Zoho Recruit Invites you to the Recruitment Agency Expo, London

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Zoho Recruit is very happy inviting you for the Recruitment Agency Expo, running February 14-15 at the Olympia Conference Center in London.

On that note, we’ve got a bunch of new features that launched today – to enhance recruiters’ productivity and to give them more ways to engage candidates from within the application.

LinkedIn integration lets you to link candidate and client contacts with their LinkedIn profiles. In turn, you can see candidate and client information such as position, company, city, and business and professional activity. You can also send notes and invitations to candidate and client contacts, via LinkedIn, from the Zoho Recruit UI.

Custom Reports gives you 20 standard reports – and tools for customizing or creating new reports – to help visually analyze recruiting and applicant tracking information.

Mail merge lets you send personalized messages to thousands of candidates and clients at the click of a button.

Integration with Glassdoor.com, your free inside look at jobs and companies, helps you post jobs directly from Zoho Recruit. Once the candidate applies to the job opening, the candidate details are captured inside Zoho Recruit.

Candidate and client contact linking helps you easily copy a candidate to contact and vice versa.

We hope you like the new features. Come and meet us at stand 80 to discover a lot more.

Click here to Register for Free entry.

Launching a Zoho Recruit Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

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Many recruiters use both Applicant Tracking System and Microsoft Outlook for recruitment. Applicant Tracking System helps in tracking applicants and Outlook for emails, contacts and appointments. Using two different tools is tedious and time consuming. To ease the recruitment process, we decided to implement an integration to help you save time and be more productive. 
Today, we are very excited to announce the long awaited and much requested integration between Microsoft Outlook and Zoho Recruit, which will help you to complete your task faster and more efficiently.
Using the new Microsoft Outlook Plug-in you can:


  • Easily add multiple candidates and contacts from incoming emails directly to Zoho Recruit.  This eliminates the need to manually key-in the details
  • Associate candidate to job openings directly from Outlook to Zoho Recruit
  • Automatically saves a copy of the e-mail into the specific candidate’s or contact’s record
  • Parse attached resume from e-mails directly to the Zoho Recruit
  • Store and track all your e-mail conversations with candidates and contacts in their respective records using the “Add Email” option
  • Fetch all your events and appointments from Zoho Recruit and add them to your Outlook
Check out our online help pages for how to install and work with the plugin.

Try it, and do let us know what you think of this new feature. You can post a comment here or send us an e-mail at support@zohorecruit.com


Publish your Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

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Today at Zoho Recruit, we are excited to 
announce the long-awaited integration that allows you to post jobs to popular free online job boards, such as
SimplyHired.com and


With this new feature, you can now post multiple job openings to Indeed and Simply Hired directly from Zoho Recruit -

Applicant Tracking System
Once the candidate applies to the job opening, the candidate details are captured inside Zoho Recruit.

In addition, the advanced candidate tracking allows you to track candidate traffic from Indeed and Simply Hired. This, in turn, helps you to measure which job board is sending quality candidates.

We hope you like this new integration!

More integrations with

 and other paid Job Boards are on the way. Stay tuned!

Zoho Recruit: Mass Emailing Made Easy

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Effective communication is the key for a successful recruitment. It is necessary for a recruiter 
to communicate regularly with candidates during a recruitment campaign. At

, we understand the value of your requirements and make things easier for you.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of mass emailing in Zoho Recruit. Now you can easily
send emails 
to a custom group of candidates, informing them about current job openings, seminars, tests, etc., all in a single click. Not only that, but you can personalize the email messages as well.

This helps you reach a large number of applicants quickly and efficiently. A copy of the sent mail is 
automatically recorded in respective candidate’s record for future reference. 

Apart from the above, we’ve also made a few other enhancements: 
Email Templates

Previously, you could attach only one file when emailing your clients/candidates. But now, you can attach multiple files to an email template using the new “Form field attachments” and “Browse documents” options.  

Picklist field

We’ve enhanced the picklist field with the ability to set the first value as the default value. 

The owner of an “Activity” can now edit and delete it.

We would also like to mention another new


that we recently rolled out - changeStatus
. This will help you change the candidate status, with respect to the job openings in Zoho Recruit.

Hope you like the new features and enhancements that we continue to roll out. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Happy Recruiting!

Chocolates and Zoho Recruit: The Ah Cacao Story

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Today, we are pleased to share the story of how Ah Cacao Real Chocolate simplified their recruitment process with Zoho Recruit. Rohan Barnett, General Manager at Ah Cacao, describes how they were able to overcome recruitment-related challenges with our Applicant Tracking System.
About Ah Cacao
Ah Cacao Real Chocolate, founded in 2003, offers a complete chocolate experience for both the mind and body. Their chocolates are handmade by skilled artisans with the finest Mexican cacao and natural ingredients that create a heavenly taste and a true ancient Mayan experience. 
Ah Cacao’s Challenge
Within the 35-person company, Ah Cacao employs only one person to manage the administrative work across three retail stores and a wholesale business. And for a growing company with no human resource employees, this can be a challenge and requires appropriate technology to keep things running smoothly. In the past, Ah Cacao used Google Docs to receive employment applications, but this presented three specific problems:
1. Candidate information was hard to read in a spreadsheet.
2. Replying to candidates and keeping track of their statuses was laborious and error prone.
3. Candidate photos had to be requested individually by e-mail, another laborious process.
Zoho Solution
As the general manager,” Barnett explains, “I just didn’t have the time to continue contacting candidates by e-mail. That’s when I went online in search of an automated solution and came across Zoho Recruit. Today, about five people access the information in Zoho Recruit. We use the job openings feature to post current openings on our website. We also use this URL in our job announcements, and it is the only medium by which we accept applications.

