Customer Spotlight: Switching to Zoho CRM “Doubled Our Sales!”

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fidgiWe grew so large that we couldnt depend on Google or Excel anymore.

Like many small-sized businesses, FIDGI tracked its operational data through Google docs and Excel spreadsheets when it initially launched five years ago.. For them, the allure of these platforms was clear. The learning curve was minimal because most of its employees were already familiar with Google and Excel and the cost of use was low. 

However, as FIDGI began to grow, the amount of data was quickly becoming unmanageable in Google Docs and Excel resulting in client follow-ups falling through the cracks, and data tracking becoming difficult.  FIDGI knew it had to make a change in order continue its path of growth… Read more

Time is on your side with Global Timers

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting NASA Project Manager Jan Chodas at a conference we both attended. Chodas worked on NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter; a project with a non-negotiable launch date. If the deadline was missed, Chodas and her team would have to wait close to a year before trying again.

Of course, not every project has this strict a deadline, but most projects have a schedule that individuals and teams have to be in tune with in order to be successful. And now, Zoho Projects can help you and your team stay on track from start to finish.

projects_timers_blog Read more

How churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business

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how churn can plateau the growth of your subscription business

Churn: The big hairy beast that every subscription/SaaS business has to face.

Turning a profit on subscription businesses is a long-term game. Consider this scenario: you spend $300 to acquire one customer for your business, and you charge him $50 per month. In order for you to break even, it’s critical that your customer stays with you for at least six months. If you want to turn a significant profit, it’s critical that your customer stays with you even longer.

However, if most of your customers are churning on the third month, you’re losing money. Many subscription businesses and early-stage startups burn a lot of money on customer acquisition, only to discover that most of them are churning. Such high levels of churn indicate deeper problems in both the product and/or service and your after-sales experience. These problems cannot be solved by simply spending more money on customer acquisition. Read more

3 reasons you should start using predictive lead scoring

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The month is halfway over, you’re struggling to meet your quota, and you still have a lengthy list of leads to call. Which of these leads are most likely to buy, you wonder. If only you could summon hot prospects with a spell and voila, they come flying to you!


If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start prioritizing your leads based on how sales-ready they are. Traditionally, marketers determine an ideal lead based on the CRM data and allocate scores to various metrics such as budget, location, and demographics. For example, you assign 100 points for leads located in the same country, and 70 for a company that is less than five years old. The list is then prioritized on the total score of the leads and passed on to the sales team.

Traditional lead scoring, however, is subjective and prone to human error. That’s because it assumes, without any actual proof, that a metric is relevant to the decision to buy. This is where data science comes to your rescue with predictive lead scoring—an algorithm that uses predictive analytics to score leads. Simply put, it analyzes data in your CRM and the internet to determine which leads are most likely to buy from you. Read more

5 ways ShowTime can change your classroom

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Giving a lecture to a class of 300-odd students is hard. With a class of that size, knowledge tends to be shared in a flat, stream of words accompanied by scribbles on a whiteboard. And with every turn to the board, you tend to lose sections of your classroom to distractions.


The question is, “How do I capture the imagination of my class?”

The answer takes shape in the form of Zoho ShowTime. Here are five ways ShowTime can help you turn your classroom from a monologue into a dialogue:

Entertaining content is engaging. Create engaging presentations with images and audio snippets; these will supplement the context and meaning your content already has, and your students will appreciate the liveliness of your lecture. In addition, you engage each student, both the visual learners and the auditory ones. Plus, there’s no possibility of the back row missing out because they can view your slides in the Viewer app.
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Answers to frequently asked Mail questions

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1. Have there been issues with Zoho Mail over the last few days? 

Yes, customers are facing issues with Mail. Many are unable to receive email. Email on mobile devices is very slow and unreliable. Updates are available at and we’re also posting on our @Zoho Twitter handle.

2. What is the issue?

Along with our genuine apologies, we owe you a straight explanation. Here’s what’s going on. 

The Mail issue started with an inadvertent bug that was introduced in the mail software while we were making infrastructure upgrades to the system. Stuff like this unfortunately happens in software and vendors have learned to manage this. We caught this and fixed it. This was an issue limited only to mobile mail and to users with non-Zoho email client software, like Outlook (these use one of the IMAP or POP “protocols” to pull down and send mail from your mobile device or a different mail client). Under normal circumstances this would have caused a glitch in the customer experience. But this time, things got exacerbated. 

The bug (and its fix) resulted in all mail clients (the software on your phones) re-syncing with our servers, overwhelming them with simultaneous traffic. Imagine each user device reloading all their messages, keeping track of read and unread messages, folders, hierarchies, and everything you’ve come to expect from modern email – all at the same time. We added more servers and nodes, but were unable to match the demand. 

Over the last 48 hours, we have observed a bottle-necking pattern. As major geographies come online early in their mornings, all devices start to sync at the same time, slowing down service for everyone, all over again. This started to impact not just mobile mail, but ALL mail, including web mail.

That our technical staff were hit by the Chennai flood disaster (#ChennaiFloods)  – the worst in almost a hundred years – with limited or no connectivity, power, or transportation added to the whole mess. 

3. How will you resolve this?

This is our top issue now. We have found some bottlenecks on the storage and server side, and relieved them. We have also made some infrastructure changes to manage the backlog itself. We continue to remain watchful to see if there are other issues that we might have missed.

4. How can I use email now?

You can still use your desktop browser and your mobile mail app. Some of you may know that you can also download the Zoho mail app from any of the app stores. These apps are “native”, more feature-rich, and do not use the inefficient POP or IMAP protocols. Unfortunately, we expect you will still see mail delays until the backlogged messages are freed.

6. Will I lose the emails my customers and contacts may have already sent me, that haven’t arrived?

Your messages will not be lost. They are all just backlogged on our servers. Once the system gets to normal service, you will receive them. We do understand that many email messages are time-critical and we’re really sorry we cannot fix this issue right now. 

7. Do you have any idea when Mail services will be back up and normal?

Our best expectation is that this whole process will take a few days before mail response is immediate. Until then your mail will trickle in, possibly slower than usual. Please look out for our updates.

7 ways your CRM can help you become a successful salesperson

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How do you define success as a salesperson? Many people relate success in terms of dollars and cents, or closing half a million in sales each month. But truly successful salespeople know that monetary success is just the result of being awesome at what they do.

If you’re just starting your journey as a sales rep, one of the first things to understand is that successful salespeople earn their customers’ trust, which in turn results in earning their customers’ business.

CRM Sales Success Read more

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