Zoho Creator – Tip of the Day #7

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#7 How to hide a tab to everyone including the owner?

In the Edit mode, click on Tab properties icon Tab Properties Icon. Click on “Hide this tab”. In live mode, this tab will not be available to everyone including the owner. This will be useful if you want to use a tab as a scratch pad.

Hide Tab

Zoho Creator – Tip of the Day #6

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#6 In how many ways, can one create an application?

There are many ways to create an application.

Create Application

1. Entirely from scratch: If you are regular visitor to ZohoCreator and you know what is what about ZohoCreator, you can start with a blank application.

2. Pre-built Form and View: If you are a first time visitor and want to know the basics what ZohoCreator has got to offer.

3. From Templates : There are totally 11 templates for you to choose from. Choose this if you have no time to build from scratch and want to quickly have an application ready for you. More templates will be added in the coming days.

4. Paste your spreadsheet data : Just copy paste the data from your spreadsheet and get an application out of your data. ZohoCreator supports xls data, comma separated values(csv) and tab separated values(tsv). More..

5. Import your spreadsheet file : If you have multiple sheets in a single file, you need not go around copy pasting the data. Just import the file and all your sheets will be loaded. More…

6. Deluge Script : If you want to make your application powerful, choose this option. You can write deluge script, a natural online scripting language integrated in ZohoCreator which helps you to perform actions when a row is submitted or updated. Some of the actions include validating a form and sending an email. It also helps you to define complex formulae and filters.

7. Importing a Deluge Script file : Write a deluge script offline or download a public application script file using “Copy Application” link and import it here.

8. Copy a public application : Impressed at a public application? You want to have it with few modifications? Just follow the “Copy Application” link and you will get a clone of your favorite app.

Zoho Creator – Tip of the Day #5

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#5 How to share few tabs to some and the rest to others?

By default, all the tabs are accessible to everyone who visits your application. If you want to keep few tabs visible to you alone, few to your friends and the rest to everyone, it can be done very easily in one place.

Follow “Manage Users” link in the Edit GUI mode and add users in the “Users/Groups” tab. Then select “Sharing” tab and then select the user. Then select the tabs you want to give access in the right hand side.


Zoho Creator – Tip of the Day #4

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#4 How to get a permanent link to a form or a view?

Click on “Embed this Form in your site” found on right top of the form.
Embed Form

For view, it is found under “More Actions”
Embed View

Then select “Permalink” found in the Embed screen.

You will get the permalink for forms and views. You will not have any links such as tabs and other header links that are found in the application. Only pure forms and views.

ZohoCreator – Tip of the Day #2

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#2 How do I keep few tabs private and others public?

Follow “Manage Users” link and select “Sharing”. In the “User/Group list”, select “Public Visitors”. Expand your application and remove the selection for the tabs you want to make private. Tabs selected under “Public Visitors” will be public and tabs that are not selected will be private.

ZohoCreator – Tip of the Day #1

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Starting from today, I will be posting daily tips that will be helpful to Zoho Creator users. These tips will be aimed to get the most out of Zoho Creator. It will be ranging from simple topics such as creating a view, embedding a form in a website to complex ones like cusom validating a form. For easy understanding, it will be in a question and answer format.

Here is today’s Tip

#1 How do I restrict Add/Edit/Delete permission of records in a view?

While configuring a view, there will be an option “Allow others to edit data”. When you uncheck that option, anyone accessing the view will not be able to add, edit or delete the records in the view. Only the owner of the application will be able to edit the records.
Allow others to edit data