Folders and Lables – Why should software control user’s usage?

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When Gmail came up with their ‘labels’ concept as opposed to ‘Folders’, many people loved it. On the other hand, many people didnt prefer it too. People are used to folders approach and labels concept is a jump to a new way of organizing which some are comfortable with and some are not.

In my view, labels and folders should co-exist. It is not one or the other. It is both. Just let the user choose what he wants. Why should the product control what the user should use? It should just provide an option for the user to choose the prefered way.

So we decided to implement both concepts. Here are screenshots of both.

Interesting point to note is, there is no other webmail system (as far as I know) apart from Zoho which supports both folders and labels concept.


We are heading on right direction

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Mike made a interesting mention in his Techcrunch post today claiming that

- 99.9% of the Internet population is looking to create new application from scratch
- should allow non-programmers to build applications. Don’t expect people to know PHP or even HTML

He said it perfectly. People want to build applications to their situated needs, their long tail of applications. Home users or small business people want applications that solves their local needs and problems, they want to build apps from scratch in minutes with just few mouse clicks and go live without any coding of PHP or HTML knowledge. They hate to get help from developers.

Happy that our Zoho Creator is heading at right direction


Post Beta Update – IV

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This update has quite a few interesting things
- New modules for Google/Pageflakes Personal Desktops
- Editor Addons – Smileys/emoticons & special characters
- Improved Doc information footer
- Undo/Redo issues in IE fixed

Add Zoho Writer to your Google personalized page now. Click on the ‘Add Stuff’ link at the top-right, click ‘Add by URL’ at the top, give as the input and click ‘Add’. In the Zoho Writer login page that appears, give the credentials & sign in. You’ll have the links of last few documents of your Zoho Writer account visible. For Pageflakes, the file URL to be given is

Mail, SMS, Chat – wherever you go, they are omnipresent now. So we thought Zoho Writer too should have them & here they are – the smileys/emoticons. Use them in your docs & post to your blogs :-)

And, if you look closely at the footer of your Zoho Writer account, you may see the Info, Search, Tags & Sharing icons there.

Believe you’ll love these changes. As always, keep watching for more.

Spreadsheets on web coming soon

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Zoho Websheet, an online spreadsheet application, is coming soon to a browser near you. Finally, you can move all your excel work online.

Here is a first look at the beta preview by Stowe Boyd of Web 2.0 Workgroup:

We are planning to launch it soon. Stay tuned !

If you would love to see any specific feature in it, do write to us at support (at) zohowebsheet (dot) com.


Open Federation: Order of the Day

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“One small step for man, a giant step for mankind” Or something to that effect.

This blogpost was created using Zoho Writer. I’m quite used to Blogger Dashboard. Familiarity breeds contempt. Which is why I’m not very comfortable with WordPress interface. Which is why I thought I’d try it from here. It reminds me of “Open Federation”.
I’m not a fan of Star Trek or jargon for that matter. Only yesterday I came to know of something called “Open Federation”. (via) I understand that it has been the underlying concept behind the success of E-mails. Imagine someone having 3 blog accounts, one at Blogger, one at Typepad and one at Live Journal. (One might argue that people don’t possess three different accounts, but heck, I said “imagine”) It’s pretty tiresome to log in and post to each of them.

The simplest way to explain Open Federation is the idea of Food Courts where several restaurants have their stalls. Comparing the menu (a la carte or whatever), price, variety and then choosing where to dine happens under one roof, instead of entering and leaving several restaurants with dissatisfaction.

Such a facility for IM exists with a provider called Meebo, but there too it’s not possible to have several IM clients open simultaneously. So it’s not “Open Federation” in the truest sense. But for PC to PC calling options, there is no centralized location from where you can handle it. Although, the idea of having several people from several points across the globe calling your PC simultaneously and having to manage those calls is quite appalling. It might mean a lot of trouble for lot of people ;)

In “One for all” principle I trust.

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*Fingers Crossed before I hit Save button*

Zoho Virtual office

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It is exactly 6 Months after the release of Zoho Virtual Office product we are starting to Blog about it.

In this blog, we plan to write about the product, its past, present and future, collaboration market and any other interesting stuff. I can guarantee one thing for sure…..this blog is not gonna have any bull shit.

For those of you who dont know about Virtual office, here is a quick intro…

The aim of Zoho Virtual Office is to provide a Location/Machine/Platform/Browser independent collaboration software which works (read…Rocks).

Product URL: or just

Product Demo: #

Product Support: support (at) zohovo (dot) com

Raju vegesna

F.A.Q on Leetspeak

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The formal style of introducing “Leetspeak” to the readers of this blog is boring, I think. You know, “We have a new category of Zoho blog titled Leetspeak,” and so forth. I’ve compiled a FAQ list instead, for beginners, new visitors and some totally clueless folks too.

(1) Who are you?

That is a fundamental question of existence. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to it. So next question, please.

(2) So the number 42 is not the answer to the “Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe and Everything”?

I don’t think so. No matter what “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” suggests.

(3) Ok, for clarity’s sake, who is writing? Is it a spam generator or a human?

It’s definitely a human with a decent vocabulary, and so I’ll pass your word verification tests. Does that comfort you?
(4) That’s a relief. So what does “Leetspeak” mean?

Leetspeak can be split into two very distinct words – “Leet” and “Speak”. Leet is the form of English that became popular after the internet usage increased dramatically. I hope you have seen people using “thanx”, “u” and “ppl” while chatting. Leet refers to those (and more) words.

(5) I thought “Leet” was an insect.

Oh, I get it now. The problem lies with the pronunciation. It’s pronounced as ‘L’ “Eat” or as you pronounce “Elite”. If you are an insect species researcher, I’ll be glad if you name a new species of insect as Leet, though.

(6) So am I going to see squeamish all over this blog?

Didn’t I tell you that I was a human? Let me re-iterate, I’m a human who recognizes proper words, not random alphanumeric characters. So you will see sane, sensible, comprehensible sentences here.

(7) By squeamish, I meant, random computer related stuff which doesn’t make any sense to me. You know, geek stuff.

Um…, there will be mostly “computer related” posts, but no geek stuff. I promise. If there is, then you can leave a comment, which reads “no soup for you”.

(8) So what can I see here?

You’ll see, what you’ll see :)

(9) Are you going to answer atleast one question straight?

Yeah, sure.

(10) Are the rest of the posts will be like this, too?

Probably not. Was that straight enough?