The (not so) secret strategy these 10 customer service legends share

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The not so secret strategy for Custom ServiceIf you plan to thrive in the era of the customer, now is the time to improve your customer service. Regardless of how your customers view you today, to position your brand for the future you first need to examine your company culture and ensure customers are properly considered, i.e. squarely in the center.

Instead of waxing philosophical about the value of a customer-centered culture and its power to revolutionize your customer service, let’s look to and learn from real-world examples.

Let me introduce you to 10 of the best customer service organizations in the world.

These beloved brands, who have each built their company around a strong customer-centric culture, will be our guide. As a direct result of their similar cultures, these companies share a relentless dedication to delivering exceptional customer service with each-and-every interaction.

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Fight Churn and Save Recurring Revenue: Dunning Management to the Rescue!

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Your customers love your service. They use it every day. You have been charging their credit card each month for the services they consume. Let’s assume that one of your customers’ payment failed. Now, what do you do in this situation?
Dunning Management

It is unfair to cancel their subscription just because their card didn’t go through. You also cannot afford to forget the charges. You might be thinking, why can’t I just follow up with that customer? Sure, that sounds like a good option when you only have one payment failure to deal with. But, what happens when your customer base grows and you have to deal with multiple payment failures? It’s not feasible for you to keep track of all card failures and follow up on each of them manually. If this is not handled carefully, it could lead to involuntary churn.

Let’s take a look at what involuntary churn is all about and how you can solve it. Read more

3 Ways “User Roles” can save you a lot of trouble

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When Roger had his living room remodeled, he handed the key to his house to the crew after locking all other rooms because he didn’t want them snooping around.

Now, think why you should grant all your staff access to your accounting software in its entirety, when you only want them to handle a part of it.


It’s not possible for a single person to perform all the functions concerned with business like setting budgets, accounting, well, at least not efficiently. It’s key that these functions are delegated to bookkeepers, accountants, sales staff, and contract workers and performed independently by all members of the staff.

The problem with giving them all unrestricted access is that there is every chance that your financial data is under risk. And there lies an impasse! Limiting access too much could make it hard for your staff to do their tasks efficiently.

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Grow your subscriber base with sign-up forms in Zoho ​Campaigns

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Ask any email marketing expert and they’ll tell you this: the success of your email marketing campaign depends on the health of your mailing list. The reasons are simple. It’s your subscribers who have chosen to receive your content. It’s also your subscribers who later become your customers and generate revenue for you. That’s why it’s important that you keep growing your subscriber base.

There’s another reason as well. It’s said that mailing lists degrade about 22% every year. Some people change their email addresses, others move companies and a few others opt-out of your lists.

One of the easiest ways that you can grow your list is by adding a subscriber form in your blog, website or social media sites. And with the updated sign-up forms in Zoho Campaigns, you not only get easier and more template choices but you also get new ways to track the progress of every subscriber. Read more

Ride on Cupid’s popularity to give your business a boost

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When it comes to the annual gift splurge, Valentine’s Day is just shy of Christmas. And technically it’s not even a holiday! According to the National Retail Federation, this Valentine’s Day will bring in an estimated revenue of $19 billion for businesses. With wallets wide open this season, it’s time to saddle up and make the most of this romantic season.

Give these tips a shot and let the V-Day buzz do the rest to up your game this festive season.


Discounts are dandy but you can’t bank on them

If you are are going to compete with Walmart and Target, and offering discounts on a box of candies is your only strategy, you are destined to fail! Find ways to lead your promotion with that flagship product/service of yours. Read more

Zoho Reports 3.0 is Here

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We are excited to announce the all-new Zoho Reports 3.0, with a sleek new interface and loads of new features.

New UI
The user interface has been completely revamped. Zoho Reports 3.0 offers an enhanced user experience, designed for power users and beginners alike, to quickly and easily create fabulous reports. Read more

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