Group Calendar Support & Other Neat Updates in Zoho Calendar

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There is no refuting the fact that be it work, family or friends, in order to get things done, it is necessary to be on the same page as a group or with your group.

Group CalendarAt times, it is crucial for each person in a group to be aware of everyone’s calendar of activities. This is tough considering other complications like employees in the same company sitting at different time zones, teams changing frequently and what not.

Well, in relation to these thoughts, we are glad to share with you the latest update to Zoho Calendar. We have added group calendar support and other neat features to help you close these communication gaps and collaborate more effectively with your co-workers, team mates and groups.

Group Calendar
It can be overwhelming to plan and track group activities, especially when someone is a part of many groups. In Zoho Calendar, you can now create separate group calendars with different lists of members and also subscribe to other group calendars. Members granted access to these group calendars can create and modify their events, view events of other members and always be in sync with team proceedings.

You can view all your group events combined as a single unified view to get a feel of how stuffed or free you actually are. If you feel your combined view is far too busy, you can right click on a particular group calendar to load it up in a separate tab and then make some event modifications in individual calendars if necessary.

Send / Receive invitations across calendars
We realize that preferences vary from one person to the other and there are many other calendar applications in use. You can now send event invitations and receive RSVP from users of other calendars too. This is made possible through email event notifications via Zoho Mail, playing the part of a mediator between the two calendar services. What is neat is that even if the host does not check his mail, the calendar is kept up-to-date.

Add/View events in different timezones
Scheduling events with participants on different time zones can be really tricky. A little miscalculation of half hour and late arrival for a webinar with a good prospect can be quite damaging. In Zoho Calendar, you can now add /view events in different time zones without having to mess with the time zone of your calendar.

Merge multiple calendars & embed
Embedding your calendar of events on your blog or website is a good way to keep your fans and followers intrigued. If you are someone who maintains multiple calendars, you can now merge events across several calendars and embed a single view. So when you have a form for people to request appointments, they will be able to exactly know when you are free.

Check this what’s new page to learn more about these latest updates to Zoho Calendar. We are confident that these updates will make it easier for you to manage your group activities, events and meetings.

Do post your comments on how these updates worked out for you and other suggestions on improving the Zoho Calendar experience.

Introducing Zoho Sites, Free Website Builder for your Business​

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We are excited to announce a new addition to our broad application portfolio; Zoho Sites. This new application is a website builder aimed at simplifying website creation, including mobile websites. Users can create websites easily just by dragging and dropping elements, without having to write even a single line of code.

​There are hundreds of Website builders available in the market already. Then, why are we launching Zoho Sites now?​

At Zoho, we want to offer a broad set of business tools, so that you can run your entire business on Zoho. If you look at our portfolio today, we host your email on Zoho Mail, your documents in Zoho Docs, your customer data in Zoho CRM, Accounting data in Zoho Books, Support through Zoho Support….you get the idea. Obviously, website hosting was one of the missing pieces from our portfolio. Until today.

​As you’d expect from Zoho, we created an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder to create your website. We added good number of themes you can build on top of, or customize. We built various widgets (like Google Maps, Google AdSense, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa etc) that you can include in your web pages.​ Zoho Sites offers ‘one-click’ publish to your existing domain or a new domain. And every website that you build on Zoho Sites  will automatically be optimized for Mobile devices.

This is just the beginning.

The application comes with great set of features unique to Zoho. You can create powerful forms such as Contact Form, Feedback, Survey etc…. The form builder is powered by Zoho Creator which lets you collect data from the visitors, without writing any code.

The pre-integrated Zoho Creator backend also powers the Dynamic Content feature. It populates the web page content from the Zoho Creator database bringing advanced features with a simplified interface.

You can collaboratively work on websites with other users by sharing your site with appropriate permissions. You can also add a blog to your site with the built-in blogging platform, analyze your website traffic with the available Google Analytics integration.

If you are a Google Apps user, Zoho Sites is also integrated with Google Apps and is available in Google Apps Marketplace.


Zoho Sites is available in both free and paid editions. The paid edition is priced at $39/year that lets you create up to 6 websites, 10 forms, unlimited pages and offers rebranding along with some advanced features. The free version lets you create two websites, two forms, unlimited web pages and is ad free.

Want to look at a sample website created using Zoho Sites? Check out our Zoholics website. If you access it from your mobile device, you’ll notice that the website is optimized based on your device.

You can get started by creating your website @

The launch of Zoho Sites is an important milestone. Moving forward, you can expect tighter integration with our backed systems like CRM, Support etc. Meanwhile, we would love to hear your feedback on Zoho Sites.




Customer Spotlight: Nubifer’s search for an accounting software ended with Zoho Books

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With companies relying more and more on newer technology to remain competitive, it becomes crucial for the decision makers to be aware and unbiased towards better solutions. Reduced IT costs, faster implementation and better collaboration is making the technology heads see cloud computing in a different light.

Nubifer TeamNubifer Inc has taken it upon themselves to help companies welcome cloud computing with open arms. Their talented consultants, along with their slew of products and services like SaaS (Software as a Service), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) , HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), PaaS (Platform as a Service), enable companies to migrate to the ‘cloud’ smoothly and cost efficiently.

A firm believer of cloud services, Nubifer themselves were looking for a cloud enabled accounting software to manage their business finances. Richard Ross, Director- Business Operations at Nubifer, Inc says, “We were looking for a right fit of applications for our company.”

And a year ago, they found Zoho Books! In Richard’s words,

In Zoho Books, I can create 10 invoices in like 2 minutes. We now have a  central location of all our financial data and it’s easy to keep track of invoices, expenses, customers, everything at one place.

Read on to find more about Nubifer and it’s search for cloud based accounting software.

