“I use Zoho Creator”

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We folks would love to hear this more than anything else from users. There’s a priceless level of satisfaction that comes to a developer when a feature( he developed) is being used to a great effect and to a user interface designer when his designs are liked best. Ah…could not ask for more!

I am not posting a good-feeling testimonial of Zoho Creator, but just wanted to hint you on how we are banking on – ‘THE USERS’ to spread the word of Zoho Creator. Truly as Andrew is surprised Zoho Creator hasn’t really been talked about much by the bloggers so far, barring few. But to our delight, rate of applications created each day and the kind of comments we receive through our support is just overwhelming.

Needless to say, to get to this level we didn’t have any fan-fare beta launch, nor any road shows and not even iPod give aways, instead we kept on adding features demanded by users (it continues till now) and help them carefully when they are struck while using the service.

So to make way for the happy users to spread the word, we have displayed “I use Zoho Creator” logo at the bottom of the Form and View. You can see this logo only when you embed Form and View in your website/blog.

Introducing a good useful thing to a close friend is worth than getting free goodies. Agree? So, would you mind spreading the word?


Innovate using Productivity Tools

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Quite a few people have felt that Web 2.0 isn’t just about creating flashy (or Ajaxy) little widgets. Or just another mashup of Flickr and Yahoo Traffic or tracking your favourite satellite using Google Maps. Here’s one article which is about how Web 2.0 can be used in organizations to harness innovation:

But what if you’re working in a marketing department for a company as big as British Airways? Making yourself heard isn’t going to be easy. Getting things done is even more difficult.

While it is true that the article discusses the essence of Web 2.0, it is also true that the tools and applications that come under this new wave are just as useful. To start with, most companies have their internal network and can quite efficiently run these new tools. Collaboration, to start with, has become a standard feature of any web-based application. The power of collective intelligence can be put to very good use that way. Tools can also be used to digg or bury ideas :) The result is that:

They can learn to listen to their colleagues.

They can fast-track feedback, and streamline development cycles and processes.

Think CRM. Think RSS feeds. There are a host of other tools that can be put to good use, much more than merely toying around with them. (Nothing wrong with the toying part, of course, it’s fun-work) As the author says, if organizations were to do that, Web 2.0 is all about:

making feedback loops easy to use, and making it work simply and easily where it really counts – with your users / employees.

Get notified when a record is added

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You can be notified in more than one way whenever a record is added in a form created in Zoho Creator. If you know what is RSS, then go ahead and grab the feed for any view created in Zoho Creator. Or if you want to be notified through email, Go to “Edit Script” of a form and then just add “on success” code snippet for the form.
on success
To : “you@yoursite.com”
From : “me@mysite.com”
Subject : “One Record added”
Message : “My Message”


You can also use the values submitted in the email through variables and keywords. You can also learn more about sending an email through deluge in our help documents.

Insert Function in Zoho Sheet: 300+ functions

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Today, we added the ability to select and insert functions from a list of more than 300 supported functions (thanks to OpenOffice.org). You can select from a wide range of functions – Mathematical, Financial, Statistical, Logical, Date & Time, Engineering, Text, Information, and Spreadsheet functions.

As shown in the image above, select your target cell and click the Insert Function on the toolbar (fx) to bring up the Function dialog. Here you can select the function you wish to insert. You can also filter functions by the different categories like Statistical, Logical, Mathematical, etc. Hover your mouse over the function to see its syntax below. Click on the function to insert it in to the cell. Type in the parameters and hit enter / tab to save the formula to the cell. Nested functions can easily be created. For detailed description, click on the Reference link in the function dialog. This will bring up the detailed reference for the functions.

Apart from the above we have fixed couple of issues. More information on our What’s New page.

As always, try it out and send us your feedback and suggestions. We really appreciate them.

Zoho Show Improvements

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We have made an update to Zoho Show. Imported presentations render faster now. We are working on making imports smoother and faster, and should have an update on that soon. The demo account has been cleaned up, which would go some way towards improving that crucial first experience.

Good news is that the service has stayed up during the traffic surge last week after the introduction. We have a long road ahead of new features, enhancements, refinements and of course bug-fixes. Please keep your feedback coming!

Clipboard functions in Zoho Writer

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Many users while accessing Zoho Writer from Firefox (mostly 1.5+) would have faced difficulty while using clipboard functions like Cut, Copy and Paste. While the keyboard shortcuts work fine, why exert stress on Ctrl+V while an alternative solution exists?
Firefox, for security reasons, disables Cut, Copy and Paste commands in the rich text editor. These settings can be changed:

(1) Visit your ‘profile folder’ and create a new file named ‘user.js’. Here’s how you can locate the profile folder for various Operating Systems.

(2) Add these four lines to the user.js file:

user_pref(“capability.policy.policynames”, “allowclipboard”);
user_pref(“capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites”, “http://www.zohowriter.com”);
user_pref(“capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.cutcopy”, “allAccess”);
user_pref(“capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.paste”, “allAccess”);

(3) Save the file and restart Firefox.

This should solve the issue. Else, after saving the file, feed a a little bit of magic potion i.e. do a system restart and Clipboard functions will work in Firefox.