New OSes Vs Web-based Programs

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Stephen H. Wildstrom at BusinessWeek has a good article on how web-based programs will be a big story in 2007. He writes how they will make news along with the new OS releases scheduled for 2007, Vista & Leopard.

For the past quarter-century, there has been a trend toward ever more complex software running on ever more powerful computers. In 2006, Web-based programs that can run on less powerful computers and simpler software began to emerge as serious contenders. In place of Microsoft Office, we may soon see people adopting productivity suites from Google (GOOG), startup Zoho, and others—at least for use in homes and schools.

Web programs need only a browser to work. The more popular they get, the less relevant Vista and Leopard, with all their fancy new bells and whistles, become. And because the new Web programs are all based on industry standards, even the choice of a browser is less important.

Though there are a lot many web-based applications available, we consider it our honor that Stephen chose Zoho as the example along with Google alone (Microsoft Office Live is mentioned elsewhere in the article). Thanks, Stephen!

Zoho is up again

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The internet link to our data center was down and hence Zoho experienced a downtime of about 30 minutes. Everything is fine now and all Zoho services are up again. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Play more Griddles on Zoho Sheet

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Users would recollect reading this recent post , where we’d first mentioned Zoho Sheet user and puzzle enthusiast David(Millar) – who’d had put up his Griddle game ‘Loop-de-Loop’ as a public sheet on our web service.

We’re happy to note that David’s been busy ever since, creating more games for all of us to enjoy testing our wits against.

A selection of some of the ‘Loop-de-Loop’ series Griddles :

Loop-de-Loop 6

Loop-de-Loop 5

Loop-de-Loop 4

Loop-de-Loop 2

If you’d like to play other such exciting puzzles created by David, do visit his website. If you want to pass on your feedback regarding the games or have any other requests for puzzles, you can get in touch with David, or just drop us a line and we’ll pass it on to him.

And do stay tuned to Zoho Sheet for more great puzzles from David!

People using Zoho

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Shailendra at ‘ApniTally’ has a good demo for Tally 9 created in Zoho Show, explaining users how to create a payslip.

Miriam at ‘illuminea blog’ is using Zoho Planner and notes that it is a cool tool. More at her blog.

Helene Blowers at Learning 2.0 has a nice podcast titled “Web Applications – Taking Productivity beyond the Desktop”. To quote her, “With Zoho and web-based applications, the possibilities are endless”. Thanks Helene. Click here for more.

Friends at Jambav are using Zoho Sheet and Zoho Creator for their checklists and surveys.

How are you using Zoho?

Template Library in Zoho Writer and more

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Though Zoho Writer had templates support, till now, you would have to build the templates yourselves. Not anymore. Zoho Writer now has a full-blown template library. And as a Zoho Writer user, you can make the best use of it by picking up readymade templates there which you can use for drafting your documents. And Zoho Writer allows you to upload templates that you the expert have built too. Try the new templates feature by clicking on the ‘Template Library’ link at the top of your Zoho Writer page.


Zoho Writer now has the ‘Save As’ functionality. You can either save a document as a ‘New Document’ (much useful when you need to make multiple copies of the same document) or as a ‘Template’.


Another useful feature that got added in today’s update is with regards to History/Versioning. As you may know, Zoho Writer supports both collaboration and versioning of documents. Now you get to know who saved each version of the document too.

Check out the latest Zoho Writer and we would be glad hearing your feedback.

Eating one’s own dog food

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Pandurang Nayak, one of our long time well-wishers had asked :

Would the AdventNet sales team use Zoho Show? (Would they? Really?) Or would their finance team create all of their balance sheets and tax calculations for they year on Zoho Sheet. (Really, again?) Or would they expect their technology teams to create 3000-page product and technical documentation on Zoho Writer?

he answer to his last question is now public. Zoho Projects had an update just minutes before and its help documentation is now available. It was fully created and is hosted on Zoho Writer.

Other Zoho documentation on Zoho Writer currently include the Zoho Writer FAQ page, pages for the Zoho API (the application form for getting the API key is on Zoho Creator) and the help page for Zoho Plug-in for Microsoft Office. Thanks to Ahmed and Nithya who created all the content. And I expect all future technical documentation for Zoho to be hosted on Zoho Writer.

Coming back to the Zoho Projects update, users can now be notified by mail when a task is being assigned to a user and when a forum post is being made. And while sending feedback, you now have the option to post your feedback directly to the product forum too.

Check out the latest in Zoho Projects.

The latest news about Zoho

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Mathew Ingram writes an article titled “In sync with Zoho” at From his article :

Zoho … has been making some advances in one of the most crucial areas for Web-based software, and that is the ability to synchronize online documents and offline documents. This week, the company launched several plugins for Microsoft Office products that effectively allow users to save their desktop files in folders on Zoho’s servers, where they can be retrieved and worked on from any PC with an Internet connection.

In other words, if you are working at the office on Microsoft Word or Excel (but not PowerPoint as yet), you can save that document on your desktop PC — but at the same time you can also save it in a Zoho folder so that you can work on it at home or at another location. Zoho even offers desktop folder icons for its Web services so that you can simply drag a file over to a folder icon and have it automatically saved at Zoho.

Zoho has also released an API, or application programming interface, for its products, which means that other companies — online storage providers such as, Carbonite or Mozy, for example — can easily build support for Zoho’s services into their own products. In that way, Carbonite could offer a service package that included integration with Zoho so that all of an individual or small business’s documents would be stored on Carbonite’s servers whenever they were saved.

One of the biggest benefits of online software like Zoho Writer and Google’s Writely is that you can collaborate with others on a document a lot more easily. So if you need to plan a soccer or hockey schedule, or put together a menu for an event or even work on a project with a partner, online services make it easy to do so without having to email Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to all the participants and then wait for their changes.

And with the synchronization features that Zoho has just launched, you can use both your desktop software and online services seamlessly without having to choose between the two.

Martin Veitch at “the Inquirer” writes “Zoho webilises Office 2007

WHILE MICROSOFT yesterday had its big coming-out party for Office 2007, a somewhat smaller company is pointing ahead in a direction some watchers say Big Green should be looking.

Zoho, one of a crop of companies making web-based productivity apps, has just released a plug-in for Office 2000, 2003 and 2007 that webilises Word and Excel, letting users save files to their Zoho accounts so they can still work on the web when away from their PCs.

And Mike at Techcrunch points to this cute Web 2.0 Poster from eboy.

Glad to note that Zoho forms a part of it. Find out the Zoho logo out there!