Get notified when a record is added

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You can be notified in more than one way whenever a record is added in a form created in Zoho Creator. If you know what is RSS, then go ahead and grab the feed for any view created in Zoho Creator. Or if you want to be notified through email, Go to “Edit Script” of a form and then just add “on success” code snippet for the form.
on success
To : “”
From : “”
Subject : “One Record added”
Message : “My Message”


You can also use the values submitted in the email through variables and keywords. You can also learn more about sending an email through deluge in our help documents.

Beta review on Zoho Creator

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Check out this review on Zoho Creator by Stephen Meyer in his weblog.

Few quotes

“Think of this web application as something like a Visual Basic for web development.”

ZohoCreator is one of the more interesting AJAX based applications that I’ve come across. Granted, I have not seen all that the web has to offer, but it’s pretty safe to say that a tool that allows anyone to create a web application to their own requirements is pretty darn useful.

We are humbled by that comparison. Yes. The very intention of Zoho Creator is that a novice user
– should be able to build applications very quickly that will suit his/her own needs.
– should be able to build forms and various views of the data effortlessly
– should be able to share the pages built with other people

We are hearing a lot of feedback on Zoho Creator. Thanks for all the appreciation. We are listening and addressing the feature requests to the maximum. Stay tuned for the next update.