Zoho Writer Beta is Out

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Hi Folks,

We take immense pleasure in announcing the launch of Zoho Writer Beta.

Thanks to all of you users who have been using the Alpha version & had given us valuable feedback. A lot of work has gone into this release’s making. The interface has been revamped completely with the aim to make Zoho Writer much more easy to use. Everything has been made just one click away including a single click toggle between full screen editing & inline editing. Lots of minor editor enhancements like find & replace, anchor support, additional fonts etc. have been added too for the Beta.

So what are you waiting for? Go, give Zoho Writer a try. And hey, remember to clear your browser cache before you take the Beta for the test drive.



Beta Opened up!

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Zoho Creator is now open for public beta testing.

We are very excited to finally start getting feedback from actual users on the service we have put countless hours. The development cycle was focussed, intense and FUN .We had a helluva of good times while making UI’s, doing the code and painting our screens. We are delighted the way how Zoho Creator has shaped up.

What is Zoho Creator?
Zoho Creator is a free online service to create lightweight applications for your individual needs and tastes like- Contact List, Dating or a Feedback application and bit of serious applications like CRM, Helpdesk and Recruitment. Zoho Creator isn’t about coding, its all about WYSIWYG clicks.

To get your hands on beta, provide your email here. We will be sending you the invitation.

Just bear with us if the invitation is delayed a bit, we will be sending the invitations as the load on our server eases. We want to provide you a uninterrupted service while creating the application.

Waste no time as the clicks are going fast. Go get your invitation now!

Doc on Blogging

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David Newberger has put up in his blog a 10-question interview with Doc Searls. Doc is at his usual best. Liked the last Q&A in particular

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out blogging?

Think of every post as an email that’s cc:world. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Be yourself. Write about what interests you. Link a lot and follow other links. Follow subjects through keyword search subscriptions in your aggregator. Drive ideas. Participate. Write with provisionally, rather than finality (leave that up to the big-time print journalists who are paid to pontificate). Start snowballs rolling, and add snow to ones rolling by. Be humble. Make mistakes, correct them and move on.

Oh, and use your own name. Don’t bury your identity.