How Zoho Planner's Reminders Help Me

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The below screenshot of the My Reminders page in my Zoho Planner account should give you an idea of how Zoho Planner helps me out with my regular activities.

To explain it a bit, all the above are recurring reminders. Zoho Planner allows you to set a reminder to repeat in various time frames. I use the weekly, monthly & yearly options. For example, I clean our window air conditioner’s filter & vacuum clean our home’s ceilings every weekend.

Monthly jobs include sending the rent check to our landlord, paying electricity & phone bills, submitting the medical & telephone bills to our office for reimbursement and making the monthly credit card payment.

February & March are the months in India where salaried employees collect and submit the various tax exemption proofs to the finance department of the companies they work. As you can see, Zoho Planner reminds me by email to do these activities in February.

Zoho Planner promptly sends me an email according to the reminders I’d set. For example, a reminder email I got last month for sending the rent check.

Hope that helps you in coming up with your own reminder schedule. Let us know in the comments how you are using Zoho Planner.

Prioritizing your To-Dos using Zoho Planner

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Many of you Zoho users might be using Zoho Planner to keep a note of your to-dos. Let’s see how to go about from scratch creating to-do lists.

First would be to translate all those things to be done that you have on your mind as a list of to-dos in Zoho Planner. Here’s what mine looks like.

To better organize the above list, let me move the personal to-dos out to another list.

Let’s now put the more immediate to-dos first.

And to give extra importance to the must-do items, let’s mark them in bold (Zoho Planner allows text to be formatted).

And the last item in the list is one which would require more than one day of work. Let’s put a due date and set a reminder so that you don’t lose track of it.

There, hope you like it better now :) As you can see, you can prioritize your to-dos in various ways using Zoho Planner.

  • Have separate lists for official and personal tasks
  • Re-order the list so that the urgent ones are at the top
  • Mark the important to-dos in bold
  • Set due dates and reminders for tasks that take more than one day to complete

Do you have any tips of how to organize to-dos? Please share them in the comments.

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Zoho Planner & Matthew Moran at ITtoolbox

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Matthew Moran at ITTtoolbox finds Zoho Planner so useful that he first had a blog post titled, “The Joy of ZOHO Planner – shared todo lists, tasks, and collaboration…“. He then followed it up with a cool video showing how he uses Zoho Planner. From his post,

I have also been playing around a lot with ZOHO’s suite of applications. I’ll be covering these in more detail over the next few weeks. Suffice to say, their documents are more full-featured and have a better interface than google – hands down.

Zoho Planner allows us [Matt & his wife Laura] to have our own tasks page or pages. We can then share a page or pages of tasks with someone else – giving them read only or read/write access to the page.

I setup a page called Laura’s Shared Tasks and one called Matt’s Shared Tasks. I gave Laura read/write access to both.

Laura can then add tasks, appointments, and notes to my page and to her page. I can see them, I can add tasks, and I can add notes. It does a couple of things. First, she and I both have a place to add tasks to the other person – and notes with greater detail if needed.

Second, we can see the tasks we’ve added in context of other tasks and appointments they (the other person) has due. It helps us know two things – one that the other person has the tasks on their list and two that our tasks to them are not the only things they must do.

And here is Matt’s nice video where he explains Zoho in general followed by a tutorial on how he emails tasks (to-dos) & notes to his Zoho Planner account.

Thanks, Matt! Now, to the readers of this blog – do tell us how you are using Zoho Planner.

Chat with your shared users in Zoho Planner

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With the latest Zoho Planner update, you can now chat to each of your shared users. On clicking a page you can see the list of shared users with status (either online/offline). Now you can chat with the person who is available for chat.

Zoho Planner chat for shared users

We have also added RSS feeds for your shared pages. You can find this feature in your planner settings page. Subscribe to the RSS feeds and get notified on the changes done by the shared users in your page.

Do give a try and send your feedbacks to feedback at zohoplanner dot com.

REST API for Zoho Planner

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We recently announced the availability of REST APIs for Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. Today, we have added REST API for Zoho Planner as well. The functionality & working of this API is similar to those of Writer/Sheet/Show. The Zoho Planner API allows you to get, create, update ToDo lists and do a lot more as well, all from inside your web application. Check out the new Zoho Planner API. If you need help in building a mashup using our API, do write to us at feedback(at)

Formatting options in Zoho Planner

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Zoho Planner offers some formatting options. You can put these options to good use while making your To-Dos lists and Notes. Say for example, you can use Bold text for highlighting a particular To Do to convey that it is more important to you than others.

The help page for knowing the various formatting options can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Text Formatting‘ link at the bottom-left of your Zoho Planner page. Also, this Zoho Wiki page helps illustrate the various options as well.