Single Sign-off in Zoho

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Today, we have changed the logout behavior of Zoho.

Previously, users logged in to more than one service, have to do logout from each service individually. Clicking the logout link in a service will only close that service’s session and will pose the user with links to logout from other logged-in services. This was to avoid users from getting logged-out from other logged-in services. However, this may lead to a security hole for users sharing desktops (like say, browsing centers, test labs etc).  To overcome this, logging out from a single Zoho service will logout the user from “all” the logged-in services from now on.

Due to this change :

1) Before logging out from a service, user has to ensure that there is no unsaved information in any other services (kept open in other browser sessions).
2) If a user wants to logout from only one service, he can just close that browser tab and continue using other services.

Formatting options in Zoho Planner

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Zoho Planner offers some formatting options. You can put these options to good use while making your To-Dos lists and Notes. Say for example, you can use Bold text for highlighting a particular To Do to convey that it is more important to you than others.

The help page for knowing the various formatting options can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Text Formatting‘ link at the bottom-left of your Zoho Planner page. Also, this Zoho Wiki page helps illustrate the various options as well.

Zoho Show Update : Tags, public pages & more

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Zoho Show underwent an update over the weekend and we added Web 2.0 related social goodness like tag clouds, tag search, listing of public presentations etc.

Previously, presentations declared public in Zoho Show were used mainly for embedding them in blogs or say the public URL was mailed across for friends/colleagues to see. Zoho Show lacked a place where such presentations were exhibited for the whole user community to contribute to & make use of. Not anymore! Click here & you will see all the presentations made public till now. You can see that each presentation has a separate page where you can comment on, get the code for embedding it in your blog/web site, the number of views it has got till now, related presentations based on tags/author, ‘digg it’ & ‘Add to delicious’ icons etc.

Zoho Show enables you to easily add tags to your presentations & search these tags for related presentations as well. And other changes like the modified slide controls with a Play/Pause button & a slider for easier setting of time in between slides are there too. The main features of the update as a Zoho Show slide show below :

This update is just the first of the many to follow and is very much a work in progress. Watch this space for more of Zoho office suite’s updates to come :-)

Blogs on Zoho Projects and CRM

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Doug Caldwell has this to say about Zoho Projects :

I have not had the need or even aware there was this sort of free application available until recently. Once I learned the hierarchy between milestones, task list , and tasks it was very straight forward.

And CRM Blogger writes about Zoho CRM :

For those of you who are looking for a cost-effective online CRM solution, I’d like to introduce Zoho CRM. It’s a powerful on-demand CRM system that is very comparable to without the large price tag.


Inter-application Chat in Zoho

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We recently announced Zoho Chat integration with Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Mail. This means, if you are collaborating with other users on a document or spreadsheet, you can chat with the other users right within these applications (thanks to Zoho Chat).

If you start a chat session in one application, you can now continue the same chat session across applications in Zoho. This works with Zoho Writer, Sheet and Mail currently. Once chat is integrated into other applications, this feature will flow. Here are few screens of the same chat session in different applications.

chatwriter.jpg chatsheet.jpg chatmail.jpg

Zoho last week

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The more blog posts we come across, the more surprised we are seeing the wide spectrum of people using Zoho! Here are a few users that we came across in blogs the past week.

Simon LePine is a mountain climber/insurance agent/rescue worker/entrepreneur. In an interview with ‘Nu Nomad’, Simon talks about using Zoho’s suite for running his business while traveling.

Craig Cmehil, SDN Evangelist has completed his example series of how he integrated Zoho with SAP. Thanks Craig, hope your dream of how this can be taken to a new level of collaborative interaction is realized soon :-)

Dembe Wellman, an educator exploring how to use Second Life for educational purposes says Zoho Writer is a cool tool for groups working in Second Life. From her blog post :

I think this could be a wonderful tool for group users of SL. It eliminates the need for making sure all users have the same software and cuts down the possibility of downloading viruses onto a computer.

H Songhai says, “[Zoho Show] is a very practical presentation package and it’s pretty full featured. I started using it today and found it to be extremely user friendly. Resizing pictures was a little tedious.” (we will sure be making resizing of pictures a lot easier). He has a nice presentation in Zoho Show as well.

Jesse writes, “I’ve been working on a staff development class called “Web 2.0 Applications”. In my research, I’ve found and fallen in love with, especially the Creator database. I used it today to make an issue tracking application for our tech team.”

Thanks, everyone! And to the readers of this blog : do share your thoughts of how you are using Zoho.

Zoho @ Web 2.0 Expo and SaasCon

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Zoho will be co-sponsoring/participating at the Web 2.0 Expo and SaasCon events this week. If any of you would like to talk to us, this is the right place as we also have some people from our development team attending thee conference.

At the Web 2.0 Event, I’ll be joining fellow panelists Danny Kolke, Joel Dreyfuss, Don Campbell and Jonathan Rochelle to discuss on SMBx: The Revolution of the SMB Application Marketplace. I am looking forward for a good discussion here.

At the SaasCon Sridhar Vembu will be discussing with fellow panelists Erik Larson and Dave Scott on The Ingredients of SaaS Collaboration.

If you are attending any of these events, please join us for the discussions. If you’d like to meet us, drop us a line and we can meet for some coffee.

Earlier this year, Rafe Needleman from Webware mentioned that Zoho releases a new application at every conference.

There are several Web start-ups that I see over and over again at new-tech conferences but none that launch a new product at each show. That’s certainly what it feels like Zoho does. “Look, it’s another conference! Let’s launch another product.”

Rafe: We are breaking the tradition this time. We plan not to release any new application until we open up our existing private-beta applications (Notebook, Meeting & Mail).