Zoho Notebook Launches

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We are happy to announce the public availability of Zoho Notebook – Beta. Existing Zoho users can login here with your Zoho ID.

As many of you know, we announced Notebook at DEMO 07 and got excellent response. While it took longer than expected to get the app out of the door, we are happy with the product functionality today.

I am not going to talk about the functionalities of the application in this post as the short video below will give you a good idea. But if you need further information, I added it here, well, in a Notebook.

We really hope you enjoy using the application and I am looking forward to hear your feedback on this.

Recent blog posts on Zoho

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Gili at ‘Blogging for business’ has a nice post titled “A realistic valuation model for blogging ventures” which is about calculating the net worth of a blog. The blog evaluation calculator there is on Zoho Sheet. If you have a regular blog, do give the blog evaluation calculator a try.

John Wilson confesses to being a big Zoho fan (thanks, John!) and has a nice post of his first experience with Zoho Meeting. From his blog post,

Today, whilst chatting to someone on Skype, I decided it would be helpful to walk them through a website application. I was able to quickly launch Zoho Meeting, ping them an email invite containing a link and within 2 minutes from initiating the entire process, my counterpart was able to view my onscreen activities without having to worry about installs on their machine.

Another long-time Zoho fan, Craig Cmehil has a full review on Zoho Meeting as well.
Talking of Zoho fans, here’s a Chinese blogger named Wangtam who has got lots of posts involving Zoho! Benoit Descary (being French) took note of Zoho Sheet going multilingual.

And this is from a Tumbler blog, “can’t believe I missed these brilliant applications” [referring to Zoho Projects and Zoho Creator]. The same blog makes a reference to one Mr James Clay who had referred to a list of Top 25 Web 2.0 tools for schools. Probably it is this article from March 2007 in OEDb (Online Education Database) which recommends many of the Zoho apps. Elmer Thomas Jr. writing about Office 2.0 tools recommends Zoho Projects & Zoho CRM as well.

Zoho Projects adds more configuration options

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Zoho Projects being used all over the world, our users are a very varied lot. To suit them all, the latest Zoho Projects update introduced quite a few configuration options. The encoding of the mails being sent can now be configured to suit our users’ languages. And the time/date format can be chosen to suit different notations being followed in different parts of the world – am/pm or the 24 hour style for time and dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy and other options for date.

The ‘Powered by Zoho’ logo at the bottom has been made customizable. And it can be linked to the company web address that you provide. Another change is that the users’ First/Last names will be displayed everywhere instead of the email ID.

‘Completed Tasks’ can now be shown or made hidden as need be. And ‘Notes’ of ‘Completed Tasks’ are now made viewable. There were a few bug fixes as well in Gantt charts, ‘My Home’ page and document versioning modules.

Test drive the latest Zoho Projects and your feedback will be much appreciated!

Aren’t you using Zoho Wiki yet?

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Featuring a few Zoho Wikis we came across here.

The Montana Library Association recently conducted their annual conference and here is their Wiki. Uri Levanon of Craze Digital is organizing a music event, muse.net on June 29 in Israel and he has a wiki named MuseNet. Note how beautifully crafted the instructions are in both Hebrew & English, given the fact that Hebrew is written from Right-to-Left! And we find a lot many Wikis being created in many international languages as well – Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German etc.

Here’s a Wiki for past, present and future Entrepreneurs, the Purdue Entrepreneurship Certificate Program Wiki. And yours truly maintains a few Wiki pages as well 😉 the Zoho Wiki FAQ page and a collection of poems.

Zoho Wiki is free. You can use your existing Zoho ID for logging in or sign-up now. If you are already using Zoho Wiki, do tell us how you are using it.

Zoho CRM : Free for Small Biz With the Outlook Plug-in

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One oft overlooked feature of Zoho CRM offering is that the first 3 users are free. If you are running a small business, Zoho CRM is the ideal fit for you. What’s more, all the features of the priced edition (which is just $12/month from the fourth user onwards) are available in the free edition as well. Yes, that means the Outlook Plug-in too, as numerous free users, like this one here, have asked for. We will be enabling the Outlook plugin for free users within a week, in our next update. Enjoy! If you haven’t already, check out Zoho CRM now.

There’s been a lot of feedback since we removed the “Mass Emailer” option. Our sincere apologies. This feature was being misused for spamming by a very few and this affected Zoho as a whole. We will be re-introducing it with some controls soon. Kindly bear with us till then.

And there’s an exciting major update of CRM coming up this month-end. Am not going to say anything about it other than this teaser : it involves some sort of integration with another Zoho service 😉

Zoho Mail Update – Notification

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Just an advance notice!

We have scheduled an update for Zoho Mail to address some bugs, add features and enhance User Interface. Hence the access to Zoho Mail service will not be available between 22:30 PST and 00:30 PST on Thursday 10th May 2007.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Multilingual Support in Zoho Sheet & more

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Most of the Zoho apps provide Unicode support which enable our users to enter/store their data in any language. But they had to make do with an English interface which was a slight drawback as far as non-English speakers & online collaboration for teams spread across the globe were concerned. Not anymore.

Today, Zoho Sheet took a major step forward in bridging this gap. Zoho Sheet becomes the first of the Zoho apps (Zoho Mail which is private Beta supports 6 languages) to provide non-English UI as an option. You can now choose to have your UI in one of the 5 languages – English, French, Spanish, German or Japanese. We plan to support many other languages soon. Zoho Writer and Zoho Show will be joining Zoho Sheet in offering multilingual support as well.

Other useful features in today’s update include :

  • Customizing invitation email
  • Email notifications on shared spreadsheet updates
  • Easy recalculation of formulas by hitting F9
  • Use your mouse to select cell ranges while typing formulas
  • Data label option in charts

And more