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Zoho CRM – Multi-language Support..

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We are getting ready with support for a few International languages for Zoho CRM.

So far we have translated the entire Zoho CRM user interface into:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

Our Chinese staff is working overnight on localization of the user interface, which will be ready for beta testing in few days. We are also working on UK-English that will cater to the needs of businesses in UK and other Commonwealth countries.

In the second phase, we are planning to translate the entire web site and Wiki-based help manual so that our CRM community will have a better localized user experience.

How to select a new language?

1. Log in to Zoho CRM.

2. Click on Setup > Personal Settings > Account Information page.

3. In Account Information page, select your language, country locale, and then save your settings.

Zoho CRM - Language Selection

Hereafter you can see the user interface in your language.
Zoho CRM - Japanese - Home page

Do let us know your suggestions and comments please.

Zoho CRM – July ‘07 Update

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We have yet another successful update yesterday. In this update, we have mainly focused on :

  • Customization of quotes, orders & invoices templates
  • Home page customization
  • Show/Hide tabs (CRM modules) based on users’ role in an organization
  • Loosely coupled Zoho Sheet (Online spreadsheet) integration
  • Scheduling of mass mails
  • Recurring events
  • Reminders for events

In addition to the above new features, we have also made some minor enhancements and bug fixes based on our customers’ feedback.

Please give Zoho CRM a try at and let us know your suggestions and comments.

The above presentation talks about these concepts briefly.

Zoho CRM – Scheduled Update..

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Zoho CRM is gearing up for a major update this weekend (07/21) from 9.30 PM to 6.30 AM PDT tomorrow. After this update our CRM users will gain access to much awaited features & enhancements. Some of the key features/enhancements planned in this update are:

  • Customize Quotes, Orders, and Invoices formats
  • Customize Home Page layout
  • Organize CRM modules as per users’ role in the organization
  • Activity Management (Recurring tasks/events and Reminders)
  • Auto-increment number type custom field (for tracking Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Cases)
  • Outlook Plug-in (Add multiple mails to CRM – leads & contacts in a single step)

PS: Complete list of the features & enhancements will be announced in our Public Forums once the update is completed.

Please stay tuned with us!

Capture your Site visitors' info

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With the advent of Internet and Web-based technologies, corporate Websites becoming a center point for most of the company-wide business activities, including announcement of web events (Webinars, Podcasts, etc.,), self-service to the customers, public support service through bulletin boards, feedback forms for gathering new ideas, Tell a friend forms to introduce products/services to new people and so on.

The notable point is, the above services are built over a kind of Web forms, either data stored in database or directly communicated to the concerned people as an email who take care of the Support, Sales or Marketing activities.

As companies grow big, it becomes difficult managing all these discrete data islands and integrating the corporate Marketing and Sales activities in a single application.

One of the solutions for this kind of problem is, host Web-forms on Website at various touch points, capture visitors’ contact information, and store in a integrated database where all departments (Sales, Marketing, and Support) can access the data freely and use according to their roles.

Keeping this in view, we at Zoho CRM enabled fully customizable Web-to-Leads forms for both On-demand and On-premise customers, so that businesses can effectively utilize this Web age services and focus more on their daily job functions rather worrying about data collection and management.

Using Zoho CRM’s Web-to-Leads function, users can:

  • Generate Web-forms based on the leads data
  • Customize Web forms further and host into the corporate Website
  • As and when Website visitor provides their contact information, transfer the data from Website to Zoho CRM through a secured Web service and create leads
  • Assign leads to respective sales force automatically using Workflow rules
  • Once the data is assigned to the users, use the data for various purposes

For more details, check out Zoho CRM demo