Sharing your presentations just became easier

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One benefit of Zoho Show that’s been somewhat hidden is to share your presentations with others by embedding them in your website or blog. We have made this a little easier with the latest update made today. Just click on the Actions link on the top-right and you will see the ‘Embed Slideshow’ link there. Clicking on it, you will get a HTML code snippet which you can embed in your blog or web site. Expect a few more niceties in the upcoming updates as regards sharing!

Launch the above embedded presentation as a full-screen slideshow

In IE7, some screens didn’t show up well and a few functions couldn’t be accessed. With the update done yesterday, Zoho Show works fine in IE7.

Previously, when inserting images, we would be showing all your images and this took quite some time to load if you had a lot of images. This has been made easier now as we load the images in batches of 10.

And there are some improvements as regards writing text. Text boxes automatically expand now as the lines of text grow. And many of you have written back to us expressing the font sizing in Zoho Show as percentage is a bit diferent from the normal way of setting it in points. We have made a graphical representation of the sizing now. And we plan to give the points system in future.

Choosing the type of fonts is easier too as we now display how each font looks like.

Check out Zoho Show and tell us what you think of this update.

Non-English blog posts on Zoho

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While we have been featuring a lot many blog posts on Zoho, almost all of them tend to be in English. But Zoho attracts users from around the world & bloggers from non-English speaking countries write about Zoho too. Some such recent posts below.

Morten Brunbjerg Bech
at Net Tips has a long post in Danish on the various services offered by Zoho.

Benoit Descary (a long-time user of multiple Zoho services) has a post that compares Site24x7 with a couple of other monitoring sites.

Peter Lemenkov has one in Russian comparing the various online word processors.

ps : I use AltaVista’s Babel Fish to see the translated posts in English. While it does the job (you know the jist of what’s being said), any other translators that you can recommend?

Zoho and Ray Ozzie interview on ZDNet

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The difference between a Microsoft and a Zoho is not purely one of size, there is a fundemental difference in how we and other Web 2.0 companies communicate to the public and launch our products. In many respects, we have the luxury of releasing code early, getting feedback and improving features as quickly as the requests come in. To a Microsoft this approach was unimaginable two years ago and even today goes against the grain of sane software marketing, not to mention potential cannibalization of their core desktop offerings. I respect what Ray has to say about paying attention to what customers want and taking an holistic view of the market. I am also glad that Zoho is in the space we are in and am very passionate about the market opportunity and about our prospects. The customer wins when there are competing market forces. Whether we have reached a tipping point or not for Office 2.0, there will be an Office 2.5, 3.0, etc. and Zoho will continue to innovate on the edge.

posted by: Ian Wenig

Zoho this Week

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Ryan at CyberNet Technology News has just discovered the Zoho QuickRead plugin (we updated it just today for it to work in Firefox 2.0). He has a nice blog post on it.

Doc-T does a nice comparison of Google’s & Zoho’s office suites.

A Type-1 diabetic, Diabetic Diner, has a log book created in Zoho Creator for following his medication.

Dan McCrea at Innerphaze who way back in December 2005 had a nice Ajax Office Review, now has a useful post titled “10 Free Online Tools for Research“. Nice to see Zoho Writer make it to his Online Word Processors list.

The Internet Librarian 2006 conference has recently concluded. Steven M Cohen, while presenting his annual presentation there had Zoho in his “What’s Hot in Social Software A to Z” list. Many blog posts refer to his presentation.

We had featured earlier a couple of poems that had Zoho in them. Here’s one more featuring many Web 2.0 companies.

Zoho, mashup, Flikr, Wiki–
Technology is getting triki.
RSS, Rollyo, Technorati
Sound like a plot by Illuminati.

I can’t help but be
By a website called
Sandbox, YouTube sound like codes
In a sinister plan–by whom? Who knows?

Susan Pflug

Susan’s RimeTimer, true to its name has quite a few like the above.

Deal Architect carries my guest post …

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Vinnie Mirchandani’s Deal Architect blog carries a guest post I wrote.

It is a subject that Vinnie discusses often in his blog, and something I feel passionate about: IT revolution should lead to lower prices for software and web services, so more and more of humanity can afford IT. Hardware is already getting there, but software prices remain too high, and this is true even for on-demand services. Software companies are some of the most inefficient companies around, contrary to popular perception, and vendors are all too happy to inflict that inefficiency on their customers,  value-padding in the name of value-adding.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write on this topic, Vinnie!

Tips for saving money

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This post lists some 88 ways for doing just that. A few that caught my attention – sleep in airports, don’t buy a TV – watch YouTube, raise your own chickens, don’t eat (fast once in a while), shave less often, turn out the lights (save electricity) & meditate in the dark (reduce your stress levels) and finally, my best liked tip – tip number 78 😉

Publishing Cell Ranges using Zoho Sheet

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Publishing a cell range in Zoho Sheet is now supported!

You can publish a specific cell range by:

  • Selecting it and performing a right-click, which gives you an option called ‘Publish this range’ (or)
  • Selecting it and then using the ‘Publish’ menu (as shown above) for more options

Either of these options will give you a HTML code snippet that you can just paste in any HTML page – your blog, your webpage, any ZohoWriter document or even a Zoho Show slide.

Once you’ve pasted it, every time the published page is opened afresh, you get the updated, live data from Zoho Sheet – any changes done to your Sheet will automatically get reflected on your HTML page!

For example, the table below is a specific cell range published from this public sheet:

To just have an idea of how the same data looks graphically, the chart generated for the above cell range can be displayed like this using Zoho’s charting options:

Monthly Sales -

The ‘Publish’ menu option enables you to not only publish a specific range of cells, but also shows previously published ranges.

In essence, what the ‘Publish Cell Range’ option offers you is the ability to dynamically display any selected spreadsheet data range, thereby eliminating the need for sharing ‘more data than necessary’ – if all you want to do is to just show a range of values on your HTML page!

No more screen-shots of your tabular data nor images necessary – just try Zoho Sheet’s ‘Publish’ option!

PS: If you’d noticed, cell borders are also supported now!