Open Federation: Order of the Day

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“One small step for man, a giant step for mankind” Or something to that effect.

This blogpost was created using Zoho Writer. I’m quite used to Blogger Dashboard. Familiarity breeds contempt. Which is why I’m not very comfortable with WordPress interface. Which is why I thought I’d try it from here. It reminds me of “Open Federation”.
I’m not a fan of Star Trek or jargon for that matter. Only yesterday I came to know of something called “Open Federation”. (via) I understand that it has been the underlying concept behind the success of E-mails. Imagine someone having 3 blog accounts, one at Blogger, one at Typepad and one at Live Journal. (One might argue that people don’t possess three different accounts, but heck, I said “imagine”) It’s pretty tiresome to log in and post to each of them.

The simplest way to explain Open Federation is the idea of Food Courts where several restaurants have their stalls. Comparing the menu (a la carte or whatever), price, variety and then choosing where to dine happens under one roof, instead of entering and leaving several restaurants with dissatisfaction.

Such a facility for IM exists with a provider called Meebo, but there too it’s not possible to have several IM clients open simultaneously. So it’s not “Open Federation” in the truest sense. But for PC to PC calling options, there is no centralized location from where you can handle it. Although, the idea of having several people from several points across the globe calling your PC simultaneously and having to manage those calls is quite appalling. It might mean a lot of trouble for lot of people ;)

In “One for all” principle I trust.

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Zoho Virtual office

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It is exactly 6 Months after the release of Zoho Virtual Office product we are starting to Blog about it.

In this blog, we plan to write about the product, its past, present and future, collaboration market and any other interesting stuff. I can guarantee one thing for sure…..this blog is not gonna have any bull shit.

For those of you who dont know about Virtual office, here is a quick intro…

The aim of Zoho Virtual Office is to provide a Location/Machine/Platform/Browser independent collaboration software which works (read…Rocks).

Product URL: or just

Product Demo: #

Product Support: support (at) zohovo (dot) com

Raju vegesna

F.A.Q on Leetspeak

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The formal style of introducing “Leetspeak” to the readers of this blog is boring, I think. You know, “We have a new category of Zoho blog titled Leetspeak,” and so forth. I’ve compiled a FAQ list instead, for beginners, new visitors and some totally clueless folks too.

(1) Who are you?

That is a fundamental question of existence. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to it. So next question, please.

(2) So the number 42 is not the answer to the “Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe and Everything”?

I don’t think so. No matter what “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” suggests.

(3) Ok, for clarity’s sake, who is writing? Is it a spam generator or a human?

It’s definitely a human with a decent vocabulary, and so I’ll pass your word verification tests. Does that comfort you?
(4) That’s a relief. So what does “Leetspeak” mean?

Leetspeak can be split into two very distinct words – “Leet” and “Speak”. Leet is the form of English that became popular after the internet usage increased dramatically. I hope you have seen people using “thanx”, “u” and “ppl” while chatting. Leet refers to those (and more) words.

(5) I thought “Leet” was an insect.

Oh, I get it now. The problem lies with the pronunciation. It’s pronounced as ‘L’ “Eat” or as you pronounce “Elite”. If you are an insect species researcher, I’ll be glad if you name a new species of insect as Leet, though.

(6) So am I going to see squeamish all over this blog?

Didn’t I tell you that I was a human? Let me re-iterate, I’m a human who recognizes proper words, not random alphanumeric characters. So you will see sane, sensible, comprehensible sentences here.

(7) By squeamish, I meant, random computer related stuff which doesn’t make any sense to me. You know, geek stuff.

Um…, there will be mostly “computer related” posts, but no geek stuff. I promise. If there is, then you can leave a comment, which reads “no soup for you”.

(8) So what can I see here?

You’ll see, what you’ll see :)

(9) Are you going to answer atleast one question straight?

Yeah, sure.

(10) Are the rest of the posts will be like this, too?

Probably not. Was that straight enough?

Zoho Writer – Blogger Reviews

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There have been several reviews of Zoho Writer by bloggers & technologists alike. I would like to point out some of the posts here.

Jeff Clavier says, Zoho Writer is “quite rich functionally” & it is “fast and responsive for a web application”.

Ismael Ghalimi writes, “the Googlish look-and-feel makes it a great complement to Gmail, while the WYSIWYG editor is very close to Microsoft Word’s user interface, therefore creates a feeling of instant user familiarity”

Dan McCrea at innerphaze in his lengthy “Ajax Office Review” observes Zoho Writer’s “nice interface” & “post to blog” feature (Dan, Zoho now supports WordPress API too)

Mike Arrington at TechCrunch wrote about our Alpha & his judgement was it is “as good as the rest”.

Kevin Millman pointed out the lack of auto-save (it sure is happening every 45 seconds, Kevin) & sloppy look & feel.

At, we have a good HowTo with screenshots titled “Post to WordPress powered blog using Zoho Writer“.

Mike McVey remarks on Zoho Writer being a “very helpful tool for my students who cannot afford the couple of hundred dollars outlay for Office”.

Stephen Meyer aka Mysk, a longtime reviewer/fan of Zoho products has an in depth review. Hey Mysk, your fantastic reviews rock!

Zoho Writer failed to load in Tom Raftery’s Mac/Firefox. He was particularly severe on me for mailing him to try out Zoho Writer & wrote this blog post. (Behind the scenes : Zoho Writer worked well while we tested in a Mac/Firefox here & it worked well for Om Malik too. We got in touch with Tom who gratiously accepted my apology mail & co-operated with us sparing his valuable time. But we haven’t been able to pin down the issue yet & are working to find a way out of the problem.)

And, we were flattered when wrote, “Google doesn’t need to build an Online-Office Application“, “They can simply buy Zoho.” :-)

Thanks to all bloggers for those great insights & feedback. We need all your support to take Zoho Writer further along its journey.


Please check Zoho Writer in your native language

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It was a while back since we introduced the unicode UTF-8 character support. This we thought would support most languages. But still we hear Zoho Writer users give feedback that their language characters aren’t supported. Kindly do send us details if you are facing such an issue – the language you tried and a Zoho Writer screenshot where the problem occurred. This would help us serve you better.


Beta review on Zoho Creator

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Check out this review on Zoho Creator by Stephen Meyer in his weblog.

Few quotes

“Think of this web application as something like a Visual Basic for web development.”

ZohoCreator is one of the more interesting AJAX based applications that I’ve come across. Granted, I have not seen all that the web has to offer, but it’s pretty safe to say that a tool that allows anyone to create a web application to their own requirements is pretty darn useful.

We are humbled by that comparison. Yes. The very intention of Zoho Creator is that a novice user
- should be able to build applications very quickly that will suit his/her own needs.
- should be able to build forms and various views of the data effortlessly
- should be able to share the pages built with other people

We are hearing a lot of feedback on Zoho Creator. Thanks for all the appreciation. We are listening and addressing the feature requests to the maximum. Stay tuned for the next update.


Post Beta Update – III

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It’s time for yet another update.

There was this feature err, bug actually, which made a new blog entry whenever a document is modified & posted again. We now have the ‘Update Blog’ option which would just update the previous blog post. Also, say, if you have multiple blogs (Blogger, WordPress etc), there’s an easy snapshot which shows the status of your blog post – whether it’s current or needs an update.

This update introduces the Zoho Writer bookmarklet too. Just choose the text in the browser which you would want to post & click on the Zoho Writer bookmarklet. This would open up a pop-up with the text you’d chosen. Give a document name & click ‘Save Document’. You have a document made in your Zoho Writer account. Easy, right?

Watch for more.