Some Zoho Services Down, Please Check our Twitter Feed @Zoho for Updates

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As of 9:05 AM Pacific time, we started encountering difficulties in many Zoho services. The services affected are Zoho Mail, Books and Support, as well as some sporadic issues in other services. We have narrowed it down to network issues in our data center, and we are analyzing it. We will restore services as expeditiously as possible. 

Please check our twitter feed:!/zoho  for updates.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Update: as of 12 noon PST, we have restored Zoho Mail, Support and Books. We still are not completely out of the woods, and we are monitoring all services closely. Meanwhile, we are also looking at the root cause of today’s outage. We will make a detailed post as soon as we determine the root cause, and we will outline the actions we are taking to make sure this does  not recur. Please accept our humble apologies.

Case Study: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness with Zoho Reports

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An important part of every marketer’s job is to know how each of his/her campaigns are performing. “What’s the ROI (return on investment) from this campaign?” is a question in every marketer’s mind. Based on that, the marketer proceeds with making decisions on which campaigns to continue and which ones to stop.

Chris Swanson is the owner of BMA Marketing, a firm that manages paper coupon programs for bowling centers. As a marketer, Chris was interested in knowing the returns each of his campaigns generate. He not only studies the returns, but also shares the info transparently with all his clients. This is crucial for his clients as they get to know how the coupon campaign that Chris is running for them is performing.

For analysis and easy sharing of the marketing campaign info, Chris tried various options but each had their own difficulties. He searched for a solution that will allow him to share the campaign results with his clients in the easiest way possible. And he finally zeroed in on Zoho Reports. Says Chris,

The thing I like most with Zoho Reports is the ability to have my reports hosted on the web instead of having to create reports using PDF files or other formats that must then be attached to emails and sent to clients who may or may not be able to even open the file. Now I simply email my clients a URL that they can click to instantly view their own custom Zoho report.

Read in detail about the problems Chris faced, the ideal solution he was searching for and how Zoho Reports became the answer for him and his clients to know how their coupon campaigns are performing.

Online Invoicing Saves Time: A SEO Company Success Story

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Cloud invoicing can make it happen. Well,
we all know that Zoho Invoice has helped thousands of freelancers,
small businesses and service providers to simplify their invoicing
processes, but the success story of, a web design and search engine
optimization company based in Singapore finds a special mention here. 

specializes in educating its clients to enhance brand awareness and
guides them on how internet marketing techniques and search
optimization could be deployed to stay ahead of the competition.

Two years back Xaby decided to save time on their invoicing and was exploring the web for an invoicing solution. It found Zoho Invoice through a web search from TechCrunch.

For instance Xaby creates
and sends invoices from a mobile phone and e-mails estimates from a
laptop just after a client meeting. Sounds brilliant, right? That’s the
power of cloud computing and mobile invoicing today. Our invoice software has been
saving considerable amount of time for Xaby for the past two years.

I really love Zoho Invoice’s iPhone app. It helps me to create and send invoices even i’m mobile – Ken Tan, 

said and done, 
the need of
the hour for most of the SEO & SEM companies in the world today is
to help their clients reach its targeted audience in the most 
way. Not only do they achieve their mission but also reduce the spend
on marketing dollars. Most of the Xaby’s clients are multi-nationals
and small businesses based in North America and the Far East.
Some of Xaby’s marquee clients include Lexmark, DBS Bank, Fuji Xerox, Canon, Singapore Technologies Logistics Pte Ltd., Canadian Pizza Soccer Academy etc.,

doesn’t make sense when you advocate on one hand to reduce marketing
expenses for your clients and on the other hand end up spending
considerable time, money and resources on billing your clients.
finds Zoho Invoice to be user friendly and an easy way to bill its clients today.
Prior to using Zoho Invoice, the
Singapore SEO company was using MYOB accounting
software for its invoicing needs. 

thing that Xaby found interesting in Zoho Invoice is the snail mail
feature. It buys snail mail credits and sends paper invoices to its US
customers via USPS. Read the full interview with Mr. Ken Tan of and know why he strongly recommends our online invoice software for any small business owner.

Key to social CRM success is simple integration of products and channels

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Integrating CRM with business processes is both a challenge
and an opportunity. Not only are we faced with a proliferation of products, but
also channels. Every day we wake up there is a new social media forum that our
customers can touch us with, said Om Kundu who is on the Editorial Advisory
Board for CRM Journal, and Director of Thought Leadership for ATP Board.

Are you taking advantage of opportunities? How aggressive
are you integrating your CRM with products and channels?

Go Cloud this Shopping Season

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​It’s that time of the year when you run to the shop to kick start your shopping season.

