Introducing Zoho ShowTime: Software that takes the boring out of presentations

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The average human has a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish. It’s just 8 seconds! Yet an average presentation takes 20 minutes and includes more than 15 slides. Does it really surprise you then that most presentations fail to leave any impact? Or even keep the audience engaged?

You might have an interesting idea and exquisite slides to tell your story. Yet, the presentation might still fall flat. Unfortunately, most presentation tools focus on making your slides prettier. But they do nothing to address the real challenges you face: knowing what works, knowing how well you connected with your audience, and knowing how to present better.

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Latest in Zoho Connect: Tasks, Private Conversations and More

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Communication is the key to workplace productivity. However, we often need more than a simple discussion thread or a meeting to discuss priorities. That’s why it makes sense to delegate tasks within the conversation. Next time you have one of those lengthy discussions, seize the opportunity to act; instead of just tagging a member, assign a task on the group wall.

You will never again lose tasks in a mass of growing conversations. Ensure your team knows their priorities. With Zoho Connect, make tasks a group activity.

Moreover, you can also keep track of your personal to-dos. Create tasks for yourself and keep your schedule close at hand. All tasks are easily accessible; just a click away​ on your feed. Oh, and if you already manage your projects on Zoho Projects, you can soon add tasks to your existing projects as well.


Private conversations simplified

Don’t limit yourselves to conference rooms or chatrooms for important discussions. Whether you’re discussing a new feature or reviewing a document, mark your conversation threads private with a single click.​

private conversations

​Prepare yourself

You might not need to verify previous discussions, but it’s a good idea to stay prepared. With a couple of clicks, export your significant interactions as a backup for regulatory compliances.

A new look

Along with these features, to help you work easier, we have redesigned the Zoho Connect user interface. With a bigger feeds area and better contrast, your activities are readable than ever before! Try the new look and let us know what you think. New UI

Attract the Right Candidates with These Essential Online Tools

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Over the years, the workplace has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Technology is incredibly useful, but its fast paced and ever advancing nature makes keeping up with its movements incredibly difficult.

Today, recruiters and HRs utilize online platforms like no other. The number of job advertisements and applications is continuing to rise in the UK, making it more difficult for companies to attract the right candidates to their vacancies. Engaging with candidates online is imperative if you want to be recognized as an employer of choice.

However with so many developments happening in the “tech” sphere which tools should you use to captivate the right candidates? Here are three key tools that should be part of your digital toolbox.

tools-for-recruiting Online Job boards may now be considered the older sibling to social media but they still serve a significant purpose in the recruitment process. Unlike social media users and visitors to your website, those who browse job boards are there for one reason and one reason only: to find their next role. Those utilizing job boards such as, LinkedIn and Indeed are most likely going to be active job seekers so a presence on these platforms increases your exposure to more candidates ensuring that you have the pick of the bunch when it comes to shortlisting.
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4 reasons you should know your website visitors

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There is price. And then there is value. No one will pay the price for your product or service unless they see value in it. So, how do you stand out among competitors and add value to your business?

The first step would be to listen to your prospects and understand their needs. Let’s say you own a shop and a customer enters. What do you do? You let them browse, and if they’re looking for something specific, you can step in and assist them. Based on what they are doing in the shop, it’s easy to ascertain whether they are window-shopping or looking for a product, or if something has caught their attention. You can then make a sales pitch accordingly by showing them the range of your offerings, elaborating on features of a particular product or offering them a discount.


But what if the store is online? How do you study your prospects and customers then? How do you add value to their experience? This is where a website-visitor insights platform comes in. It’s not the same as website analysis, albeit a subset of it. While website analysis gives you data on where the traffic is coming from and which page has the most hits, visitor insights will give you information on the individuals who come to your site.

Here’s how you can use that data:

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​Migrate from LogMeIn to Zoho Assist, Just Like Niall Did!

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Avalon Computers

It all began ​at the ​end of 2011. After spending almost a decade as an IT manager in a reputed firm, one fine day, Niall Gowanlock decided to quit his job. ​He thought it was time to put his rich experience in networking to use, and to set up his own IT support firm. His dream led him to the charming, mountainous county, Cumbria, where he set up Avalon Computers.

Today, Avalon Computers supports more than ten companies in the area, besides a lot of home customers. The long road to steady growth started from humble beginnings, and it involved many challenges. One of the primary challenges was finding the right remote support software.

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Rolling Out Candidate Review Form for Zoho Recruit

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The age old story of the tortoise and the hare is passé; today it’s a rat race and the slow and steady often fall behind to give way for the faster ones. It’s no different in the recruitment world too! The finish line is not drawn when you find the perfect candidate; you are still a long way from snagging them. It is a tight race, from spotting the candidate, communicating with them, evaluating them, getting them approved and finally on board. Many a recruiter has lost valuable candidates due to the cracks in the system – unimaginative user interface, manual processes, and complex workflows; the list is many.

With every new feature that Zoho Recruit rolls out, we hope to maintain our lead in the race and make the customer’s work life easier. The latest to come out of the Recruit lab is sure to put a smile on the face of both the recruiter and client. Introducing the new Candidate Review Form.

Candidate Review Form for Zoho Recruit

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