Switch to other Zoho services from Zoho Writer easily

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A small but very important and useful function got added in today’s Zoho Writer update. You will now notice a ‘Switch To’ link at the top of your Zoho Writer page. Click on that and in the drop-down menu that appears, you will find links to other Zoho apps. Allows you to open your other Zoho app accounts in new browser tabs easily from within Zoho Writer.

All the other Zoho applications will follow suit in having this option soon.

Zoho Facebook App Update

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We rolled out an update for our recently announced application on Facebook. This update include couple of enhancements.

  • Zoho Creator Applications are now part of Zoho Application for Facebook
  • Enhancements for login etc

If you have any database applications created using Zoho Creator, these applications are now available on Facebook. You can view and edit these applications.

We also made some enhancements on managing your account. Previously you had to login to Zoho every time you login to your Facebook account to view your Zoho Documents. This issue is now fixed. You just need to enter your existing Zoho Account details for the first time and we’ll link your Zoho account with your Facebook account. So you’ll see all your documents without having to login to Zoho every time. If you don’t have a Zoho Account, you can just provide us your email address and desired user name and we will create an account and link it directly to your Facebook account.

Do give it a try and let us know what you think. More updates are on the way.

Stock functions in Zoho Sheet

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We recently added the STOCK function in Zoho Sheet. Using this, you can now add stock quotes to your spreadsheets. You just need to specify the symbol and the type of data you want (optional).



Change in stock quotes are automatically reflected in your spreadsheets with a max of 30 minutes delay. But you would need to reopen your spreadsheet or your published spreadsheet for the changes to show. Stock function is available under the Stock category and under the Financial category in our functions dialog that appears when you click on the fx icon.

There are some limitations to it. This cannot be currently used in nested functions, nor can it refer other cells. We hope to support these things in the future.

Note: Stock details are provided from free stock sources available in the Web. The data may be delayed up to 30 minutes. Also the data provided is solely for informational purposes.

We have also added support for 7 more languages – Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Danish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch. This is in addition to the existing languages of English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Do you want Zoho Sheet in your own language? Send us a mail to support at zohosheet dot com.

Other features include HTML and printable views of public spreadsheets, more shortcuts like Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End and some fixes in charts. Have a look at our What’s New page for more information.

Screencast of Zoho Polls

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Molly McDonald has created a nice screencast of Zoho Polls. You can find the screencast on her blog post on Zoho Polls below:


Zoho has an office suite of web based applications that seems to be growing every time I go back to the site. For some reason I never noticed Zoho Polls way down at the bottom of their homepage. It was released in April of last year but is so easy to use I thought I’d give you a quick look. Here’s my screencast tour of Zoho Polls:

Flash Demo 2m30s

Thank you Molly !

Zoho CRM View: $50 a month/user for CRM is way too much

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There is a discussion going on in the blogosphere about the impending entry of Microsoft to the on-demand CRM market, with price points in the $50 per month/user range – see for example here or here or here. The discussion is about how this is going to seriously undercut Salesforce.com. Well, I am all for undercutting, but $50/month/user doesn’t, well, cut it for me! The enterprise software market could use a little old-fashioned price competition. Even after the last downturn, the industry remains bloated and inefficient. This is most starkly illustrated by the typical enterprise software business model where five even ten dollars are spent on sales & marketing for every dollar spent on R&D – here is the income statement of Salesforce.com if you need proof. If you are the lucky customer of such companies, reflect on the fact that most of what you are paying for is simply paid to market the software to you.

Zoho CRM takes a very different tack. First 3 users are free (that is our marketing expense, if you will), and from that point it is $12 per month per user. Come on, I hear you say, how can a product that costs 70-80% below the competition be just as good? Actually we say our product is better, but don’t take my word for it. Try it out yourself – sign up for a free account at http://zohocrm.com

There is no big secret to our low prices – we keep our costs under control (like any sane business would) and pass on the savings to the customer. That magic formula has worked wonders in every other industry, so why not try it in software? The on-demand software revolution is meaningless if it doesn’t actually lead to materially lower prices in this industry. While I am really excited about the technology behind our Zoho services – compare the ease of use of Zoho Creator against Salesforce AppExchange, for example – I am even more excited about the low prices we can bring to this market.

New Look & Feel for Zoho Chat

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Based on our users’ feedback, Zoho Chat’s update today introduces a new theme. In addition to the existing tab-based theme, you can now have floating (drag-and-drop) chat windows on a desktop theme. These chat windows are now within the Zoho Chat browser tab but soon we will be giving the pop-out option as well. The new theme’s available in two gradient color styles, blue & black, with more colored skins to come.

Desktop theme – Black
Desktop theme – Blue
Tabbed theme

Zoho Creator Scheduled Update [Rescheduled to this week end]

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[Update] : We have decided to postpone the update to this weekend since it will affect our regular users. Hence Zoho Creator service will not be available for a brief period from July 14th, 2007 at 01 AM PDT to July 14th at 02 AM PDT

We have scheduled an update for Zoho Creator. Hence Zoho Creator service will not be available for a brief period from July 9th 2007 20:30 hrs PDT to July 9th 2200 hrs PDT.

We regret for the inconvenience this may cause.