​Economy is not exactly in the pink of health at the moment. It is believed and proven that one of the factors that drive the economy is the growth of small business in the community. Boosting the economy is not a priority on your agenda or mine but what if we contribute little in the way we shop?

This was the underlying idea behind the creation of the Small Business Saturday. ​It started out last year when the American Express OPEN (small business services wing of Amex) created the Small Business Saturday to bring alive the spirit of neighborhood shopping. Their motto is ‘Shop small, Shop local’. Today more than 2.4 million people are aware and have ‘liked the ‘Small Business Saturday’ and many have pledged a small portion from their wallet to the neighborhood store. 

Now while the community gets ready to support the cause, small business owners need to get their act together and be equipped to welcome the eager shoppers and the efficient management that follows soon after. During this season, the number and frequency of visits by shoppers increases tremendously. There’s money flowing in and out and inefficient management can often lead to unhappy results.

The ‘special personal touch’ is what differentiates a small business from the rest. Managing a small business is not an easy task. The fundamentals of running a business are the same, be it small or big. You need plenty of time and resources to brace this period. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to increase the 24 hour limit but there is a magic trick to save time and make your work life more productive. 

Go Cloud.

Cloud computing comes to the aid of small business owners by providing simpler and smarter solutions for efficient management. Zoho was built exactly on that notion and we constantly strive to help our customers save time and increase their productivity. The online applications manage your customers, send invoices, provide intuitive reports and manage your accounting among many other things. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Delegate it to cloud. So giddyup. 

Be armed with cloud computing this shopping season and spend the saved moments to add that ‘special personal touch’ to everything you do.

It’s Out! Zoho Support’s Brand New Setup UI.

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It’s been a year since Zoho Support was launched. Our customers used it, liked it, gave us feedback- positive and negative, asked for new features, made suggestions and proposed ideas. This is what we came up with: a new Setup UI, with a clean, compact look designed to help you set up your Zoho Support account easily.

What’s Changed?
Here’s a quick list of what has changed:
  • We’ve gone monochrome…kind of: We decided to go monochrome and retain the use of the Zoho colors. There’s no specific reason for this :). We thought that the yesteryears look will add some pizzaz to our UI. What do you think?

  • Better Organization: We have re-organized the options available in the Setup UI. We now have main options that comprise groups of sub-options. For example, we have an option called Rebranding. The sub-options available under Rebranding include LogoDomain Mapping and Portal Name.

  • Easier Access: It is easier to access the various options required to set up your Zoho Support account. When you click on a setup option, you can view all the options grouped under it. This allows you to switch from one option to another easily. You can also access the Setup options from the bar on the left-hand side of the Zoho Support UI.
  • Simplified SLAs and Workflows: Earlier, you had to create SLAs and associate them with contracts and support plans created for accounts. Now you can create SLAs and associate them directly with accounts. The process of setting up a workflow and associating alerts and tasks to it is much simpler in the new setup.
Check out our new UI and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment here or send us an e-mail at

Save your Time with Templates and Weekly Timesheets

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Have you ever asked yourself how you will ever accomplish that load of work in a faster and an effective manner? Are you having difficulty in meeting deadlines set by your boss? If you try to complete it all in one day, you will most probably end up disorganized and overwhelmed. 

There is an essential tool that will help you to work more efficiently – a project template

This tool keeps your tasks more organized to effectively accomplish your project goals on time and of course helps combat those feelings of overwhelm and not being in control.The core purpose of a project template is to capture, to the greatest extent possible, all the actions that needs to be accomplished right from the inception of a project till its completion.
A project template :

  • Gives you a big picture of what has to be done next in a project

  • Eases the burden on the project team as they help save time, effort and money

  • Helps the project team in streamlining the project in a far more effective manner

  • Structures communication and engagements ensuring the final product is of high quality
With this latest update, we’ve included the most requested task dependency view
as part of the template for better managing the tasks. While creating a project from a template, now you can make use of shift dates option which automatically shifts dates for tasks, forums and comments in a project.Learn more about this at Templates in Zoho Projects.

Weekly timesheet saves you time and effort

Peep into your timesheet tab and you’ll spot our brand new addition, Weekly Timesheets. This new weekly time entry has been developed with the needs of your team in mind – it allows your team to effortlessly log working hours which saves you ample time and effort in time entry.

Earlier, the only supported format of time entry was with a colon i,e 3:30. We’ve now extended that further to include support for more time entry formats.

For Example
, if you enter 3.75, our timesheets will automatically interpret the entered time has 3 hours and 45 minutes.Learn more about the new weekly timesheet and supported time entry formats at
Weekly Timesheets

Well, now it’s up to you. Login into our project management software and start building your project templates for a better time management.

Also let us know what other features you are looking for as part of templates and timesheets which would save your time as comments here or mail us at