After switching to Zoho Recruit, retrieving and organizing employment applications has become easier. After reviewing the applications, Barnett then divides the candidates into three groups to determine the action to take in response:

1. Unqualified/rejected – an e-mail is sent automatically to the candidate.  

2. Hireable – we may hire the person in the future, but not right now. An e-mail template is sent. 

3. Interview – we use interviewer scheduler to send an invitation, again with an e-mail template that includes a Google Map link to the interview location.

Zoho Recruit Impact
Zoho Recruit has made the recruiting process much more streamlined and automated. Now, we receive an application and with a few clicks, we can reply to the candidate and update his or her status. This saves us a lot of time and allows us to be more responsive to the candidates, which improves our image as a company,” says Barnett.
Read more about Ah Cacao and Zoho Recruit here.

If you have a success story that you would like to share, please drop us a mail at support@zohorecruit.com or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

Raw Engineering taps Zoho Recruit for their Recruitment Process

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Today we are excited to hear from Banani Prusty – HR Manager, at raw engineering about how her company has transformed their recruitment process with Zoho Recruit.

A Little about raw engineering

raw engineering specializes in web and mobile application development, serving its clients with offices in San Francisco and Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our 35-person company is on a mission to solve the toughest web architecture and integration challenges. To that end, we have built core development expertise in .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and related Web 2.0 and rich Internet application technologies. Our qualified engineers provide services at an extremely competitive rate, with the highest levels of quality and technical integrity, and we are one of the only technology firms known to guarantee customer satisfaction.

raw engineering’s Challenge

We had not been using any other tool in the past. As a result, the recruitment process was very slow and inefficient. We were having a particularly difficult time keeping track of applicants.

Zoho Solution

We have been long-time users of Zoho People and Zoho Projects, so we already knew the company and knew that we really liked their applications. It was no surprise that when we tried Zoho Recruit, we found it very quick and easy-to-use. It’s a very effective way of managing the recruitment process. The interface is great as well. And we get excellent support from Zoho. Now, we use Zoho Recruit to post job openings, track applicants and maintain our resume database. In the future, we would like to use other features that it provides. We would like to sign up for a few more recruiters in the future as it has made our job much simpler and more effective.

Zoho Recruit Impact

With Zoho Recruit, we can track applicants very easily and quickly. Overall, Zoho Recruit has made our recruitment process very easy, very effective and very organized.

Read more about raw engineering’s success story using Zoho Recruit.

If you have a success story that you would like to share, please drop us a mail at support@zohorecruit.com or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

Zoho Recruit features Custom View and Bulk Update

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At Zoho Recruit, over the last few weeks we’ve been working on two new features – Custom View and Bulk Update. Today we are happy to announce the availability of both these features.

Custom View

Zoho Recruit’s Custom View helps you to filter data with multiple criteria and save it for future reference. For instance, lets assume these two scenarios that you often get requirements from your clients/department heads:

1. Candidates who are located in Newyork with 5 years of experience with Java
2. Candidates Age (no:of:days since the candidate is created/updated in Zoho Recruit)

In such cases, instead of keying in the details everytime into the Advanced search, you can quickly create a custom view by specifying these criteria, which will list all the related candidates. The custom view that is created is automatically saved, so you can quickly refer to it whenever required. And not only that, the custom view content is automatically updated each time when you open to find the details.


Zoho Recruit allows you to create multiple custom views, providing the edit, delete and clone options along with it. 
Let’s also take a look at the other options available in Custom View:

Displaying Custom Views
You can choose to display each custom view either in Gird or Summary with the required fields.

Specifying Criteria
Zoho Recruit allows you to create custom views with multiple criteria by specifying the field name, condition and value. You can also define the criteria using the AND OR combinations. The Criteria pattern helps you get a glimpse of the custom view result for the defined criteria.

Sharing Custom Views
Zoho Recruit provides three different custom view sharing options, which helps you to define the users accessibility. 
  1. Allow all users to access the custom view 
  2. Keep the custom view private to yourself
  3. Share the Custom view to users individually or based on the roles 

Bulk Update

The bulk update feature enables you to simultaneously update information to a group of candidates, job openings, clients and client contacts. 

For example, lets say you want to associate multiple tags for a group of candidates. To perform this action, previously you had to associate only one tag at a time for a group of candidates, but now with bulk update you can associate multiple tags for a selected group of candidates in one go. 

Apart from this you can also perform the Bulk Update action for 
  • Publishing and un-publishing job openings
  • Changing clients primary contact
  • Removal of tags
  • Changing the owner
  • Changing the candidate source and many more.  

Try these new features and let us know what you think!