The Power of Building on Mobile

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mobile form builder

In the business world, it’s stressful to find time for a proper break. Your mind keeps drifting back to your office, to your desk. No matter how much you work, and no matter how closer smartphones bring you to your work, there’s always something: a poor Internet connection, or an unresponsive website that makes it hard to work on mobile.

That’s why we created the Zoho Forms iOS and Android apps. So the next time your Internet connection bails on you, you can still create the perfect form for your business — offline.

Our app keeps you notified no matter what. Whether you’re away on a holiday, rushing down the subway to meet a client, or just waking up for some freshly pressed coffee, we’ll deliver your notifications right to your device.

So, take a stress-free break from your desk. Zoho Forms keeps you updated. On mobile.

Learn more about building on mobile.

5 Elements That Affect Form Conversions

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Forms - Elements that affect conversions

Several aspects in a form influence users to click that submit button. Unfortunately, users don’t always convert as much as you’d like. Here are five elements that you can improve on to instantly increase your conversions.

Leave a strong first impression
No matter how you share your form, design is essential. For a well responsive form, seek advice on color and font choices from professional designers. Use the color wheel as a reference for essential color combinations.

Seasonal and timely theme and layout modifications attract visitors. For instance, fonts like Georgia and Open Sans look good on the web. Analyzing what works and what doesn’t helps you increase form conversions.

Keep it short and sweet
Unlike surveys, you don’t have to use flowery gimmicks in a form to keep users’ attention; people easily fill out forms that are direct and to the point. Combining two or more questions, or complex phrasing reduces clarity; try creating crisp and concise forms that are easy to understand.

Place labels right
Where you place your labels highly influences your conversions. Some people prefer to display labels above the field while others prefer it aligned next to a field. Recognize your audience’s preferences for increased conversions.

Check your data filters
Though filters like mandatory fields and CAPTCHA ensure data quality, they shouldn’t restrict submissions. Personally, I never submit forms if the phone number is mandatory — or I enter a fake number, which is useless for the form owner. Unless it’s necessary, reserve the mandatory option.

CAPTCHA is perfect for complex or embedded forms — forms that are prone to spam. But it adds little value to a close-knit group. Keep your forms simple for more conversions.

Make use of rules
A great way to add credibility to your form is to filter the questions visitors don’t have to see. Use field rules to display questions based on the responses to previous questions, and form rules to define actions for your form as a whole.

We’ve found that these elements improve conversion rates, but we want to hear from you too. Share your experiments; what do you do to increase conversions?

Introducing Zoho Forms: Forms for Mobile Teams

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Forms is all about entries, and entries mean data. Data that you have to study and act on, so why resort to stacking them in your basement — where they collect dust?

Wouldn’t it be easier to create, share and submit forms on mobile devices, and then have the data automatically synced to the cloud?

Introducing Zoho Forms: the smart solution to bulky paper forms. Take a peek at what you can do.

Zoho Forms combines data collection with two of today’s powerful technologies: cloud and mobile. The result is a mobile-friendly form builder with all the data secure on the cloud.

A simple builder and an intuitive interface simplify data collection. Your perfect form is just a drag and drop or a tap away. Distributing it is just as easy; share privately within your organization or as a public link.

It doesn’t stop there.

For additional authentication, add and enable approvers to accept or deny entries; edit, comment and collaborate on form entries. From anywhere you are, to anywhere your team is, assign tasks and receive instant notifications on mobile.

The analytics page graphically represents your form’s activities online. And in just a few clicks, you can create and share reports with your team.

As always, Zoho enables you to keep your work in one place and reach out for anything, anytime. Zoho Forms integrates with other Zoho services like, CRM, Support, Campaigns and Sheet. Third-party integrations include MailChimp and Google Docs. Powerful integrations, just a click away.

Zoho Forms is now available on the Google Apps Marketplace as well. Everything, on your favorite mobile, tablet or the web.

Does it sound like a deal? Try Zoho Forms for free and seamlessly interact with your mobile team.

Latest in Zoho Connect: Tasks, Private Conversations and More

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Communication is the key to workplace productivity. However, we often need more than a simple discussion thread or a meeting to discuss priorities. That’s why it makes sense to delegate tasks within the conversation. Next time you have one of those lengthy discussions, seize the opportunity to act; instead of just tagging a member, assign a task on the group wall.

You will never again lose tasks in a mass of growing conversations. Ensure your team knows their priorities. With Zoho Connect, make tasks a group activity.

Moreover, you can also keep track of your personal to-dos. Create tasks for yourself and keep your schedule close at hand. All tasks are easily accessible; just a click away​ on your feed. Oh, and if you already manage your projects on Zoho Projects, you can soon add tasks to your existing projects as well.


Private conversations simplified

Don’t limit yourselves to conference rooms or chatrooms for important discussions. Whether you’re discussing a new feature or reviewing a document, mark your conversation threads private with a single click.​

private conversations

​Prepare yourself

You might not need to verify previous discussions, but it’s a good idea to stay prepared. With a couple of clicks, export your significant interactions as a backup for regulatory compliances.

A new look

Along with these features, to help you work easier, we have redesigned the Zoho Connect user interface. With a bigger feeds area and better contrast, your activities are readable than ever before! Try the new look and let us know what you think. New UI

Introducing Hashtags on Zoho Connect

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The internet is overloaded with information. To find anything on the web, we need to streamline information.

Hashtags are a popular way of searching through social conversations. It’s been working well in social networking sites, and its importance extends to businesses as well.

Now in Zoho Connect, we’ve made searching easier. Hashtags organize your news feed and helps you easily find threads and stay updated on the latest.


With hashtagging, you can easily browse through large chunks of archived conversations across your organization. Search and follow tagged conversations. This way, you can look for conversations around a particular topic, and also get email notifications every time someone uses a tag you follow.

Try hashtagging, and stay up to date on all interactions that matter.