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As we get ready for the last hurdle before the launch of Zoho CRM 5.0, thought I will post a few more interesting teasers of what’s in store. Zoho CRM’s got this handy Outlook plugin which allows you to import & synchronize your contacts. Also, an email you’d received from customer in your Outlook mail client can be added as case/ticket in Zoho CRM.

More to come.

Social Networking

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This post’s been brewing for a few weeks now. Google’s acquisition of Writely can be called as a trigger pulse for this post.
Orkut is still a very popular social networking site, atleast among the school and college community (which forms a large group of web users). Since its launch two years back, it has grown in magnitude and it is sort of a social status symbol to have an Orkut Profile, owing to its “Invite only” nature. Although it has grown over the years in terms of the number of users, feature-wise it is still primitive, considering how quickly Google is trying to give it’s products and services a face-lift by using AJAX.

Social Networking sites have a lot of potential, and if only a service with some of the following features were to be introduced, it’ll be a huge success. (Like what Meebo did, and how everyone else was grateful to Meebo for it :) )

Firstly, a strong ‘Search within website’ service. Not only Profile search or Community search, but search for keywords within the Community and Profile – something similar to Blogger Profile Search. The present Social Networking websites do not allow that. For instance, it is not possible to look for all the people who’ve listed ‘Web 2.0′ as an interest in their profile. That should be enabled, for such sites are a hunting ground for people who are looking for fresh talent.

Secondly, a conversation tracker. Newsvine, which was launched recently has a similar feature. A user can find out, which article they commented on recently by a simple mouse-over action on Newsvine home page. Handy. For social networking sites to be useful, there should be provision to find out if anyone has replied to a thread posted (Newsvine does this with a field ‘Comments since you last checked’); also there must be a tracker for all the messages that a user posts a comment.

Although this is quite unnecessary, given the above mentioned two requisites are met, it would be great to have a conversation archiving feature similar to what is offered by Google Talk’s  or Zoho Chat. The archiving feature could store the recent five conversations for easy access and reference.

Probably the poor organization of many social networking sites can be attributed to these reasons.  Many communities contain great resources and not organizing the conversations properly will probably maintain the status of most social networking sites are to be merely a prodigal waste, save for the occasional “stumbling upon a long lost acquaintance” event.

Web Services + Software: Engineering Elegance

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Did you notice the quote ‘Web Services + Software: Engineering Elegance’ in our home page? I am not sure how many people really understood the meaning of this or even cared to think about it. If you are someone like me, you would have probably ignored as some marketing junk.

There is certainly a powerful message behind the statement. What does this mean? Simply put, for every Zoho Service you see listed in, you’ll see a product along with it and for every product, you’ll see a service for it.

This means, a product like Zoho Virtual Office will also be available as an online service and a service like Zoho Writer will also be available as a product (….and it doesnt just stop with that :)).

Both Service and Product have their own advantages and disadvantages. Not all are happy with just one. With this model, we let users pick service/product, whichever meets their needs.

I would rephrase it as ‘Web Services + Software : Zoho’


Google buys Writely

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Google buys Writely

Om mentioned it yesterday in his blogs about Google in talks with Writely for a possible acquisition. I thought it is yet another rumour, but turns out, it is true. The news is final and is announced in Writely’s blogs. Google buys writely. This should be certainly exciting for our friends at Writely.

It’ll be interesting to see how Google deploys Writely as Google’s deployment is mostly on Linux and writely works only on Windows.

Search based UI Navigation, Toolbar customization & more

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We had an update yesterday that introduced this new concept of search based UI navigation. Just type in a few words of what you would like to do in the ‘Search’ box of your Zoho account. You will be provided with link(s) that take you to the respective destination(s). The screenshot below shows the links for exporting your Zoho Writer docs to pdf/sxw/word formats.

Finding all those toolbar buttons a triffle too much? You can customize the toolbar now. Select only the buttons you use frequently.

Many of you had asked for easier handling of email IDs when you share docs. Zoho Writer now allows auto-completion of email IDs.

You can also ‘Insert’ from a set of email IDs.

When you post to your blog from Zoho Writer, there is this limitation of time being set to PST. WordPress bloggers can now have the time of posting set to their localtime.

Update: To answer Snyder’s comment, posting below a screenshot of where the timezone can be set. (click on the ‘Options’ link at the top-right & then click on ‘Account’)

Zoho Creator is LIVE NOW!

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You may notice something special about Zoho Creator now.

We have quietly and completely moved out of the closed beta test…into a public beta.
Now everyone can visit Zoho Creator, browse popular / public applications, copy them and customize to their needs or create their own application from scratch.

We are delighted to report that during the private beta we got 1000+ registrations, 400+ applications created from scratch and countless of them being copied (well, some for testing and some for use).

Let me give you a quick update on what we were working under the private beta wraps.

  • Create application using a template
  • Create View with pre-set criteria
  • Add Tags to your applications
  • Filter, Search and Rearrange Columns in Views
  • New Skins
  • New UI
    and loads of enhancements everywhere…

Some of the feedback we received during the private beta test:

“ZohoCreator which lets end-users create simple web applications with no coding knowledge can certainly be put into the innovative bucket.”
~ Phil Sim,

“It’s pretty safe to say that a tool that allows anyone to create a web application to their own requirements is pretty darn useful.”
~ Stephen, Shadows in Motion

“Zoho Creator makes it remarkably easy to create very simple tracking applications, and parent-child relationships are handled so well you don’t even need to know what that means to use it.”

“I have given it a try and I love it. Works great. I love how you can make the application public. Nice work.”
~ Brian Benzinger, Solution Watch

We thank all the beta testers and the bloggers who gave their feedback and made the difference.

Thank you indeed!
~ Roughic