Zoho is Currently Inaccessible

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All services including the Zoho website are currently (starting 8:25AM PST) inaccessible due to a network issue. We are currently looking into it. Will keep you posted. Please follow us on our Twitter account for updates.

Update (8:46AM): It looks like we have a power failure in Equinix co-location provider. It effects multiple customers in that data center.

Update (9:15AM): The power is back up in the data center. We are working to restore the services. Will keep you updated.

Update (9:32AM): The power is up. We are making sure there is no data corruption before we bring the services back up.

Update (9:50AM): We are running sanity checks before we open the services to everyone. Services will be up one by one after the checks.

Update (10:35AM): We are still working on bringing the services back up. Mail & CRM will be restored first.

Update (10:55AM): Our Accounts service (accounts.zoho.com) is up. Working on restoring Apps.

Update (11:30AM): We are still working on restoring our services. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Update (11:55AM): The reason it is taking time is because the database clusters lost sync internally. It is taking time to sync them back. Once done, the services will be restored.

Update (12:10PM): Zoho Support is Up. Due to Mail dependency, the mail part will work after Zoho Mail is restored.

Update (12:15PM): Restoring database clusters is taking time due to inconsistencies. Databases went out of sync due to power failure. To restore services completely, it might take few hours. We sincerely apologize for this down time.

Update (12:50PM): An explanation on why the restore is taking time  is explained in this blog post.

Update (1:35PM): Zoho Mail is partially restored. Users in affected clusters will be able to access it after we restore that cluster. For now, most Zoho Mail users should be able to access Zoho Mail. Also, note that Zoho Support is also up.

Update (1:40PM): Zoho Reports is now restored.

Update (1:48PM): Zoho Writer is now restored.

Update (2:25PM): Zoho Calendar & Contacts are restored. We still are working on fully restoring Writer. Will keep you posted.

Update (2:55PM): Zoho Writer is back up. Zoho Discussions & Zoho Books are restored.

Update (3:15PM): About 60% of database clusters have been restored currently for Zoho CRM. We will be making these available first. Users on these clusters will be able to access their data. As and when other clusters are restored, we will bring them online.

Update (3:50PM): Zoho CRM is partially restored. Around 80% of users should have access to their data. Other 20% will be restored soon. Will keep you updated.

Update (4:00PM): Zoho Invoice is restored.

So far, the following services are restored: Zoho CRM, Books, Invoice, Mail, Support, Reports, Discussions, Calendar & Writer are restored. Others will follow soon.

Update (4:20PM): Zoho Projects and Wiki are currently restored.

Update (4:28PM): Zoho Recruit & People are now restored.

Update (4:35PM): Zoho CRM is fully restored. Zoho Show & Bug Tracker are also restored. Zoho Docs is partially restored.

Update (4:45PM): Zoho Mobile service is now restored.

Update (4:52PM): Zoho Sheet & Docs are partially restored

Update (5:35PM): Zoho Chat & Share are currently restored.

Update (5:56PM): Zoho Creator is now restored.

Update (6:12PM): Zoho Meeting is now restore.

All Zoho Applications are currently restored. There are a few backend services currently being restored to full service. We are doing it in the backend.

We will do a detailed post with the postmortem report. Again, apologize for the outage.


TeamSupport.com integrates Zoho Reports

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TeamSupport.com, provider of web-based customer support and help desk software solutions had earlier integrated with Zoho CRM. Now, TeamSupport.com’s integrated with Zoho Reports too. With this integration you can create custom reports and dashboards on a variety of TeamSupport data – tickets, ticket status history, portal logins, KB traffic and chat requests – and share them throughout your organization.

Read more about the TeamSupport.com – Zoho Reports integration.

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) like TeamSupport, you too can take advantage of Zoho Reports’ reporting capabilities, and make it the reporting module of your product/service. We offer a white label solution too that you can use for making your own private labeled (re-branded) reporting solution for your clients. Read more.

Zoho on Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act

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We were recently invited to The Balancing Act, a morning talk show on Lifetime Television, to discuss how online software helps people run their small businesses. Sometimes those of us in the SaaS industry forget how new and daunting running applications on the cloud can appear to those that are new to it. But of course, it isn’t. Zoho makes it easy for freelancers and small businesses to focus on their business while we take care of the rest.


