Les Blogs 2.0

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France 144
USA 40
U.K. 31
Germany 28
The Netherlands 22
Belgium 12
Italy 11
Switzerland 11
Spain 10
Denmark 8
Canada 6
Hungary 5
Ireland 5
Finland 4
Austria 3
Sweden 3
China 2
Ghana 2
Japan 2
Luxembourg 2
Guinea 1
Iceland 1
Israel 1
Peru 1
Zaire 1

Thats the people attending Les Blogs 2.0 that charming Loic & his team at Six Apart have organised. Hmm, no one from India made it. Believe this would change in Les Blogs 3.0.

The print industry

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Lots are being written about the imminent death of the print industry. And this quote by the Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger (about the latest presses they bought) captures it best:

“They may be the last presses we ever own.”

via Jeff Jarvis.

Recently, Seth Godin remarked about people not looking into stock prices & classifieds in newspapers anymore. Which made me wonder – why should it always be Yahoo or Google buying small companies, why can’t it be the New York Times buying craigslist?


Zoho Writer for Teachers & Students

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Christine Tomasino, who describes herself as “dedicated to assisting teachers create meaningful student learning activities using technology” writes about Zoho Writer in her efriendlylearning blog:

… this tool can be used with students…add your comments!

1. Co-authoring tool for any document
2. Students can peer edit to build better writing skill
3. Brainstorm topics for activating prior knowledge about a topic
4. Create a Top Ten List of items important to a topic
5. Alternative text for students who are struggling to read the textbook materials
6. Students can use the highlighting tools to explicitly mark the text to find main ideas and details

Thanks a lot Christine :D


Good free music

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I enjoy listening to Pandora. They have done almost everything right – easy cookie based registration (so that I need not login every time), making stations to play songs of my interest, asking whether I liked each song being played, cute UI etc.

But what I miss most is a percentage slider which would ask me the percentage of the songs being played to be from the artists/songs I selected. This because I sometimes find 8 to 10 songs in a stretch aren’t from the artists I asked for. Agreed they are a radio station (and not my desktop playlist), the songs being played are similar ones to the ones I chose & there’s the skip option too, but I would like to have more control on what’s being played. Listening folks?


Seth is at it again

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Seth Godin makes an interesting point comparing the tactics employed by marketers to the needle, the vise & the baby rattle :

Permission marketing is about the needle. The right person, the right message, the right moment. Anticipated, personal and relevant messages that get through to the person you need to reach.

The needle doesn’t happen all at once. You need to have the right combination of reputation, product and prospect.

The vise uses a different principle of physics to work, but it works as well. The vise is about providing increasing amounts of pressure over the entire area. And because of the nature of a screw, you can create huge amounts of pressure over time without overexerting yourself. Get your hand stuck in a vise and you’ll see what I mean.

The vise approach works, for example, with Starbucks, or with the local doctor’s office or in grassroots politics. Show up often enough, be in enough places, engender enough support from one individual after another, and sooner or later, your investment in spreading the word pays off.

The best marketers, of course, use the needle and the vise at the same time. They don’t assault, they don’t demand, instead they earn attention. And they apply their marketing pressure so consistently and in such a measured and relentless way that sooner or later, they profit from it.

What doesn’t work? What doesn’t work is the annoying baby rattle.

Babies will occasionally get quite energetic in using a rattle to get attention. But then they get bored and move on to other techniques. Sooner or later, they come back to the rattle, frustrated that nothing seems to work.

Most marketers, and just about all struggling marketers, are rattlers. They try some gimmick or technique or product, focus on it for a little while, then lose interest and move on. After a while, out of frustration, they come back to re-try, just to prove to themselves that they’re doing everything they can to get the word out.

“Hey!” the blogger says, “I build a blog just like that Dummies book says, but it’s not paying off. Let’s do a podcast instead.” And then on to the next thing.

And I believe we are not employing the baby rattle here ;-)