Planned maintenance of our Data Center: December 23rd 2015 to December 28th 2015

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Dear customers,

As part of our annual network maintenance, we will be upgrading our primary data center infrastructure this month. This maintenance is scheduled to run from December 23rd 2015 to December 28th 2015.

As a Zoho customer, you can continue using all Zoho services during this period. We do not expect any service disruption as all Zoho services will be served from a secondary data center, while we carry out the upgrade on the primary.

We will post an update on this blog once the infrastructure upgrade is complete. In the meantime, if you run into any issues, please feel free to tweet us @zohocares for support or email us at

Thank you for your patronage.

Update: The data center maintenance is now complete. A few of our customers experienced intermittent issues while we switched from our primary data center to the secondary data center and vice-versa. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your support.

Types of White Label BI Solutions

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In the first installment of our blog series, we laid out several benefits of a white-labeled SaaS BI solution. Now, let’s dive deeper and focus on different white label implementation approaches and when to use each one in a business setting.

There are two primary types of implementation to consider:

I. Stand-alone implementation:

In this model, users would access the re-branded reporting tool through a personalized web address such as At this portal, users would sign up for accounts and log in to the reporting portal to view the data as well as reports shared to them by the administrator. The portal would be fully re-branded to reflect the identity of the organization implementing the white label portal, giving end-users the impression they developed the solution themselves.


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How providing feedback after the candidate’s interview can set yourself apart

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recruit_feedback_blogMy high school baseball coach used to preach the importance of making the routine plays. His mantra was, “If we focus on the routine plays, the rest will take care of itself.”

The same is true for recruiters. In a time when the industry is bombarded with buzzwords like “social recruiting,” “candidate experience,” and “company brand,” the routine plays can be neglected. 

But it’s in these details where you set yourself apart. One such practice is providing feedback to interviewees who are rejected for a job opening. In fact, a 2014 Talent Board study shows only one in five candidates received significant feedback from recruiters or hiring managers after an interview.

As a recruiter, you can’t let this happen. Not if you want to solidify yourself as someone who cares about the candidate experience.

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Introducing Zoho CRM for RingCentral – a smarter way to manage calls inside your CRM

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This is a guest post by David Lee, Vice President of Platform products at RingCentral – a leading cloud-based call center solution. For more info click here.

Cloud communication helps organizations efficiently manage customer phone calls and mobile capability. With this in mind, we have integrated Zoho CRM with cloud communication systems to ensure every business has a reliable voice service inside its CRM.

Today, we are happy to introduce Zoho CRM for RingCentral, the integration between your favorite CRM and the leading cloud communications system.  Now you can dial, log, and record calls inside your CRM in a smarter way so you can enhance the productivity of your teams and enrich customer interactions.


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Customer Spotlight: Switching to Zoho CRM “Doubled Our Sales!”

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fidgiWe grew so large that we couldnt depend on Google or Excel anymore.

Like many small-sized businesses, FIDGI tracked its operational data through Google docs and Excel spreadsheets when it initially launched five years ago.. For them, the allure of these platforms was clear. The learning curve was minimal because most of its employees were already familiar with Google and Excel and the cost of use was low. 

However, as FIDGI began to grow, the amount of data was quickly becoming unmanageable in Google Docs and Excel resulting in client follow-ups falling through the cracks, and data tracking becoming difficult.  FIDGI knew it had to make a change in order continue its path of growth… Read more

Time is on your side with Global Timers

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting NASA Project Manager Jan Chodas at a conference we both attended. Chodas worked on NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter; a project with a non-negotiable launch date. If the deadline was missed, Chodas and her team would have to wait close to a year before trying again.

Of course, not every project has this strict a deadline, but most projects have a schedule that individuals and teams have to be in tune with in order to be successful. And now, Zoho Projects can help you and your team stay on track from start to finish.

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How churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business

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how churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business

Churn: The big hairy beast that every subscription/SaaS business has to face.

Turning a profit on subscription businesses is a long-term game. Consider this scenario: you spend $300 to acquire one customer for your business, and you charge him $50 per month. In order for you to break even, it’s critical that your customer stays with you for at least six months. If you want to turn a significant profit, it’s critical that your customer stays with you even longer.

However, if most of your customers are churning on the third month, you’re losing money. Many subscription businesses and early-stage startups burn a lot of money on customer acquisition, only to discover that most of them are churning. Such high levels of churn indicate deeper problems in both the product and/or service and your after-sales experience. These problems cannot be solved by simply spending more money on customer acquisition. Read more

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