7 Reasons You Should Create a Mailing List for Your Blog

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7 reasons for a mailing list

Though people consider it outdated, email has only evolved and grown stronger. The reason? People read emails that promise good reads for the future.

If your site has content worth reading, you should consider a mailing list. Here’s why.

Discover your audience.

With a comprehensive list of all your followers, you could schedule content for your audience’s time zones, and increase chances of them revisiting your site.

It’s human. 

Amidst the social media clutter, email is a quiet way to reach an audience with a personal touch. There are no middlemen, no advertisements, and no promotions. Only honest communication between two people on a shared interest. Personal emails gain trusted readership.

It’s pocketbook friendly. 

Everyone has email, and its ubiquity lets you reach more people without worrying about the cost. It’s also easy to set up and automate a mailing list so you can reap the benefits with minimum effort.

You’ll find beta readers. 

Whether you’re working on a new project or a novel, you’ll find beta readers in your followers. They would be willing to review your work and tell you what works and what doesn’t.

Improve engagement. 

As your readership grows, so will the interaction on your site. You could involve readers in conversations and ask them to become evangelists of your blog by spreading the word.

Get targeted feedback.

Your subscribers are regular readers, and no one knows your work better. You can get honest opinions on your work, or even conduct a net promotional survey to assess your progress.

It motivates you. 

Growing numbers are encouraging. Watching your audience grow will motivate you to share better stories more often. This in turn boosts engagement and promotes your name.

A mailing list helps you create a solid online presence. From a simple blog, you can build up your credibility, and even make a business of it.

It all starts with a simple subscription form.

Do you have a mailing list on your business website? How do you use your mailing list to improve your online brand? Let us know in the comments.

Customer Spotlight: Running an Entire Business on Zoho CRM Plus

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Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.51.07 AMThe Farm AV initially started as a small business tracking leads and contacts with Zoho CRM. As their business grew and their business needs increased, they began adding more Zoho apps eventually moving to the “all you can eat Zoho buffet.”

Watch how The Farm AV now effortlessly collects leads, converts them to customers, and runs the entire backend of their business using Zoho CRM Plus. 

Edit your presentations with the new and updated Zoho Docs App

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As more employees work away from traditional workplaces, it’s important to empower them with office documents they can access on mobile devices. A sales executive who is always on the move will find it easier to build slide decks using his or her iPad than a laptop. Similarly, it makes life simpler for a CXO to fire up presentations on a tablet while at the airport than to wait to get back to the office.

The new era of presentation tools are ones that are equally compatible and powerful on a smaller screen as they are on a larger desktop or laptop screen. And that’s exactly what we’ve given you with the new and improved Zoho Docs Presentation Editor App for iPad and other tablets!

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Customer Spotlight: From Dorm-Room Project to National Seller Using Zoho

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apliiqCustom T-shirt design company Apliiq was started out of a college dorm room in Philadelphia but soon thereafter expanded across the United States and into several college campuses.

As Apliiq experienced rapid growth, they needed a platform to manage the backend of their business. Watch how Apliiq has implemented Zoho CRM, Zoho Sales IQ, and Zoho Books to deliver an amazing customer experience and save hours every day. 

5 most desired scenarios for any HR for using automatic formula updates (Zoho People)

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At Zoho People, we want to make sure our users get the most out of every feature we offer. This includes some features that many users either didn’t know existed or those that, on the surface, appear too technical or confusing to implement into a daily workflow.

One of these features is using and analyzing formula expressions; something we believe will make you a well-rounded human resource professional.


The bright side of formula expressions has arrived in Zoho People with our 41 different functions to benefit you in multiple use cases. So, let’s look at the five most common scenarios you can use formula in the fields for day-to-day HR activity.

1. Calculate employee’s total work experience: Most HR professionals have little time to calculate an employee’s total work experience, during his/her date of exit or performance review period. You can solve the problem by using the below formula expression.

