Branding Matters : White label your Surveys

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Customizing a survey to match your brand can be done in a flash and, participants can recognize your label right away. To get better responses, you can also host the survey on your domain.

Zoho Survey introduces the white label feature to enable you to distribute surveys from your domain.

What is a white label survey?
A white label survey allows only your brand name on your surveys – you won’t find a Zoho Survey logo anywhere on the questionnaire.

Zoho Survey - White Label Survey

Using the white label feature, you will be able to host your surveys on your domain. It requires you to map your domain with Zoho Survey, to distribute surveys carrying your domain name in the web link. Read more

What is CRM?

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This is the second post in a five part series answering the who, what, when, where and why of CRM Systems.

In the first post, we discussed who should use a CRM system. In this post we’ll define CRM.

Crm System

CRM refers to the system a company uses to analyze customer interactions and measure data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal of CRM is to improve business relationships with customers through retention and acquisition.

C- Customer

R- Relationship

M- Management

Think of it as a tool you need to manage business relationships, practices and strategies. It goes beyond managing your business contacts by also managing relationships with vendors, and internal sales and marketing teams. Read more

Who Should Use a CRM System?- 5 Big Questions about CRM Systems

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This is the first post in a five part series answering the who, what, when, where and why of CRM Systems.

First we want to look at who should use a CRM system. Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly sure what a CRM system is. I will define that in the next post. Let’s first decide if you should use one.

Zoho CRMCRM systems are designed to help your small business solve challenges when it comes to managing your sales and marketing initiatives.

In a recent survey we conducted, CRM users ranked the ways a CRM has helped their business. 67 percent said using a CRM system helped them follow up on opportunities and leads and 56 percent said it helped customer relationships because the interactions were accessible in one place.

Here are three questions to help determine if you’re ready for a CRM system: Read more

5 Ways to Know a Company’s Work Culture (Without Asking)

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I’m surprised when my friends tell me they know nothing about the culture of a company they are about to join. ‘It pays well, and I like my job title. That’s all that matters.’ ​Does it, really? These are important factors, for sure, but if you can’t be happy where you work, you won’t stick around for long.

Happiness is subjective, of course. What makes me happy, may not matter to you. I feel happy when I am doing the kind of work that satisfies my creative needs, in a workplace where I can see myself learning and growing as a person and in my career. ​This is greatly influenced by the company’s culture.

natasha_workculture_blog (1)

How can you determine what a company’s work culture is before taking the plunge and accepting the job offer?

Read more

Zoho Survey: Segment Survey Responses with Multi Collectors

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Do you distribute one survey to different groups of people only to find that filtering results and analyzing reports is taking up your time? We’ve made it simpler to segment your responses with a new feature in Zoho Survey called the multi-collector feature.

What is a collector?
The term collector that we refer to is a ‘responses collector’. In essence, a single collector is a regular survey where you have one single survey web link to share with your audience.

With multi-collectors, you can publish a survey and send to different groups of people using separate web links. This way, the responses you receive can be filtered by collector for a better understanding of the results.

As an example let’s say, there are four schools, and you are conducting a one-week workshop for each school. Assuming your workshop begins from the first week of April, and you want to receive feedback from the students of each school, you create one Feedback Survey. If you want to segment the data received based on each school for four weeks in April, the easy way to do it is by creating multi-collectors on your survey.

The benefit of this feature is that you can change the Publish settings for every collector you create:

  • A new web link is automatically generated
  • You can set different ‘Close Survey’ dates
  • An offline survey link is additionally generated

Zoho Survey Multi Collector

As per the example, i.e. four weeks, four schools (four groups) here’s a broad view of how the multi-collector feature works.

1.Create a survey and visit the Deploy tab on your survey to create the multi-collectors
2.Create four collectors (naming each after the schools participating in the workshop), each of which has its auto-generated web link.
3.Visit restrictions and set a cut-off date for collecting responses. Each collector would have different cut-off dates (which here would be the date at the end of each week)

For a step by step procedure to creating collectors, visit our Help section.

Distribute your survey to these four groups. After the workshops are complete, and you have the responses to your survey, you will need to visit the Reports section to filter the responses based on each collector. All the data from your survey is in one place but, the filtering gives you a segmented and comprehensive report on the feedback collected from each school that attended the workshop.

Zoho Survey multi collector

The important thing to note here is that each collector works as a different survey by itself so you can set your publish preferences for each collector rather than for the entire survey.

Share your thoughts with us on this feature. Tell us how it works for you.



​Thank You India! Your Spirit Made It Happen

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Our much awaited Zoholics (Nov 20-21) India event just got over, and the response has been amazing. Thank you for showing such an overwhelming support to our efforts, to give the aspiring entrepreneurs from India, an introduction to cloud. As Sridhar Vembu (our CEO) said “It’s our way of giving a helping hand to small enterprises and saying ‘thank you’ to India whose innovation has fueled our global business.


It’s not just an event, it’s our mission to enable Indian entrepreneurs with resources they will need to bring their business online. ‘Company seems to be more on a mission, than business. Respect.’ said Avlesh Singh (@avlesh) through his tweet.

Read more

4 Easy Steps to Seal the Deal Using Zoho Writer

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Nowadays a growing number of business deals are taking place digitally. The two major factors – Time and Money – are driving businesses to create, share, collaborate and seal the deals online, without having to resort to the traditional methods.

Scaling up to this trend, a number of software offering these online services are also mushrooming. While some offer a gallery of templates for easy content creation, others facilitate secure file sharing and digital signatures to make the process easier. In real, what every business needs is a tool which encompasses all these features into one.

Zoho Writer is one such tool that helps you to create content online, collaborate in real-time, and finalize deals digitally. Here’s how:

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