Workflow Automation in Zoho Recruit

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The world continues to morph us with ever faster lives. And we no longer can expect recruiters to do everything manually as it’s not a smart use of resources. 
For instance, let’s say the Sales team in an organization creates job openings for the clients. Once the job openings are created, the recruiters start to work on different stages of the recruitment process – source, track and hire candidates. When the candidate gets selected and hired for the job opening, the recruiter changes the candidate status to hired. Now, the recruiter should keep the sales team updated about the candidate hired information, to process the invoice for the clients. Doing these frequent updates manually makes the work more hectic.
Processes must be streamlined in a better way to cater to the needs of the new generation. The more your work flow is automated, the better it is. 
Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System now allows to set your workflow, to trigger customized email notifications to all the specified recipients – on status change of candidates and job openings. This workflow automation helps you to enhance your team’s collaboration and productivity.  

We hope you find this improvement useful. Thanks again for using Zoho Recruit and do let us know your feedback.

Latest Enhancements in Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking System

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Zoho Recruit – Applicant Tracking System – continues to provide its users with significant enhancements since its launch. These enhancements have come about as a result of listening to our users’ – that is you, dear readers – recommendations. And we attribute Zoho Recruit’s big success to our users’ suggestions. Following are the some of the latest user requested improvements in Zoho Recruit.

Multi-Select Pick List Field in Customization
Multi-Select Pick List has long been one of our most requested features. Zoho Recruit now provides the multi-select pick list field, which enables selecting multiple values while creating and editing records. For instance, your organization may be offering an opportunity for candidates with different skill sets, and some of your candidates may have multiple skills. In this case you can use the multi-select pick list (instead of the single pick list option) and this helps the candidates to choose multiple skills in which they are qualified.

Spanish, Korean and Portuguese Languages Support
Zoho Recruit – Applicant Tracking System is accessed around the world and many of our users speak languages other than English. Spanish, Korean and Portuguese are the latest languages to be support by Zoho Recruit’s UI.

Rich Text Editor for Composing Email Messages
With mail inside Zoho Recruit, you can not only send plain text emails or messages containing attachments but can now send Rich Text formatted emails with the ability to change the colors, font, font size, text alignments, insert images and links, etc.

Earlier my email messages were simple.

Now my email messages in Zoho Recruit are a lot more stylish.

Do let us know if you like these new enhancements of Zoho Recruit through your comments.

Enhancements to Zoho Recruit

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Based on your feedback, we have made some enhancements in Zoho Recruit.

Parse and Map Resumes Individually
Zoho Recruit introduces an option to parse and map resumes individually, for both new and existing candidates. You can add additional values, map fields on your own and confirm before updating the details. This avoids the system overwriting the existing candidate details with new information, without you knowing it beforehand.

Email Templates – Create, Edit and Delete
Repeated typing of the same message can make emailing, a tiresome job. To overcome this, Zoho Recruit has come up with an enhanced option in the email templates, with which you can 
CREATE , VIEW/EDIT and DELETE email templates and also categorize them under different template types to suit your needs.

Custom From Address
Zoho Recruit’s New Custom “From” Address lets you send messages with different from addresses as sender. This helps in handling multiple accounts inside the Zoho Recruit interface.

Schedule Interviews for Client Contacts
Now, you can select Client Contacts as interviewers while scheduling interviews. This ensures that your client contacts play an integral part too in the recruitment process.

Hope you like the above new enhancements. To know more about our recent updates, have a look at our What’s New page. And Zoho Recruit will continue to roll-out more features and enhancements in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!