What Recruiters Can Learn from Crocodiles and Plovers

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Nile crocodile and Egyptian plover Courtesy of www.wolver.org

Nile crocodile and Egyptian plover
Courtesy of www.wolver.org

Have you ever heard the tale of the African crocodile and the Egyptian plover?

The story of these two species and their symbiotic relationship has been around for thousands of years. Here, both the crocodile and plover benefit from the actions of the other. Its completely mutual.

According to this myth (and loosely based facts), the crocodiles lie on the shores of the Nile River with their mouths open while plover fly into the open mouths and, like a giant piece of dental floss, eat the leftover meat stuck between the crocodile’s teeth. The plover get full and the crocodiles keep their bright smiles.

The validity of this relationship is constantly in question — in fact most believe it is a myth — but it teaches an important concept of nature where two seemingly different parts can work together for the overall good.

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Zoholics CRM Roadshow is coming to a city near you

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The Zoho CRM team is coming to a city near you in November! If you have been following us lately, you’ve seen Zoho traveling all across the map!

On the radar for next week, we’re on the road in Europe.
Immediately following, we’ll see you at local Zoho Meet Ups.

Now, we are excited to announce the Zoholics Roadshow where we will focus on bringing Zoho CRM Training to a city near you.

We’re sending out our CRM experts to come to you:


We’ll have sessions tailored for the newest new-never-even-touched-CRM user to advanced customization for CRM veterans that are looking for additional ways to maximize functionality to drive sales and revenue.

Core CRM Functions will include training on:

  • Zoho CRM for Beginners
  • Customizing CRM for your Business
  • Sales Tracking & Forecasting
  • Zoho CRM Best Practices
  • Managing Users and Sales Territories
  • Automating Sales Activities with Workflow Rules
  • Zoho CRM Advanced Customization

We’ll also teach advanced sessions on:

  • Email Marketing using Zoho Campaigns
  • Mobile CRM for Field Salespeople
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Getting the most out of Zoho CRM
  • CRM & Email Integration
  • CRM with Google Apps
  • Add more functionality to CRM with Zoho Creator

Following the sessions, Zoho’s Evangelist, Raju Vegesna will also be providing you a bigger picture on where Zoho is headed.

Join us, learn more about CRM, have a drink and some delicious grub on Zoho at our evening reception!

Please bring your questions, laptops/tablets/smartphone and we’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions and questions on how Zoho can serve your organization better.

Register at the location near you.

Questions? Email us at: zoholics@zohocorp.com

See you soon!



Zoho Outage on Sep 26, 2013

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We experienced an outage yesterday, September 26, that affected all Zoho services. The outage started around 2:32 pm, PST. This was due to the network disturbance caused by a misbehaving access switch in our primary datacenter LAN. This switch actually has redundancy built in. The switch was losing packets, but didn’t fail fully, and so the backup switch didn’t take over.

Our team took the troublesome switch off the network, and had the backup switch take over. Most of the Zoho services including Zoho CRM which were hosted in a different network were up within the first hour. Actual downtime of Zoho CRM and other services was 52 minutes. Zoho Mail, which was hosted in the same network as the failed switch, was the most affected, and it took around three hours to restore full service.

We are still analyzing the root cause of this issue, and we will post our observations, corrective actions, as we get more insights into the events that led to the outage.

Any downtime is painful, and we are investing in both infrastructure and R&D to avoid downtime. We apologize for letting you down yesterday.

Zoho Services Experiencing Network Connectivity Problems

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Our main data center is experiencing some network connectivity issues. Our services are currently down for most of our customers. Our data center and network teams are currently working at the problem. We will update this blog as we know more.

*** Update 16:10 PST
Most of our services are back, the team is still working to restore access to the remaining few.

****Update 18:45 PST
All services have been restored. However, you might experience some delay in fetching email.


Zoho ContactManager: A Better Way to Organize and Share Business Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Emails and More.

