Zoho Applications

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Over the weekend, I decided to jot down all the list of apps available under Zoho and do a quick image. I ended up doing the one below that summarizes the existing state of Zoho.

Zoho Applications

The apps that are currently available as a product will be available as a service soon…..and the apps that are available as a service will eventually be available as a product too.

The Art of Naming a Web 2.0 Service

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It has already been pointed out by many that with the success of the name Flickr, several web-services took a liking to the suffix “ckr”. The result is Enablr, Talkr, RedLettr and even Beggr. :) (Thanks to All Things Web 2.0 for helping with the list) It seems like now they’ve caught on with the URL [part of the name].[rest of the name +licious].us after the success of Del.ico.us. Like Thumbilicious, lib.rario.us, (which really is sleek and elegant version of 43Things) Scriptaculous – to name a few. In big names they trust?


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…to read interesting reviews about Zoho Creator.

Ismael Ghalimi

“Zoho Creator goes beyond what online form editors such as jotForm or Wufoo can offer, in the sense that it is based on a true relational data model, allowing users to create multiple forms and establish relations between them, much like what you can do with Salesforce.com custom objects.”

Joshua Herzig-Marx

“I really want to like Zoho Creator. It’s a WYSIWYG tool for building data driven web applications. Designing forms automatically generates data tables, whose contents may be displayed in views or used as values in list boxes on other forms. “

Tim Lauer

“While I have used tools such as FileMaker Pro and such to do this kind of thing. I found the whole process much easier using ZohoCreator. “


“The interface looks nicer, and the apps I’ve checked out on Zoho Creator seem more robust (the Project Tracker demo is pretty impressive).”

more mentions…






We thank all the bloggers who have reviewed Zoho Creator and those who are helping Zoho Creator evolve with their continuous feedback.

New Addition to Commentosphere

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Sometime back, Steve Rubel wrote this. And then, co.mments appeared. It is true that comparisons to coComment are inevitable. They both track conversations, they both support RSS, they both begin to function as soon as a bookmarklet is added, they both have minor glitches when it comes to integrating with a blog and they both promise a lot.
Until coComment entered the Commentosphere, the state of a blog hopper reading and commenting in several blogs was mostly clueless. Like many bloggers pointed out, there were several conversation killers that ruined several potential “interesting conversations” to merely an unattended comment which the blog owner missed. With additions like these, the good old commenting system gets a face-lift.

So now it is possible to display the comments you made elsewhere in your blog, track the conversation and get alerts in your feed reader. If these two services were to become popular, which they most likely will, it will mean R.I.P. for primitive commenting systems and Comments that open in pop-up windows. Bloggers who still use those, it’s time to part ways and move on.

Drag & drop customization in Zoho CRM

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Today, I wanted to post about the easy customization options in Zoho CRM. The fields you need/don’t need can be drag & dropped easily. And whetever fields/modules you want to be renamed (or added) can be done too eg., Accounts can be renamed as Clients, Products as Services & so forth. Another reason why you should be on the watch out for of the upcoming Zoho CRM release.