Zoho on Wii

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With nothing much to do this weekend due to rain, I decided to play with my Wii. After enabling wireless access on Wii, I installed ‘Internet Channel (Trail Version)’ as another channel (This basically is a customized Opera Browser for Wii). What surprised me is that this is a fully functional web browser (unlike other mini versions). Why do I say this?

Well, you know that the Zoho applications are JavaScript/AJAX intensive. These Zoho apps (I tested Writer, Sheet & Show) worked perfect including dragging and dropping of charts in Sheet.

Zoho Notebook is another JavaScript intensive application. When I try Notebook in Opera on WinXP, I cant draw lines or move content around. But surprisingly, even drawing lines (and dragging objects) worked perfectly on Opera for Wii. Below are some screenshots.

DSC00438.JPG DSC00443.JPG DSC00445.JPG

Of course, I do not expect people using Zoho or other web apps on their TV/Wii or iPods…but as I said earlier, this is fun.

What’s Virtual Office

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The idea of writing this blog post is to allow the users increase the efficiency and overall effectiveness of their business by using Zoho Virtual Office effectively.

Zoho Virtual Office is a web-based collaboration groupware that provides a virtual collaboration platform using which individuals and groups can communicate, collaborate, organize and share information seamlessly using number of useful applications like E-mail Client, Virtual storage for Documents, Personal and Group Calendar, Task Scheduler, Contacts Manager, Instant Messaging, Discussions board, etc.

Zoho Virtual Office allows users to create multiple groups, and use all of these components within groups unleashing the real power of collaboration. This helps you increase the efficiency and overall effectiveness of your business.

With Zoho Virtual Office, time and distance no longer an issue to work with your team together. It harnesses the power of the Internet to provide a unique and exciting approach for the effective collaboration. Be it your office, home, or anywhere on the road, you can access all your data and collaborate with your group/team from any computer that has an Internet connection and a web browser as it provides independence with respect to location, platform, machine and browser*.

Using Zoho Virtual Office, you can:

  • Have easy access to information from anywhere
  • Bring together virtual team members
  • Share, review and edit information securely
  • Create, Store and Share Documents online
  • Communicate through instant messaging, discussion forums
  • Know which team members are online and offline
  • Track, manage and organize meeting and projects
  • Set task reminders and notifications
  • Create Notes to collect important information
  • Plan, schedule and track all appointments, events, etc.
  • Access all your important data from Zoho VO through WAP enabled devices
  • Integrate e-mail, task, calendar and notes to form a seamless collaboration platform
  • and much more…

Try Zoho VO and put comments below.

Tip : Post to your blog from Zoho Writer

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Since many new Zoho Writer users continue to have questions regarding how one can post to blog from Zoho Writer, here’s a step-by-step procedure of doing it.

First, to post to blogs hosted by blogger.com, WordPress.com etc.

  1. Click on the ‘Publish’ link on the Zoho Writer toolbar and choose the ‘Post to Blog’ option in the drop-down
  2. In the ‘Blog Settings’ dialog box that opens, choose your blog platform – Blogger, WordPress, TypePad or LiveJournal
  3. Give your user name and password of your blog account and hit the ‘Get my blogs’ button. If you want, you can tick the ‘Remember my blog settings’ checkbox. This will allow you to directly fetch your blogs everytime you use the ‘Post to Blog’ option
  4. Your blog will get fetched. Say you have multiple blogs at blogger or WordPress associated with your user name and password, choose the blog where you would like to post
  5. You can specify which ‘Category’ you would like the post to be posted in (in case you have categories). Also, if you have added tags to your Zoho Writer document and if you like these tags to be made as Technorati tags in your blog post, just check the ‘With tags’ checkbox
  6. Hit the ‘Publish’ button and your blog post will get published

The above steps as a slide show in Zoho Show :

(Note : Make sure you have set the correct time zone under Options -> Time Zone in your Zoho Writer account)

Now consider a blog like of this site’s. This is a WordPress.org blog hosted in our own servers. Here’s how to do it in this case :

  1. Click on the ‘Publish’ link & choose the ‘Post to Blog’ option in the drop-down.
  2. In ‘Blog Settings’ dialog box that opens, click the ‘Add Blog’ link
  3. Give some name (Zoho Blog, for example) for the ‘Custom Blog Name’ field
  4. For the ‘URL’, give http://your_blog_domain_name.com.xmlrpc.php
  5. For the ‘API’, choose metaWeblog
  6. Click ‘Save’ & you are done with adding your WordPress.org blog.
  7. Now, in the ‘Blog Settings’, your blog would have got added & so choose ‘Zoho Blog’.
  8. Give Username/password credentials & click ‘Publish’.

Again, a Zoho Show slide show showing the above steps.

If you haven’t tried posting to your blog from Zoho Writer yet, do give it a try.

Zoho Writer Update : Post to blog issues fixed

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We have been having issues lately when posting to WordPress and blogger.com blogs. Zoho Writer had an update a couple of hours before and this issue has been addressed. You should be able to post to your blog again. Kindly let us know if you have problems posting to your blog.

Note : Posting to the old blogger.com blogs may not work intermittently. This is because we are getting inconsistent replies from blogger.com and also because the old accounts are being moved to the new blogger by Google.

Adding Users in Zoho Projects

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Typically, you are a person in the managerial capacity and have set up an account at Zoho Projects. Then you have added details (tasks, tasklists, milestones etc) about the current project(s) that your company/firm is handling to your Zoho Projects account. Today’s tip is for those who have difficulty in adding users to each such project.

Login to your Zoho Projects account. You can either use the “New User” link at the left-bottom or go to “Settings” -> “People View” for adding new users. You can add a user as a client too – in case you are doing a project for a client and you want to involve him/her in your project proceedings – by clicking on “Settings” -> “Client View” -> “Add Client”.


The users you added will be receiving an email about you adding them up and a random generated password. They can visit http://projects.zoho.com, type their email ID for user name and the password they got for logging in. They will see the projects and project details you have created. (the password can be changed by visiting Settings -> General Settings -> Change Password)

In case they don’t receive the email (the email could have wrongly landed in spam/bulk folders etc), please ask them to follow the below steps :

# Visit http://projects.zoho.com
# Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link there.
# Type his/her email ID (the same email ID that you used to add him/her as a user) as the login name and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
# The user will receive an email with a HTML link in it. Clicking on the link the user will be taken to a page where they can choose a new password.
# Using his/her email ID and the newly chosen password, the user can login at http://projects.zoho.com

Was the above tip useful?

Setting reminders in Zoho Planner

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Here’s one oft repeated feedback mail that we receive from Zoho Planner users :

I keep getting a reminder mail from Zoho Planner though the Appointment (or Task or Reminder) has long passed. How can I stop this?

Well, Zoho Planner offers recurring reminder options for your ‘To Dos’, ‘Appointments’ and ‘Reminders’. Screenshots below of the options offered.




Though we set the reminder option to ‘once’ by default, users tend to set it to ‘every n hours’ or ‘every n days’. Hence they end up getting the reminder emails repeatedly at their set frequency. So, if you don’t want to get bombarded with the same reminder email(s) from Zoho Planner again and again, please exercise caution when setting your reminder option!

Login to your Zoho Planner account, revisit the To Dos / Reminders / Appointments sections of your Zoho Planner pages and edit/delete them as the case may be.

UPDATE : Stopping the reminder has been made easier. Each reminder email you receive will have a unique URL (HTML link) in it. Clicking on it will stop the reminder (you will see a message “The recurring reminder has been stopped” once you click on the URL, when logged in to Zoho Planner)