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We’re excited to introduce Zoho ContactManager, a complete contact management tool for your team to organize and share business contacts, tasks, notes, emails and more. We know small businesses and teams struggle to keep everyone and everything in the same place – and ContactManager is our answer to that.

From sales, to purchasing, to business development, to legal and beyond – in every corner of the organization there’s always a team that works closely with shared contacts and needs to keep track of all interactions, deadlines and to-dos. We built ContactManager for those people.

All there is to know, do and share – all in a single place
With Zoho ContactManager, you and your team can share contacts and everything that might be associated with them – tasks, comments, notes, history – all in one place. Team members can also choose to share the email communications they have with other people, thus giving everyone access to information without clogging their inbox. This unique email sharing works regardless of what email software or provider you are using – and works even if you are sending emails from your mobile phone. Sharing permissions keep sensitive conversations private.
Follow-Up and Get Things Done
Following up with a particular contact or completing a task becomes easier as not only you get automatic reminders, but you also have all you need to complete the task in a single place. In addition, many business tasks are repetitive – a real estate contract always follows certain steps, a purchasing process follows a standard procedure and a sale always follows the same stages. Task templates allow you to capture the steps you need to follow in different cases, so you never forget to follow-up and you don’t waste time setting each step manually.

zoho-contactmanager-iphone-appEven while on the go
Our apps for iPhone and Android phones let you do everything from adding contact information to managing your tasks and keeping track of recent activity with feeds, Stay updated anywhere, anytime! In addition, our Card scanner App, which allows you to quickly scan and extract contact info from business cards, now allows you to save the information directly to ContactManager.
We have also integrated Zoho ContactManager with Google Apps (will be ready in the Marketplace soon).


So – how much is it? Well, here’s the deal: You can sign-up for it and try it out for 30 days for free, no-credit-card required. We’re sure you’re going to like it. At the end of the 30 days you decide how much you want to pay for it. That’s right, you name your own price. But, hurry up, this is just an introductory promotion.

Join our webinar to learn more about Zoho ContactManager 

Sign up today and try it out for yourself, or come take a peek at the new Zoho ContactManager on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00am PST.We will be available to answer all your questions on how Zoho ContactManager can serve your team.


Case Study: Quick Deployment of a Big Data Reporting Solution

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There are a lot many businesses who have on-premise, legacy software systems being used for many years. While such software might have served those businesses well over the years, moving to the latest technology always brings in more benefits.

wwex-logoTake the case of Worldwide Express, a global logistics company and an authorized reseller of UPS. Worldwide Express handles millions of shipments for more than 30,000 customers worldwide. Read more

Introducing Doc Scanner for iPhone

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Very often, we come across a printed article or a document that makes us wish it were available in electronic format. We end up taking a photo of it and saving the image, but the content itself remains un-editable.

We are excited to announce a new mobile app, that can help with such documents – Doc Scanner.

This app lets you take a photo of a document and extracts the content as editable text and can be saved as a document (.docx format) in Zoho Docs as well as Google Drive. Of course, if you just want to save it as an image or a PDF file, that’s possible too, with both Zoho Docs as well as Google Drive.


When you take a photo of a document to extract the content, you have an option to crop the image before the extraction process to ensure better quality. You can also scan multiple pages as part of a single document.


The app can extract information from documents in multiple languages including English (US & UK), French, German and Spanish.


Please note that data extraction quality depends on lot of factors (lighting conditions, the angle at which the photo is taken, images in documents) which will have an impact on the extraction quality, so it cannot always be 100% accurate. In cases where we are not too confident about the accuracy of the extracted text, we display it in light gray color allowing you to make necessary corrections.

Text extraction works best while scanning text documents. Documents with lots of images or tables can be saved as images or PDF files.

The goal of the app is to offer an easy way of extracting content from printed material and we hope you’ll find this a valuable addition to the other utility apps on your iPhone.

The app is available for download in the App Store for $4.99.

The android version of the app will follow soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback.