Cricket World Cup Tracker

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Do you follow Cricket?
If you do, you must certainly be excited about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 that is going on right now.

So to help you follow all the action, we’ve quickly tossed up a Zoho Sheet that gives you a full view of the tournament. You can see the schedule, teams, group standings, and of course, statistics.

For a hot spot on a particular day’s match and the Group Standings, you can embed the following snippets in your website/blog:

Today’s Match Snippet:

<iframe src=’′ frameborder=’0′ style=’height:102px;width:288px’ scrolling=’auto’ marginwidth=’0′ marginheight=’0′>&nbsp;</iframe>


Group Standings Snippet:

<iframe src=’’ frameborder=’0′ style=’height:511px;width:432px’ marginwidth=’0′ marginheight=’0′ scrolling=’auto’> </iframe>



Two useful mouse techniques for your spreadsheets!

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After a marathon effort to load a million cells spreadsheet in Zoho Sheet, we are onto a sprint mode. A lot of exciting and nitty-gritty features are in the making. Meanwhile, we’ve added a couple of features that can make you more efficient.

Drag-n-Drop cells:

We have now made it possible to do cut-n-paste actions using your mouse. 

To move a cell or contiguous range of cells, select it and position your mouse over the selection outline. The mouse cursor will change to “move” pointer . Now drag the selection by holding down the mouse button. Once you reach the target cell, release the button in order to paste the content.

Similarly, to copy a cell or range, hold down the CTRL key either before you start or as you drag the selection.

At any point of time while dragging, if you need to cancel the operation, just press ESC key. 

Cell references to other worksheets in the same workbook:

We already support referring cells from other worksheets within the same workbook using the syntax


). But in cases where the formula has cell ranges referred from various worksheets, it becomes really tedious to type the entire formula in one go.

Now, you can directly open the corresponding worksheet by clicking on its tab present at the bottom and select the cell(s) while typing the formula. Once you select a cell or range of cells on a different worksheet, you can press the ENTER key to submit the formula or type an operator and continue the formula.

More details about the latest update here.