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Jane Lasarenko writes, “I just keep getting more and more satisfied with the range and functionality of Zoho!”. This blogger finds the Zoho QuickRead plug-in very useful. Rich gives 3 reasons of why everyone should be using and one of the reasons he cites is the integration with Zoho.

At, Leo Babauta writes, “it’s never good to be under the thumbs of one company” and lists Top 10 alternatives to Google’s apps. Zoho figures in them :

Perhaps the best online alternative to the Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Zoho has just about everything you’d ever need: a spreadsheet, word processor, presentation program, project manager, notebook, wiki, web conferencing, mail, chat, database and CRM. This might actually be my choice of the future.

Financial Nirvana‘s using a Zoho Sheet chart in their blog post. Instead of using the Zoho Sheet’s embed code, they have a new flashy way of doing it! Inju’s conducted a poll in his COM125 class about experiences in Second Life. Here’s the snapshot of the (Zoho) poll at flickr.

Thanks, everyone :-)

RSS feeds into your Zoho Sheet plus new charts

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In the latest update to Zoho Sheet, we have extended the “Link External Data” feature to support RSS / Atom feeds into your Zoho spreadsheet. With this you can now configure your spreadsheet to periodically fetch data from RSS / Atom feeds and automatically populate them into respective cells. We also support extended custom tags in feeds. So you can populate your spreadsheet even with custom data embedded in feeds such as the GData API for Google Base queries (Example feed). You can then publish this range or draw charts and analyze and even publish them. We already support CSV feeds and HTML pages in the “Link External Data” feature.

We have also added new chart types – Stacked Percentage bar and column charts (2D and 3D), Line Marker and Scatter Line Marker chart types. This now adds up to 27 chart types.

Apart from the above, we have fixed couple of status issues (in certain scenarios) in real time collaboration. The loading time of a shared sheet has also been improved. Now it loads faster compared to the previous update.

More information @

Do write to us on what features you use the most in Zoho Sheet and what you would like to see in the future. You can reach us at support at zohosheet dot com.

Zoho CRM – Improved Web to Prospect UI

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Zoho CRM – Web to Prospect update

As said earlier, we have now started working on improving Zoho CRM’s UI and User Experience. Zoho CRM’s Web-to-Lead user interface is under tweaking now. This will be available in the product soon. We have removed the two tab approach, and integrated all options in a single UI. Thus providing a simpler and easy-to-understand user interface. Here is the mock-up of the UI tweak.

(Click the image to enlarge)

Web to Prospect

– Dharma

Zoho Projects Update : Easy tasklist duplication and more

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Some cool features that you users had been asking for got added in the latest Zoho Projects update done yesterday.

  • If you have the same list of tasks to be duplicated across Milestones/Projects, ‘Task List Template’ is for you. You can create a new template from scratch (click on ‘Settings’ -> ‘Templates’) or make an existing tasklist as a ‘Template Task List’.
  • You can now send private messages to a selected few members of your Projects account. Click on Users -> Send Message (previously, you can only send / not send messages for all members in a project about Meetings & Forum posts)
  • Archived tasks can now be exported (previously only Pending & Closed tasks could only be exported)
  • While posting to the forum, the attachments will be sent along with the notification mail. Also, while replying to a forum post, you have the choice to notify all the users or the owner alone.
  • Project details are displayed when you mouse over a project’s name in the left panel. Likewise, the notes added to a task get displayed on mouseover too.

Other than the above, a few bug fixes got in as well.

Try the new Zoho Projects and please do share your thoughts.

New : Site Map for your Zoho Wiki

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As informed earlier, Zoho Wiki’s latest update added the site map and an easier way for moving around pages. Your Wiki pages can now be re-associated as a sub-page of another through easy drag-and-drop. A sub-page can even be made as a parent page to another. And you can now set privelege options for comments in your Wiki (previously only public wiki pages can be commented upon by others).

Go ahead, check out Zoho Wiki and test drive the new features.