Customer Spotlight: Software Company Manages Entire Sales Process with Zoho Apps

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bookingliveUK based company Booking Live is the creator of an online booking software serving a number of industries and needs. As business has grown Booking Live has adopted several different Zoho applications to manage the backend of their business both internally and externally.

Watch how Booking Live uses Zoho Projects and Zoho People to manage their team internally, and Zoho CRM and Zoho Reports to close more deals.

Gearing up your business for a ​multi-channel sales scenario…

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In this accelerating world, it always pays to be BRISK and economical.


History has taught us that change is the only constant in the universe, and every change is accompanied by many twists and trends that shape our progress. During this era of globalization, the advent of e-commerce is one major trend that has made a lasting impact on our lives. The huge glass doors in front of your showroom are no longer the only doorway to sales and growth. 

​Nowadays, more people prefer e-shopping over conventional shopping due to  the availability of better choices, cheaper prices, and quicker deliveries at their fingertips. ​​Despite the situation sounding grim for conventional retailers who are solely dependent on direct sales, new doors such as online sales channels and windows such as social media, have opened up for you, giving you new opportunities, presence and reach well beyond your country’s borders. If you are  wondering how to make use of these channels to your advantage, relax! you are not alone.  

Let’s begin by taking a look at this BRISK pentagram that represents the five major challenges of making the shift from single channel sales to multi channel sales.

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Zoho Projects and BugTracker Quarterly Tweaks Digest

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Over the last few months we’ve made several tweaks to Zoho Projects, especially in the BugTracker module, to enhance your experience. Here is an overview of these improvements.



The screen-grabber lets you take quick snapshots of what you see on screen and make posts using these. A built-in draw tool lets you highlight what is important and blackout what you don’t want to be seen. The screen-grabber first appeared in the smart add screen located on top of the project feed. This was well received, so we started adding it to more places in Projects we felt were appropriate. Screens can now be grabbed while creating tasks, submitting bugs, making forum posts, posting comments, and attaching files. Can you find more?

We’ve also added a crop feature to the draw tool. Read more

Top 7 reasons to use Zoho Reports for analyzing Google Analytics data

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Google Analytics is one of the most ubiquitous tools of web marketing because it provides a lot of web traffic data. So much so that it can leave even the most equipped and experienced marketer feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Fear not! Zoho Reports has a Google Analytics connector that automatically syncs data from Google Analytics and lets you analyze the data, providing you with valuable insights. Here are some of the ways where Zoho Reports makes things easier when it comes to using Google Analytics. Read more

Monthly Recurring Revenue: Explained

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monthly recurring revenue explained

Running a recurring revenue business can be very lucrative.

You acquire customers, and they keep paying you every month. Business is much more predictable. There is less effort involved in maintaining a recurring revenue stream than it is to get new sales each month. Once a customer is acquired, that’s a bunch of revenue gained not only at the moment of purchase, but for many months (or years) after.

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Thank you customers!

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Dear customers and well-wishers:

We have turned the corner. We fought back over a week of repeated criminal DDoS attacks designed to disrupt the services we offer our customers. Our services are now back to normal, although there are still several customers with hiccups that we are working hard to fix. We are stronger, but we continue to remain very vigilant.

But first, we want to thank you – our customers. The overwhelming support we had from all of you during this crisis was absolutely humbling. Many of you suffered large disruptions to your businesses. Many of you who host your sites with us were down. Email did not work for many of you. Like us, you couldn’t reach your customers. You had an emergency of your own, your own crisis. Despite all this, the vast majority of you understood the extreme circumstances, believed in our sole intent and desire to get you up and running again, and put your faith in us. The many messages of support and encouragement we received from you stiffened our resolve to deny the criminals what they sought. 

You were there when we needed you most. We thank you deeply.

The attacks were intermittent over six days and there were several of them. We had started to mitigate them even around the second or third attack, although we chose not to make this public at that time. We knew that such attacks are often cover for other attacks intended to infiltrate networks and steal or compromise data. We watched for them. None were detected and no data was ever breached. A demand for a ransom followed each attack. We refused to pay. We never will.

During and since the attacks, we erected several and multiple defenses in our infrastructure. We continue to work with multiple vendor solutions, including our own, to build safeguards and layers of defense. For all the obvious reasons, we will not discuss these methods publicly. We live in a world where such attacks will likely get more frequent. Just as we get more sophisticated, so will future attackers. But you can rest assured that we will spare nothing to protect Zoho and you from them.

We owe huge thanks to our own teams. This was during the biggest festival of India – Diwali – but for seven days all hands were on deck, round the clock. Product managers took on customer support. Software engineers and architects joined network and infrastructure engineers, so we make better decisions. Caterers wrote code. (OK, so that last part is an exaggeration!). Our internal communication channels were impeccable. Externally, we did our best to bring you timely and honest updates. Our CEO Sridhar was running amuck on Twitter, taking customer questions, providing updates, even troubleshooting technical issues for them on the fly! It will take a much bigger storm to halt him. We are hugely fortunate to have an abundance of talent and resolve in our people.

We have certainly come out stronger at the end of this tunnel. Our infrastructure, our people, and our processes are much more hardened. Our services are back to normal and we will do everything to keep them that way. We will continue to work with the many of you who still have service issues that need resolution. Please continue to use the support lines and Twitter (@zoho) to reach out to us. We will be on them.

We thank you once again for your patience and support at a time when it really counted. We’ll do everything to repay your trust and make sure you will continue to stay with us. And we will do it the way we know best – by building the best products to serve you.

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