Just In: Engage and Support your Customers in Twitter and Facebook with Zoho

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We are excited to share with you the newest update to Zoho Support. We have just enabled social media integration with Facebook and Twitter so you can engage and support customers through those channels, seamlessly integrating Tweets and Facebook posts into your existing operation to increase your social reputation while improving your overall customer experience. Today’s connected customers expect a high level of support – and customers are increasingly taking to social media to get their problems fixed. You need to make sure you’re listening and have the right tools to face this new reality. Zoho Support helps you do exactly that.

Listen to your customers, wherever they are

For your business, hearing directly from customers is the most valuable aspect of social media and with Zoho Support you can tap into this resource and listen to what your customers are saying about you. Whether they direct their tweet specifically at you or if they are discussing your service with colleagues, you can monitor the conversation and then engage with your customers without ever having to leave Zoho Support.

We make it simple to automatically convert customer’s requests or questions from both Facebook and Twitter into tickets. In Zoho Support you can easily define the hashtags or keywords you want to monitor, and manage an effective and organized support effort.

Route and Respond: Build meaningful connections above the chatter

The process you have for handling a question on Twitter or a complaint on Facebook needs to be different than how you handle an incoming e-mail, and that is where the flexibility of Zoho Support comes in handy.  Now you can set a faster SLA and escalation path for tickets created through a Tweet, because you know customers active in social media expect a snappier response and are eager to tweet again if they don’t get it.

Have multiple products and teams but a unified social media presence? Define specific triggers that smoothly send the ticket to the correct agent. For us at Zoho this is huge, now when someone comments on our Facebook page and mentions CRM we can send it to the correct support agent. And when you tweet @Zoho asking a question with the word “invoice,” again it gets assigned correctly.

Your support agents can now reply to tweets or comments on Facebook without ever leaving their Zoho Support workflow, increasing their productivity and safe-guarding your social media presence.

Escalate: Put out fires before they start

Your site or server goes down and all of a sudden you are trending world wide on Twitter. Not exactly your optimal social media strategy.

Now with Zoho Support you can set a trouble-sensing filter that automatically alerts you and others in your company when a certain Tweets-per-minute threshold is met. With immediate notification that the conditions for a social media tsunami are about to hit, you can take the proper steps to fix the problem sooner and leverage the increased energy into positive social interactions emphasizing your stellar customer support.

All of this is now live inside Zoho Support and is available for all of our Professional and Enterprise edition subscribers at no additional cost.

This is not the first -or the last!- social integration we add. In the recent past we also announced that Zoho CRM users can stay in contact with their customers through social media. We also recently integrated our applicant tracking system, Zoho Recruit with LinkedIn. It’s only going to get more social from here!

Let us know what you think at @Zoho or at – we’re listening!


Doing a task more than twice? Then, Automate it.

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“Anything that you do more than twice has to be automated.”
-Adam Stone, CEO, D-Tools

Our daily work pattern will have certain activities that we repeat on and off. And when I say ‘on and off’, it means several times that span the entire workday. Take this typical cold calling scenario, for example:

  • You, as a sales rep, have a list of leads that you call on a daily basis.
  • Now, every time a lead accepts your proposal, you send a ‘Thank you’ email to the person.
  • You also update the ‘Status’ field in the lead’s details page to ‘Contacted’.
  • And finally, create a follow-up task – To call this person after 10 days. The task reminder will let you know about this on the 10th day after the first call.

Now back to what Adam said: The activity of sending an email, updating the field and creating a task is something you do several times in a day. If this was automated, think of the time you’d save! Enter Zoho CRM Macros.

Zoho CRM Macros support Email,Tasks and Field Updates. So, by creating a macro for the cold calling scenario above, all you have to do is to select the contact, and then run the macro. Your work is done and you can focus more on Prospecting.

How do you create Macros? Here’s an Online Guide to help you.

– Sharanya R

CRM Usage Trims Repetitive Tasks from Minutes to Seconds

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Since Mark Alvarez, President of La Tortilla Oven, started using Zoho all of his contacts are inline and he can actually trace all conversations instantly. In the past, Alvarez admitted he would spend minutes digging up emails just to track past conversations.

What he also loves about Zoho is the integration of all the other modules. For example all his products are integrated with customer preferences and orders. Something that would usually take five minutes to do is now taking no more than 15 seconds.

All this efficiency through an integrated CRM system has resulted in a 40 percent increase in productivity, said Alvarez who attended the Zoho user conference, Zoholics, eagerly looking forward to what’s coming next from Zoho.

Zoho Recruit: Integration with Jobaline’s Pay-per-Pick

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Today we are happy to announce our new integration with Jobaline’s pay-per-pick platform. For the first time in the recruiting industry, recruiters and small businesses will be able to reach unique candidates by posting jobs on premium job boards and pay only for qualified candidates. Combining Zoho Recruit and Jobaline creates a powerful cloud-based end-to-end recruiting solution.

Benefits using Jobaline’s Pay-per-pick

  • 100% risk free – there is no obligation to buy
  • A reach of a national job board: over 60% of the candidates are exclusive and won’t be found on other job boards
  • There are no time limits on your posting – it runs until you find qualified candidates
  • Save time – read resume summaries candidates wrote for you – instead of generic resumes

Highlights of the Zoho Recruit – Jobaline integration

  • End-to-End recruiting solution, from job posting to interview, all in one application
  • Pay-per-Pick job advertising to the Network of over 33M registered job seekers, available right from within Zoho Recruit
  • Job application organized and stored in Jobaline – keeps email inbox clutter free
  • Picked candidates are directly uploaded to Zoho Recruit – no data copying
  • Available to all editions of Zoho Recruit, no job limits for free edition users
We hope you like it. Please comment and let us know what you think.