UNESCO Uses Zoho Creator

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Since we rolled new version of Zoho Creator, we are getting good response (infact, very good responses) from our users. But this is a special email which I would like to share with you. During our regular round-up of embedded forms and views in external websites, we stumbled upon this page.

Yes, its UNESCO. UNESCO Bangkok. They are using Zoho Creator extensively for managing their training courses online. We wrote to them with thanks for choosing Zoho Creator and asking their permission to post in our blogs, and this is what they wrote back…

Thank you very much for the kind e-mail. Zoho Creator is really a big help for us in managing our UN training courses in Bangkok.
Of course you can report in your blog about it.
Mr. Gordon Johnston, Training Manager from UNESCO Bangkok says: “Zoho’s online registration feature has proven to be very useful and straightforward – a huge timesaver in our current round of IT course registrations for over 900 UN staff in Bangkok”

So far we are really happy with the products of Zoho. Please keep in touch with me.

Warm regards,

Information Assistant

Offcourse Hartfield, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you Mr. Gordon Johnston for the wonderful quote.

Zoho Apps on Facebook

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Zoho Applications (Writer, Sheet and Show) are now available on Facebook and we are excited about this. We got several requests from many users and well wishers like Krish asking us to do this integration. Considering the fact that 30% of our users are students, we couldn’t resist.

So, what can you do with this application?

You can now create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Facebook. You can also view and edit all your existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations (both personal and shared) from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. Here is a quick screenshot.

(Click to Enlarge)

This makes Zoho the first office app on Facebook. Do give it a try and add it to your profile. This application provides a good view of all your documents in a single page.

Talking about providing all documents in a single page, let me pre-announce something else here. We are working on way to better organize your documents in a single place (compared to our application specific organization). We will reveal more details on this soon.

Meanwhile, do give our new Facebook app a try and let us know what you think.

Zoho Projects : Faster than before

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In March 2007, we migrated most of the Zoho services to a new data center with more powerful servers. This weekend, Zoho Projects joined the other Zoho apps in the new data center. You should now be experiencing a major boost in the performance of Zoho Projects as the pages load much faster and the data inputs happen more smoothly.

Also, this update had a couple of UI enhancements. The ‘Tasks & Milestones’ tab now has sub-tabs – General, Upcoming, Overdue, Completed – for added clarity. And each Tasklist / Milestone can be Expanded or Collapsed. The ‘Forums’ tab has also undergone a few changes as well.

Try the new & enhanced Zoho Projects and we would be glad hearing your feedback!

iZoho on iPhone – Video

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I finally got a chance to try out iZoho on iPhone and I am glad to say that most of the functionality works. There are certain things that need improvements which will be taken up soon. However, there are some surprises.

The biggest surprise of all – the keyboard doesn’t show up in WYSIWYG Editors. This is not an iZoho Specific problem. This issue exists for all applications that use a WYSIWYG Editor. I hope Apple will address this issue soon. Due to this issue, you’ll not be able to edit/create Zoho Writer documents. Meanwhile, we’ll try to provide some work around for this.

We also expected a different kind of rendering. To address this, we plan to make some display related enhancements soon.

I did a quick video of iZoho on iPhone.

Overall, I should say, I am more than impressed with the browser (and ofcourse, the phone too :)). I am glad to see even the regular Zoho apps work well in the browser.

iZoho – Zoho for iPhone

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…or should I say ‘Office for your iPhone‘. This is fun project going live in record time (thanks to our APIs and of course our team).
iZoho (no, its not an online desktop :)) is an easier way to access your Zoho Apps on your Mobile…atleast, iPhone for now. Sure, you can use Zoho Apps in their current form on your iPhone, but there is lot of stuff you don’t need on your mobile phone. So we simplified the interface and just provided simple features you’d normally use on a mobile phone.

We have three applications available currently in iZoho – Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show which lets you view your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Zoho. Currently you can view and edit your documents, but you cannot edit your spreadsheets and presentations (you can only view them). You can also create new documents and view your presentations in landscape mode. There will be more features coming as we move along.
Frankly, we don’t know how this will work on iPhone as we haven’t tested it. It certainly works well on Safari so we hope it’ll be a non-issue. In any case, we will be fine tuning this over the next few days.

As I mentioned earlier, a device with a big screen, built in Wi-Fi, good usability and a full fledged browser will only improve the chances of practically using web apps on a mobile device.
Do give it a try and let us know what you think (support at zoho.com). Below are some screenshots.

home.jpg docs.jpg writer.jpg

Moore’s Law on Companies

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IBM was the dominant company of the mainframe era – and at the peak of their influence they had around 200K employees. The dominant company of the PC era is Microsoft, and they had around 40K employees at the peak of their influence and power. Google is the dominant company of the emerging internet era, at around 10K employees. It is easy to see a kind of Moore’s Law operating here: the dominant company in each technology generation is a fraction of the size of the dominant company of the previous generation.  Timescales are shrinking too. IBM reigned supreme for decades, Microsoft for about a decade. Powered by technology itself, economies of scale are becoming available at smaller and smaller scales.

SteekR integrates Zoho

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SteekR, an online storage vendor integrated Zoho Writer into their application in their recent update. With this integration SteekR users can edit documents using Zoho Writer and save them back into their SteekR Drive.

SteekR offers a free account with 1GB storage space. I like their upload feature where you can just drag and drop your files into the browser and they are uploaded directly without having to install anything. Also, if you have any photos or audio files uploaded, you can play them directly in your browser. They have a great application and we are glad to see Zoho integrated into it.

Other online storage vendors who integrated Zoho APIs include Box.net, FileDen, MyDataBus & OmniDrive. We’d like to thank you all once again for integrating Zoho Apps and we look forward for more such integrations.