Formula Expression: DateDiff (Now (), Date_of_Joining,’Year’)

Example: If Date_of_Joining is ‘1-JAN-2014’ Result: Years of experience will be 1 year

You can also use the same formula expression to calculate similar types of scenarios like age calculation, travel experience etc.,

2. To calculate an employee’s pay: Use our below formula expression, to automatically calculate your employee’s pay without performing any manual calculations. Once you enter all the details in the form fields you can formulate the consolidated pay off your employee’s salary.

Formula Expression: Sum (Basic,HRA,Conveyance,Education_Allowance,Other_Allowance) – Sum (PF_Amount,VPF_Amount,Professional_Tax,Income_Tax)

Example: Sum (6000,3000,200,500,4000)-Sum (720,50,1000,0) Result: 11950

3. To calculate an employee’s project deadline: Most HRs will be worried along with their employees regarding project deadlines. Fortunately, Zoho People lets you sit and watch the project deadline reminders to go out to your employees automatically.

Formula Expression: If (DateDiff(Project_Deadline,Now(),’Day'<=6), ‘Critical Task’, ‘Moderate Task’)

Example: When the Project_Deadline is ’10/10/2015′, the critical task reminder will be sent from 4/10/2015 (fewer than 6 days) and the moderate task reminder will be sent from the date of creating this expression (more than 6 days).

4. To extend an employee’s probation period: The probationary period is very important for both the employee and the employer.  This period is used to ensure that the selected applicant is qualified for the job and achieves regular status. If a manager is not satisfied with an employee’s performance and wants help extending the probation period, please use the below expression.

Formula Expression: If (Equals(Probation_feedback,’Not   Satisfactory’),AddDate (Dateofjoining,6+Probation_extension_Period_in_months,’Month’),AddDate (Dateofjoining,6,’Month’))

Example: When the probation feedback is ‘Not Satisfactory’, the job confirmation date will be automatically delayed for one year if ‘Probation_extension_Period_in_months’ has been added ‘6’ and if the probation feedback doesn’t say ‘Not Satisfactory’, then it’s understood that the employee will be successfully completing the probation period.

5. To provide the correct space between names in the passport: If your boss wants you to have a proper Last Name and First Name column together in the same cell for more than 50 employees, it would take a long time to type everything by hand. Rather than combining this data manually, we can use our Concat function to perform the task automatically.

Formula Expression: Concat (FirstName,’ ‘,LastName)

Example: Karen John will be the result if Concat (Karen,’ ‘,John)

Are there any formula expressions you use on a regular basis that I might have missed?  Leave a comment below, and let’s start a conversation on how you can use formula expressions as part of your HR department.

So, are you ready to get enhanced with Zoho people’s enhanced formula expressions?

Need help?  https://www.zoho.com/people/help/formula-fields.html


Introducing Zoho Inventory – Managing orders has never been this easy

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For most small business owners—both retailers and online sellers—simultaneously managing a large number of orders can be time-consuming. Everything from making purchases to keeping track of stock and ultimately fulfilling orders can be a nightmare; especially, if you’re using a manual and inefficient process.

Fortunately, we have a solution. You can now simplify your order and inventory process and grow your business with the newest Zoho app, Zoho Inventory.


A lot of businesses that sell physical goods require a system to keep track of their orders and stock. Along with handling your CRM and accounting needs, our new inventory management software is the perfect addition to our growing suite of finance apps. With Zoho Inventory (and the other Zoho apps), you can now streamline operations and run a more efficient business. 

Zoho Inventory offers a combination of powerful features that makes the entire ordermanagement cycle as effortless as possible.

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Zoho Recruit Goes Mobile

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You’re flying out for a HR conference tonight, but as a ​Recruitment Manager there’s a lot to do before you leave. Reviewing candidates, monitoring the progress of job openings, scheduling interviews, responding to emails and keeping track of your task list can be overwhelming.

The good news is Zoho Recruit lets you take care of these tasks wherever you are. With the new Zoho Recruit Mobile App you no longer have to worry about finishing everything on your to-do list​ before you leave. You can now work on-the-go.


Stay updated with the dashboard

Stay on top of everything with a simple glance at the app’s dashboard. View and navigate between scheduled Interviews, To-Dos, Job Openings and new/updated Candidates so no task goes unfinished ever again. Read more

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