Publish Sheet, Specific sheet sharing and Merge cells

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We made an update just now in Zoho Sheet with support for the following:

- Publish sheet to enable embedding of spreadsheets in webpages
– Specific sheet sharing enables you to share individual sheets to a set of users
– Horizontal merging of cells
– Vertical alignment of cells

and some enhancements.

Publish Sheets:
This enables you to embed your interactive spreadsheets to your blog or a website page or a Zoho Writer document or a Zoho Show slide. These are up-to-date spreadsheets. Any changes in the original spreadsheet in Zoho are reflected in the published spreadsheets. Right now, the spreadsheet has to be made public to avail this feature and the public sheet will also be listed in This is subject to change on a later update.

Here is a spreadsheet embedded in a Zoho Writer document.

More on embedding your spreadsheet into Zoho Writer and Zoho Show on a later post.

Share Specific Sheets:
You can now share specific sheets to specific users with specific access too. So now you can have everything related in one workbook / document and share it with your users giving appropriate permissions. You can even hide sheets you do not want to share. The default is however sharing the whole document. We have also added auto completion of email address. If you are trying to share a document to an email address to which you have already shared, it will prompt the email address as you begin to type the first few letters.

Merge cells and Vertical alignment:
We have now supported horizontal merging of cells. You can span your cell content across multiple cells horizontally. Vertical merging of cells will follow in the coming updates. And no more overlapping of cell content.

Vertical alignment is another thing that we have added in this update. Use the icons in the extended toolbar for this.

We have also made some enhancements like copying cell(s) to a bigger target range will paste the content in the whole range. Very useful if you need to copy a formula to multiple cells, in the absence of fill series. Have a look at our What’s New page for more information.

As usual, keep sending us your valuable feedback and suggestions.


P.S: This wordpress installation removes the iframes and hence I am currently unable to post the spreadsheet directly in our blog. I think we need to customize it.

Add Shapes to your Zoho Show presentation

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With the latest update of Zoho Show that happened a few minutes before, you can now have shapes inserted in your presentation (needs Flash 6+ plugin in your browser).


Other than the above, a couple of other features have been added too. Whenever you make a presentation public, you can now mail your friends directly from inside Zoho Show (informing them that you have a presentation made). Another handy feature is the showing of the first slide as a thumbnail when you click on a presentation under ‘My Presentations’.

Try the latest Zoho Show now.

The NYT mentions Zoho again

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In an article titled “Help With Your Business, Often Free, on the Web” (requires free subscription to view), Eric A. Taub while writing in the ‘Small Business’ section, has the following to say :

While Microsoft Office is the standard product for creating documents, slide shows and spreadsheets, some no-cost alternatives can create documents compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Web-based software, available at sites like and, users can grant access to others to read and change a file, without having to e-mail the document or keep track of the latest version. Files are kept at the company’s servers rather than on the user’s PC. And because the products are Web-based, they can be accessed using any operating system, but not necessarily any Web browser.

Thanks to Eric & NYT! If you are a small business owner, Zoho is an ideal companion for you. Check out the free apps on offer at

ps: Zoho has been mentioned in main stream media like the NYT & the WSJ before. More on this here & here.

Zoho in Forbes

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The Forbes technology section, has a study titled “The Best Web-Based Computer Applications For Small Business“. Zoho Writer was awarded as being the best app in the Word Processors category & Zoho Sheet came a close runner-up in the Spreadsheets category. Some excerpts from the article :

Zoho Writer is in some ways superior to Microsoft Word, because it automatically creates an HTML version of your document on the fly and handles images better.

Zoho Sheet is a close runner-up to Google Spreadsheets, and in fact, it bests the Google app in several ways. It lets you create charts, for example, and you can export to a wider range of formats, including Excel, OpenOffice, CSV, HTML and PDF.

Zoho Writer can export files to many formats, including Word DOC files, Rich Text Format (RTF), text files, PDF, HTML, the Open Office SXW extension and OpenDocument’s ODT format.

As for collaboration, it’s got what you need. It’s simple to invite others to view or get read/write access to a document. Bloggers will appreciate its ability to link directly into accounts for Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress and TypePad, and to upload your current document as a post.

Thanks to Forbes & congrats to the other winners and contestants.

ps: The above Forbes study also appeared in TechWeb/CRN here.

Zoho UI

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Dan, who tried Zoho a couple of days back wrote:

However in using them [Zoho] I was very disappointed to find that each program had a *totally* different look-and-feel to them – they were, in effect, four entirely separate applications. They in no way felt part of a suite, and do not have any of the advantages outlined above.

Craig, who has been following Zoho’s progress, too wanted to know:

how serious is Zoho taking the UI experience of the users out there?

We do take in feedback from users on their experience with Zoho and are only too glad to hear what users have to say on the UI and how comfortable they feel while using Zoho.

That said, it is true that there is some lack of uniformity amongst the Zoho applications. Of all our applications, users might have noticed that Zoho Writer and Zoho Planner have similar UI. Zoho Projects, our latest offering too adopted the same. This is just so that they all look like a part of the same suite. The users can be rest assured that other services will soon follow the familiar Zoho Writer UI, as a part of hooking all the pieces of the Zoho suite.