More Power to your spreadsheet experience: Array Formulas and More!

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If you’re a Zoho Sheet user, you’d be thrilled to learn how your Spreadsheet experience just got better! That’s right, Zoho Sheet just became more powerful with these two new functionalities that make complex sheet functions simpler: Array Formulas and Named Expressions. In addition to these features, we have also enhanced our STOCK() formula.

Here’s an overview of these helpful new additions:

Array Formulas

Have you ever tried finding cells matching a particular pattern in your spreadsheet? Such as, finding the average of numbers that are greater than zero within a range of cells?

An array formula is a formula that does just that; perform multiple calculations on one or more items in an array. So you can do things which are generally not possible through the regular formulas.

For example, the Stock Portfolio spreadsheet embedded below uses Array formulas to fetch the ‘current price’ and ‘% change’ from Yahoo Finance. Learn more about how you can use

Array Formulas

Named Expressions / Dynamic Named Ranges

Named Expressions are similar to Named Ranges except that instead of referring to a static cell, they refer to a formula. They can be used 1) to create dynamic ranges – ranges that grow as you add new data and 2) to simplify your formulas by replacing oft-repeated expressions with a named expression.

Learn more about Named Expressions.

STOCK Function Enhancement

We have enhanced our STOCK() function, which is used to get stock details of a particular symbol. You can now pass a cell reference as an argument, eg: =STOCK(B6;”Price”). You can use this function in a nested formula. The behavior is now similar to a regular function.

We hope you like these new features and enhancements. Feel free to share your suggestions with us by sending an email to or by participating in our discussion forum.

Time Tracking on the go!

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The Zoho Invoice iPhone and Android apps now include

time tracking, a simple, no-fuss way to track time. This

one of the most requested features since we launched these apps, and we
are glad that we can check this off our agenda, with a smile.

Here is a run down on all the cool things you can do with this feature:

  • Record the time taken for a task right when you are done with it. No excuses here, now that it’s available on your phone :)

  • Add notes and capture any lapses in schedules

  • Time your tasks and see how well you stick to timelines and forecasts
  • Make life uber simple with the inbuilt timer, a single tap timing option. Once you are done
    timing, tap again and select the task that’s timed.

  • One tap access to timer, projects and time entries

Saying too
much isn’t going to satiate your need to try this out. Visit the

iTunes store
 or the

Google Play Store; upgrade your app to the latest
version and track time away. Our FAQ section has answers to some basic
questions that you may have.

Comment below if you would like
to see some additions to the app. We’ll be back soon, with another new feature. Until then, invoice happy, invoice more and invoice
on the go.

Gaining benefit from social media when you don’t even use social media

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Social customer care is great if you’re using a social channel. Problem is there are still plenty of people that only use traditional channels and get no advantage from the social channels.

At the CRM Evolution Conference I spoke with Ian Jacobs, a Senior Analyst on Customer Interaction for Ovum. Jacobs offered up a possible non-adhoc scenario to integrate social media into the knowledge management database as core corporate information.

The social channel handles things that aren’t in the company’s knowledge database. How do you get at that knowledge and then get it into the company, asked Jacobs. The trick is finding a method to validate the correctness. The technology to do just that is not fully baked, admitted Jacobs.

Ultimately, what Jacobs envisions is a series of automated tasks that use trust mechanisms, which then make that social input part of the company’s overall knowledge base.

Publish your Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

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Today at Zoho Recruit, we are excited to 
announce the long-awaited integration that allows you to post jobs to popular free online job boards, such as and

With this new feature, you can now post multiple job openings to Indeed and Simply Hired directly from Zoho Recruit -

Applicant Tracking System
Once the candidate applies to the job opening, the candidate details are captured inside Zoho Recruit.

In addition, the advanced candidate tracking allows you to track candidate traffic from Indeed and Simply Hired. This, in turn, helps you to measure which job board is sending quality candidates.

We hope you like this new integration!

More integrations with

 and other paid Job Boards are on the way. Stay tuned!

Stay on Top of your Numbers With Scheduled Reports

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So, you have brought in all the relevant data from the diverse business applications you use, into Zoho Reports, and created all those beautiful reports and dashboards. Now comes the hardest part. How do you share them with your colleagues/clients and make them consume the reports/dashboards regularly? This is where scheduled emailing of reports comes in handy.

You can create appropriate schedules based on the reports you need to share. Say, you can create a schedule that will mail a bunch of monthly reports to your CEO every first of the month. Or a weekly report on every Monday to your Sales Manager of how the previous week’s sales have been.

There are lots of schedule options available, ranging from daily to weekly to monthly to yearly.

Try the scheduling feature from the Export menu button. Hope you will be scheduling all the reports you have created in Zoho Reports from now on.

Zoho Recruit: Mass Emailing Made Easy

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Effective communication is the key for a successful recruitment. It is necessary for a recruiter 
to communicate regularly with candidates during a recruitment campaign. At

, we understand the value of your requirements and make things easier for you.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of mass emailing in Zoho Recruit. Now you can easily
send emails 
to a custom group of candidates, informing them about current job openings, seminars, tests, etc., all in a single click. Not only that, but you can personalize the email messages as well.

This helps you reach a large number of applicants quickly and efficiently. A copy of the sent mail is 
automatically recorded in respective candidate’s record for future reference. 

Apart from the above, we’ve also made a few other enhancements: 
Email Templates

Previously, you could attach only one file when emailing your clients/candidates. But now, you can attach multiple files to an email template using the new “Form field attachments” and “Browse documents” options.  

Picklist field

We’ve enhanced the picklist field with the ability to set the first value as the default value. 

The owner of an “Activity” can now edit and delete it.

We would also like to mention another new


that we recently rolled out - changeStatus
. This will help you change the candidate status, with respect to the job openings in Zoho Recruit.

Hope you like the new features and enhancements that we continue to roll out. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Happy Recruiting!

What SMBs should expect from and pay for a cloud service

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If you live in a metropolitan area of the U.S., you’re probably
fortunate in that you don’t have to think about where your power comes from,
and only occasionally do you think about where your connectivity comes from.

But those living in developing countries are always thinking
about the where, when, and how of power and connectivity, explains Ramon Ray,
editor and technology evangelist for
. Ray sat down with CEO of Zoho , Sridhar Vembu, at the CRM Evolution Conference in August, to discuss vetting cloud providers and what prices SMBs expect to pay for cloud services.

Watch the interview to hear what Ray and Vembu have to say about SMBs and the cloud!