Unbound – Freelancer’s bliss

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The age old adage that invoicing is boring is slowly replacing to the ‘fun thing that you do to get money on time’. Customer base is growing. Demands are at an all time high and you need to be on top of your business to stay ahead.

Previously it was enough to store customer data and create invoices from there. But now, when the ‘other guy’ (or gal) is doing a great job, you want to be nothing short of excellent. It’s advised from time immemorial to steer clear of factors that bind you to mediocrity and find avenues that lets you show off your skills better.

Imagine invoicing clients from a train! That’s what Mr Iwasaki does on a regular basis.
Mr. Iwasaki

Mr Iwasaki is a part of the growing phenomenon called ‘freelancers’ whose definition of office is home and work is fun. They enjoy what they do and adopt those softwares which help them do what they love doing the best.

Zoho Invoice had come into his life at an opportune moment when he was looking for respite from Microsoft Excel. Customer information is the key to any organization and managing them efficiently is important.


Mr. Iwasaki says,

Such data is supposed to be relational database and I was forced to manage it by Excel which was not efficient.

We are no longer a part of closed economy. Why restrict us then, when freedom is just a few clicks away!

Read ahead to find out more about this talented entrepreneur who wears multiple hats at his company.

Zoho in Website Magazine’s Top 50 List

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In its February 2012 issue, Website Magazine prints the list of the Top 50 Software Solutions to Explore in 2012. Guess who holds the #3 spot? Zoho. Well, I guess that’s where we disagree with Website Magazine – we think we should be at the top. But, who’s counting?

Website Magazine notes (emphasis mine)

Web workers used to (and many continue to) struggle with the wide variety of software that was necessary to gather intelligence, engage in all manners of Web marketing and online advertising management, and communicate digitally. That’s a lot of responsibility, but thankfully it’s getting simpler. If there is one trend that will define 2012 and beyond, it is that of a more unified platform. 

A unified platform – that’s exactly what has been driving us at Zoho since we started in 2005! We believe there’s a lot of value in having everything work together, seamlessly, to having everything under one roof. And that’s what you’ll find here at Zoho.

You can find Website Magazine’s 50 Top Software Solutions to Explore in 2012 in their February 2012 issue and you can also find it online.

Making it easier to edit tasks and move task list in Zoho

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Creating a task list is nothing but planning your day to make it a more productive one. What matters most is how well you can manage your task list and how much work you put in to make sure you finish your tasks that makes you feel delighted like, you’ve achieved something when you get done with your task list each day.

Today we’re introducing a couple of features to help you better manage your tasks as best as you can in Zoho Projects.

Inline editing enabled for your tasks
Editing tasks is super easy with the inline editing option. Previously, you can edit priority, owner and status, starting today we’ve extended this to edit the start, end date and percentage completed for a task.

Editing Tasks

Moving task lists across projects
Feedback comes in waves from customers. Moving a task list from one project to another is one of them. With this, you can instantly move a task list from project into another in quick time.

Last but not the least; move tasks in bulk
Now move bunch of tasks from one task lists to another that saves ample effort in repeated task entry. This is a great time saver for actually keeping on task and finishing it off which makes you feel happy about working towards your goal.

Hope these features are useful and helps everyone! Learn more about them at Move Tasks

Send us your feedback at support@zohoprojects.com or let us know what you think :)

Zoho Reports: Email your Business Dashboards as PDF

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Creating business dashboards have always been easy with Zoho Reports. Dashboards thus created can be shared and accessed from web URLs. But you may have clients (or colleagues) who would like to view the dashboards as PDF files. Now, how nice would it be if your dashboards were to be emailed as beautifully formatted PDFs with your own company’s logo?

Till recently, it was possible only for individual reports to be exported/mailed as PDF. Now, dashboards can be exported/emailed as PDF too.

You can even schedule the dashboard PDF files to be emailed at regular intervals using the scheduled emailing of reports feature.

Note: The PDF generation is optimized for charts. Just make sure that the dashboards you convert as PDF don’t contain large data tables.