Zoho joins hands with Flixn

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Flixn is a small company with a great product. They have an excellent online audio and video recording application done right in Flash. This means you can record audio and video right from your browser with their flash application and embed it anywhere on the web.

I am glad to announce the partnership between Zoho and Flixn. We will be working together to include audio and video recording capabilities in some of Zoho applications. With this partnership, some of the Zoho Applications will have multimedia support. The guys at Flixn are really fun to work with and we are looking for a long term business relationship here.

I am upbeat on this. What do you think about this partnership? Which Zoho products do you think need this capability right away?

Zoho Show : Scheduled Maintenance on Feb 1, 2007

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Update : Due to unforeseen circumstances, the upgrade’s been postponed to tomorrow. It will happen from 9:00 am GMT to 11:00 am GMT on February 2, 2007.

A major upgrade has been scheduled for Zoho Show. Hence the Zoho Show service will be down for around 2 hours from 8:30 am GMT to 10:30 am GMT on February 1, 2007. Just an advance notice & sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Announcing Zoho Notebook

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I have a good news and a bad news today. The good news is, we are announcing Zoho Notebook, our latest addition to Zoho Suite. The bad news is, you’ll not be able to play with it right away :(.

Zoho Notebook is an interesting application that is similar to your spiral bound notebook where you can write, draw or doodle, but this being a web application, you can add different types of pages to it. One page can be a photo page, another a word processor page, another a Spreadsheet page, another page can be an application…and the list goes on. To each page you can add different types of content such as text, images, audio or video (thanks to our partnership with Flixn) or even your business content. Notebook also comes with some drawing tools that can be used along with your content.
Zoho Notebook does three things well….

  1. It helps you create different types of content.
  2. It helps you aggregate content from multiple sources or applications.
  3. Fine grained collaboration

Please check out this demo video on YouTube which illustrates each of these functionalities better (You should excuse me for this amateur video. This is the first one I ever created.)

Here are couple of screenshots.

nss4.jpg nss1.jpg

Please let us know your comments/suggestions.

Update:  Our launch video @ DEMO 07 is available here showcasing couple of additional features.

Wassup in Zoho World

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Pete Thomas has been a regular user of Zoho Creator and he’s many blog posts on us. In his latest post, he thanks the Zoho Creator team for the help they have been extending him. Kudoes, Creator team :-)

At Connected 2.0, Alex lists Zoho as one of the 10 web apps one can’t live without. Rhea Therese Lucas from Phillipines has just started using Zoho Writer and is liking it for the flexibility it offers her in switching between 3 PCs.

Zoho’s big fan Craig, has been working on a cool Yahoo widget for Zoho. He’s gotten into some trouble while fiddling around with the Zoho Writer/Sheet API. Hope we will be fixing the issues Craig’s been having soon.

As DEMO ’07 is about to start, Graeme Thickins lists the DEMO ’07 companies with a few words of what each company does. Against Zoho, he has ” Zoho / AdventNet – Pleasanton, CA – www.zoho.com – CRM & office productivity apps, incl ZohoWriter”. Don’t forget that Zoho’s there in DEMO ’07 for announcing something new!

On-demand version Zoho VO Update

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The On-demand version of Zoho Virtual Office had a major update today, which is primarily focussed on providing a new User Interface. The goal of this new interface is to make it more easier for the users to use Zoho Virtual Office effectively.

The Quick Preview of the mails has been replaced by a new Fixed Quick View to decrease the loading time and make it more faster. With this new design, users will have the choice to use the application’s real estate in the way they want it.

Along with these UI enhancements/changes, some minor bugs have also been fixed. Try out the latest Zoho Virtual Office and put your comments below or write us at support(at)zohovo(dot)com.

Zoho CRM – Update

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It’s been a long time since the last post for Zoho CRM. Studies are going on for improving the calendar and other related modules for now. Also some of the previous usability and UI updates which were not implemented earlier might get into the application in the coming days. Will update more on the process later.

- Dharma

Sorting of poll results in Zoho Polls

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The sorting of poll results feature is provided in Zoho Polls. It applies to both vote polls and rate polls. You can sort the results based on votes in vote polls, rating in rate polls and you can also sort based on items. To restore back to the default view, click on the default view icon provided just below the hide link. Screenshots are provided for your reference.

Default view of poll result,

Shown is sample for the sorted view of poll result based on rating.