your existing Zoho ID to access it (no need for separate sign-up/in)
  • Embedding of objects into your Wiki pages like a Zoho Sheet chart, a Zoho Show slide show, a Zoho Creator application/form or a YouTube video. Visit this Zoho Wiki page for more.
  • Other than the Wiki associated with the user name, a user can create 2 more wikis with his Zoho account. And there is no limitation to the number of pages per Wiki too. All this for absolutely free.

A few screenshots from Zoho Wiki as an embedded slide show below :

Launch as slide show

Try the all new Zoho Wiki and do tell us your valuable feedback.

Site 24×7: Website & Application Monitoring Service

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I just noticed that we never mentioned about our Site24x7 service in our blogs . So let me shamelessly promote this service. This is a great service and I can say this because we eat our own dog food. This service is comparitively under-noticed mainly because Zoho is primarily known for online office and this great app is slightly off the track (atleast for now).

If you have your website or an application you want to monitor, this is the right one for you. Once you set it up, you need not even visit the service to check out how your websites/apps are performing as the app sends these details to your inbox every day/week.

It is not just a simple website monitoring service. It also does monitor transactions as well. What does this mean? Well, if you want to monitor the whole experience of your customer visiting your site, you can do that using ‘Monitor a Web Transaction’ feature in Site24x7. As part of this feature, we give you a small executable which can be downloaded and used to define your transaction. In this mini application, start recording your transaction by visiting the application/website you want to monitor and do whatever you want it to do to at regular intervals. If you define your transaction as logging into your application, clicking some links and logging out, Site24x7 can do that automatically next time for you continuously and will report you whenever there is a failure or performance below a threshold.


Let me not bug you further getting into the details….I can keep talking about it. I’ll let you play with it. This is a serious (free) app bundling a whole lot of expertise from our friends at ManageEngine that went into this service.

Update : Ashley at CyberNet News has this to say about Site24x7.

Better import and embed options in Zoho Show

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Zoho Show now has two import modes – a Read Only mode which allows you to import files that you don’t have the need to edit further on and a Read/Write mode which is for files you need to further edit on. Please use the Read Only mode for importing files with much formatting involved (text combined with embedded images etc) as it can import such presentations real well. And the Read/Write mode can be used for importing simple files that don’t involve much formatting (just headings, bulleted text etc).

Update : Here’s a presentation file imported into Zoho Show in Read Only and Read/Write modes. Notice the superior quality when using the Read Only mode.

The import size has been increased from 5 MB to 10 MB meaning you can now import bigger PowerPoint/Impress files. A Zoho Show slide show embedded in your blogs looks better now with neat slider controls at the bottom.

Other than the above, enhancements in today’s update include – an option to copy the feedback mails you send to the Zoho Show forum, adding a new slide will get it added next to the slide you are working on (previously the new slide will get added to the end), a newly added slide can now be drag-dropped immediately (previously the presentation had to be saved before you can do the drag-drop) and some IE7 related bug fixes.

Give Zoho Show a try and tell us what your feedback about this update.

Desktopize for Zoho on our Home Page now

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As some of you know, we recently announced a partnership with Desktopize. For those of you who dont know Desktopize, they offer an application which makes a web application look like a Desktop app. The Desktopize team helped creating a Zoho-specific installer which we mentioned earlier in our blogs, but didnt link it in our website. Now that we have fixed some pending issues, the executable is now available for download from our home page. Please do give it a try and let us know what you think.

The best feature I like is the ability to upload files into Zoho. Its simple…you can drag and drop your file from your desktop into the zoho desktopize window and it uploads it directly into your Zoho Account. Below screenshot shows this in action.

uploading.jpg succ.jpg
Do give it a try if you have’nt.